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Resolution Offered Looking to 
the Consolidation cf Var- 
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B. P. R1THET & GO,, ID., pacific coast agehts 


From Our Own Correspondent. 

Vancouver, .June 12. — At today's 
meeting of the Presbyterian Assembly 
the invitation from Victoria to hold a 
concluding session in that city was oou-i 
sidcred. It was decided that as the 
commissions had been delegated to bold 
their sessions in Vancouver, this could 
nut lie done, but they would accept the* 
invitations as members of the assembly 4 
and hold a meeting Wednesday evening' 
in Victoria, where addresses could ho 
delivered. An invitation to visit .New) 
Westminster was answered in the same 

The question of the difference between 
Dr. Wilkie and oilier missionaries in In- 
dia was taken up. It was explained' 
thai Dr. Wilkie was retired from the 
lield hv the committee owing to his not 
being able to work with the other niis-i 
sioiiaries. Numerous petitions had come* 
from Ontario asking that the matter be J 
re-opened. The memorials were "Srend.l 
They recited the great work Dr. Wilkie! 
bad done, and his good character as aJ 
missionary and it man. Many tfivlnesj 
spoke, stating thai Dr. Wilkie hud becnl 
done a great wrong. It was Anally de- 
cided to have a revising committee re-; 
open the case. 

Ail the session last evening in eon-' 
neetion with the request for $100,000 
for foreign missions, Dr. Falconer said' 
that there should bo no conflict between) 
home and foreign missions. He spoke] 
of the three foreign missions undertaken 
by the church, lie referred to the esi 
tablisbment of the South Sea Island] 
mission fw years ago, when Dr. Joint/ 
Ueddie was sent there, and the es_tablishi 
mem of tlic Trinidnd mission 30 years 
ago. He said in Trinidad they had 1,- 
(KHl members of their church and 7,<H"> 
children attended. One church was self- 
sustaining. They paid the minister $1^ 
."(H) anil each member contributed $~> 
it year, which was better than many 
churches lit home. He also referred to 
the Korean mission. 

During Wednesday and yesterday 
morning the Presbyterian General As-i 
sembly considered the reports of cob 
leges. Mr. John McTntyre , presented 1 
the report of Queen's college. The re- 
port »n Knox college was presented bjl 
the Rev. A. M logillvrny, and of Mani J 
toba college by Professor Bryce. 

A long argument took place over the. 
proposal to make Queen's college unde J 
uominutionuj, so that the college could 
claim the goverumejit grunt. The op- 
position to the movement was headed 
by the Hon. J. Charlton. The whole! 
matter was finally referred to a largo 
and representative committee, which, 
will report on Friday. The same coin-' 
mit tee will report on the proposal of MrJ 
Charlton to consolidate the live Presby- 
terian colleges uio two. Montreal.! 
Knox and Queen's being combined, 
which was contained In the following 

"This General Assembly recognizes) 
the fact that the number of theological 1 
schools in connection with the Presby- 
terian church ill Canada is in excess ofj 
its requirements, and believes (hat tho 
endowment and equipment of those, 
schools is insufficient for the purpose ofi 
securing a high state of elliciency ; that, 
the unnecessary number scatters and 
impairs the educational forct's of un- 
church: that the superior equipment, audi 
great resources of American theological. 

j scl Is tends to draw Canadian stu- 
dents from our own theological eol-| 
leges: and that steps should be taken 
as soon as prnctieuble to merge fiese 

I colleges into an Eastern and a Wosti 
ern university and divinity school; each 
with endowment, eqail lit and re- 
sources sulllcieni to no et in an efficient! 
and satisfaelorv milliner the educitiouali 
needs nf I lie Prcsbyieriuli church of, 





Murdered King and Queen of Servia Laid to 
Rest in Family Vault With Very 
Little Ceremony. 

Second Sou of Milan May Lay Claim to The 
Throne o( His Father and Cause 
Much Trouble. 

Belgrade .limi 12. King Alexander 
d Queen D.aga wo.c lured during the 
glit iii the fauiil} vault nf the Obren- 
itchs iu the chapel wi the old ceme- 
tery of St. Murk's. T)i«' iutenueiit was 
carried out with roii'cdote secrecy bc- 
t ween 1 ::io n ml :'. o'clock 1 1" 1 - ux ruing. 
Col. Nil II movies, iiide-de-eiiinii of t'.e 
late King, \v : I ! be buried 'lis a let-noon. 

The oilv - llivi-hly .1 wi 
tings and the .liithilliil co ols. A <ll.-e 
.yesterday removed Alexander- cipbei 
from the eoekad.v of their I. a:-. 

tiik ftwkka lk. 

The funeral neenrrnd at 1:24! a.m. The 
strictest privacy was lunintaiiied in or- 
der to avoid any hostile demonstrations. 
Two cotllns were brought in by ser- 
vants and were curried up to the room, 
where the bodies of the late King an I] 
Queen were lying. The eonviv were 
.then put in the coliiiis and the latter 
,were placed in a lie-lt'se, whic:i was lmr-j 
rieclly driven to llle old ci nieteiy, | 
where the other members of the Oh- 1 
,reiiovitch family ire interred. In uddi- 

Ition to the attendants, only two pries | 
were present at the funeral. The Met- 
ropolitan of Belgrade was absent. The| 

i whole ceremony la-ted only a few 
initiates. The body of the lute Premier 
Markovitch will be buried with military 

! honors. 

| Col. Nntimavics, who was killed while 
forcing an entrance Into the palace with 
| il vnaniite, is described in the olllcial no- 
liee of his death as "dying on the field 
nf honor for his fatherland." 

It is now confirmed that only Query 
iDragn's two brothers wore killed. Her 
sisters were taken to Panes-ova by some 
of the conspirators. 

In the course of an interview today, 
Premier A va koinovioli said: "We min- 
isters only accepted office in order to 

ex-Queen is nbsolutely determined uul 
to-make any public statements. 

Berlin, June P.'.— The Hag was half" 
masted over the Servian legation hero 
today. Most of the members of the 
diplomatic corps called to express con- 
Joleiici'. Foreign .Minister Von Riohtho-) 
tin informed ambassadors and ministers 
■.v o cilled id the foreign cilice on vnr- 
':■ us business, thai Germany did not ex-) 
peel c mplioai ion - involving other states, 
es a result of I be changes in the Sers 
v.. in g ive.rnnient. \ 

A despatch to the Lokale Anzrciger 
from Ilelgrade says the provisional gov-t 
eminent of Servia is bringing troops, 
there from the country. 

Belgrade, June 12.— The following^ 

tl lileial list of the killed: King 

Alexander. Queen Driiga, the Queen's 
two lirolliers. Premier Mtrrkovitch, the 
Minister of War. two aides-de-camp, and 
two other officers. 

The time of the assassination is given 
nllleially as 2 a. in. It is expected that 
the Servian parliament will confirm the 
proclama'inn by tin: army id' Prince 
Peter Kariigeor'gevitch as King of Ser- 
via. The newspapers forecast a better 
lutiire for Servia, and toe new state of 
things is heartily welcomed by the mas- 
ses. Nothing definite has been decided 
regarding the burial of the dead. 

The new ministry tonicrht published 
the following statement: ' Certain dif- 
ferences which arose at court have led 
to the intervention of the army, and a 
conflict in which the King and Queen' 
lost their lives. With a view of mnin J 
tabling pence and order in the country, 
at the present moment difficult and fate j 
fill, the representatives of all the poli-i 
tical parties have hastened to come to 
an understanding and form a provisional 
government, in order to re-establish the! 
constitution existing before March 28, 

hav.' declared him unlit for military 

Prince liodijar added: "The youthful 
sovereign was the victim of the unmerit- 
ed unpopularity of Ids consort, lie could 
not resist her. His culpable weakness: 
destroyed him. Moreover, who so draws 
the sword shall perish lev the sword. - ' 
My family lias been tried to the ut- 
most. My grandfather was assassinat- 
ed, and 17 of my relatives have been 
executed without trial. while others 
were tortured. Such crimes must bo 
expiated sooner or later. 

Geneva, June 12.— Prince Karageorge- 
vitch declares himself innocent of any 
knowledge of the tragedy in Belgrade. 
He said that through his grandfather, 
lie had undoubtedly the best right to the 
Servian throne, and intended taking it 
if possible for the sake of his sou, but 
he expected to meet with great difficul- 
ties, and hoped for assistance from 
Austria. From other sources, it is learn- 
ed that the Prince will leave secretly on 
Friday morning for Vienna, whence ho 
will proceed to Ilelgrade. Humors have 
been current here for three days of ex- 
pected trouble in Servia, and the Prince 
lias been receiving an enormous quan- 
tity of telegrams lor a week past, many. 
I of them from the frontier of Servia. 
| The Prince is a widower, 53 years of 
| age, and appears older. He is of med- 
ium height and build, and his face, dis- 
tinguished by a long military moustache, 
;is rather fierce. He has three children, 
' George, bis heir, 1)1 years old; Alexand- 
er, II years old, and Helene, aged 19 
years. He lives in an extremely simple 
manlier, and occupies a whole house, 
an unusual thing in Geneva, iu the Hue 
De I. a Bellottc. 

1 Russian money was undoubtedly used 
in tic revolution, which, according to 
general belief, was planned here. It is 
, recalled that when the Austrian Empress! 
; was murdered by the anarchist LucUeni 
, in this city iu ISKS, Prince Kn rageorgiH 
j viteh openly applauded the deed. He is. 

extremely popular here with all classes,, 
1 and is described as unassuming, sensible,; 
laud strictly honest in all private and' 
I public transactions, lie is still considi 
ered to be a member of the Montenegrin 1 
royal family, into which he married. 

Brussels, June 12.— The Petit Bleu, 
asserts that the Obrenovitch dynasty id 
not extinct. King Milan left a second 
son by a Madame Cristies whom h« 
legitimatized, and who will dispute 
Prince Karitgeorgevitch's right to tliej 
Servian throne. 

A I " ST! ! I A'S I XT KNT I O X S. 
Vienna, June 12. — The following semi J 
ollicial statements of the Austrian gov- 
ernment is published tonight; Ausiro- 
Miingarian policy preserves complete 
neutrality as to events in Servia, and 
will only abandon this standpoint in tho 
event, which at present is not to be as- 
sumed, of being forced to do so through 
the imminent jeopardizing of our inter- 
ests, in conformity with that principle,' 
of our policy by which we desire to pro- 
mote, with all our strength, the pros-- 
porous development of Servia, we should 
regard the reversion of the Servians to' 
old Knrageorgevitch's dynasty as quite 
natural, and we would approve it under] 
the present circumstances, as this step 
offers the' most promising solution for the' 

.PX Strike 

Men Resign From U. B. R. E. 
And Will Be Reinstated 
After 22nd. 

Labor Employers Form Union 
in Order to Assist 

Dr. Stewart of fission IWissinn 
— Rossland Gets Next Ses- 
sion of I. 0. U. F. 


icbert Ward 8 Ltd, * s 

Temple Buiidhi&, Port Street- 

S I 

Commission Merchants, Shipping, Insurance, Financial » 
and General Agents «j 


Divers Unsuccessful hi Work 
O0f Recoverinfl Drowned C. 
P. R. Engineers 

Ginger Ale 

from Our Own Correspondent. 

Winnipeg, Ji la.— General Manager 

McNicholl, Assistant-General Mnuagei] 
Leonard, Mr. F. W. Tye, chief engineer;' 
Assistant General Superintendent Brady, 
returned today by special train from, 
the scene of the bridge disaster at SooviL 
and walched the divers at work in their 
attempt lo recover the bodies of Engi- 
neer Johnson and Fireman Knott. 

I Tiie bodies have not yet been found,' 

jliut it is believed they will lie located 
lie/ore many more hours. A temporary) 
bridge has been erected over the chasm.', 

I Today's Imperial Limited came over thq 
Canadian Northern, but was delayed, 

I seven hours. 


From Our Own Correspondent. 

Vancouver, June 12.— Counsel for the 
C. li. It. E. and the C. I'. It. at tho 
labor commission, both stated this after- 
noon that the strike was settled. Tho 
commission, however, is still taking evi- 
dence. A number of ex-exployees have 
already returned to work, and the strik- 
ing 'longshoremen are back uu the 

Air. Marpole gave evidence before the 
commission today that there was no 
Mack list supplied to otuer railioadsj 
That a man's clearance as to cause ulj 
leaving the employment of the company 
meant just what was said on the clear- 
ance, and the words were not intended' 
to convey some other meaning. IU- 
stated that in February be had sent his 
chief clerk to Seattle tu find out wlmtj 
wages were heiny paid there, and as a. 
result raised the clerks' wages. 

J. McCreery gave evidence that tho 
overtime of the treight clerks was made 
Up for by their coming down late next) 
day, and by their having their salary 
increased to make up for it. 

Mr. Ureer, general freight agent, in 
freight business for 1!) years, sain iu 
was not the practice on any road to 
pay freight clerks overtime, and Pugetj 
JSound' freight clerks worked an hour 
longer each day were paid the same, and 
got no overtime. Other unimportant) 
witnesses were called. 

Prominent strikers said tonight that; 
the strike is practically over. Some of 
the men will be taken back after tliO 
1'lhid, and the rest as opportunity offers, 
'the C. 1'. It. and U. B. U. E. have 
agreed to terms, but are only waiting; 
to notify the outside union sympathiz- 
ers and outside U. B. It. E. unions o& 
tiieir action. The men resign from the 
('. B. It. E. and go buck as individuals. 

The employers of labor have organized 
in Vancouver. i hey have issued an 
olllcial statement, in which it is said) 
that labor has hitherto dealt only witll 
Individuals or employers, and it is rca j 
sonable to believe that the meeting of) 
two thoroughly organized bodies repre- 
senting labor and the investors will nd-) 
just in a fair and amicable manner unyl 
differences of opinion which may arise. 
The association says that the organiza- 
tion will be tiie means of avoiding; dis- 
putes leading up to strikes. 

The Grand Lodge, 1. O. O. P., con- 
cluded its labors yesterday. Kosslanil) 
secured next year's Grand Koilge pen- 
sion. There was a keen contest between 
Victoria and Hosslaud for the honor olj 
having the next session. The latter city< 
»'on by 20 votes. There was a banquet) 
in the evening at the Hotel Badminton. 
A pleasing feature of the evening hvasi 
the presentation of a solid gold watch, 
to Grand Secretary Fred. Davey, oP 

The Market Hall was crowded last- 
evening to hear Benjamin Wilson of 
California, on Socialism. 

Tiie steamer Hyades arrived fronr 
Tacoma last night with 2,500 tons of) 
Japanese coal lor the C. V. E. 

The bank clearings lor the week end-* 
lug June 11. were $1,240,331, or *:«)<),- 
(HtO less than the corresponding week 
last year. 

The regular monthly meeting of the,. 
Hospital Board took place in the Board 1 
of Trade rooms last night. It was! 
shown that receipts and expendil urrs: 
balanced for the month. That ,"i,S milled 
and 11 females were admitted and 58 
males, and 111 females discharged. The- 
plans for the new hospital were again! 
ttbmitted, but no definite action waif 


Photo II. Outhbert. 

I THE GORGE FERRY— Handsome New Launch Now in Service. J 

o e 

o c 

• Tho launch service io the Gorge was fairly well patronized yesterday, and no doubt a larger • 
° number would have made the trip had the weather been plea%anter. If today should prove line, J 
a many will spend tiie afternoon -up the Gorge, the service appealing to Victorians as wi ll as visitors. , 
o The Tourist Assoeiutl in has had neat sign boards and ^placards posted at the approaches to the '« 

• steamer landing at J lines Hay. The services vivos an excellent opportunity to see the picturesque « 

• falls. Yesterday morniii'.'. when the launch made its first t.-ip'«nt 1) o'clock, it was about dead low J 
e water, anil the Gorge was a beautiful sight. Tourists should not miss this trip. J 

• c 


Hudson's Bay Co,, 

Victoria, B.C- 

i— 4^ 

Valuable Lot on Government Street in the heart of the town, 
Price reasonable, in order to close up an Estate. Apply to 

B. L Land & Investment Agency, Ltd. 

40 Government Street. 

Toronto, June 12.— We Glass, a six- 
teen-year-old lad, died last night from, 
the. effects of a knife wound inflicted on 
1 leceinber 30 last, it: is said, by Alfred 
Tennard, of Don forth avenue. 


Loudon, June 12. — MacMnhon and 
I i rangers, wholesale dry goods estab- 
lishment in the Granite block. York 
street, was gutted by lire tonight. Lo?s 
£35,000. 1 

f& M Big Drop in Prices 
^ VV Now Selling $16 to 

rs c m m m J I $18 per ton delivered 



Suspected Tramps Held For Murder of. 
Gloria Whalcii Released. , 

Toronto. June 12.— Two or three 
tramps arrested in connection with tho 
murder of Gloria Whalen, at Colling" 
wood, have been released, 


Coal Dealers ('ombb'e Fined by a Chin 
cago Judge. 

Chicago. June 12.— In fin opinion de- 
livered today by Judge Horton, mem- 
bers of the Northern Illinois Coal Deal- 
ers' Association were found guilty ofi 
conspiracy in restraint of trade, ntuli 
were titled $500 each. The members, o'f 
the Retail Conl Dealers' Association of 
Illinois and Wisconsin were denied ni 
motion for a new trial and fined .flOO 

avoid the country falling info a con 

lion (if anarchy. So s is a king 

elected, he will have to ajyioint a dc* 
ite cabinet. The iSkllpslltillii can decide 
tlic fate of the country quite indepen- 
dently of the nrmy, although an agree- 
ment seems probable. In the event of 
the election of I'riuce K a rimeorgevitcl 

i-lllKK-?, and to re-assemble (he represeuta- 
si lives elected trader the constitution of 

April (i, 1 ! K H . At a sitting to be held' 
June 1 ". the national representatives will 1 
elect a sovereign and assume control of) 
the situation, According to the reports 
received up to the present from the civil 
nd military authorities order has not! 

deputation will go to Geneva, Inform "'en distur 1 in any part of the conn 

him of bis election and invite him to T, and the government will take steps 
come to Belgrade. He will be Peter I. "» ninintnln it. 1 he government feels 

, "The constitution of 1001 will be the 
Jiasis of the future government system. 
As to the present position of the" coun- 
try, calm prevails everywhere. There 
have been no disturbances and the situ 
alien .pi'ood-es to become belter ill the 
future. Thus,, who sural; of excitin 

popular sentiment ami predict further, nf jts u i <)0HV entrance into power 

•halites are entirely wrong. 

iSt. Petersburg, June 12. — The 

onvinced that by acting thus, it will 
ensure for the new order of things tho 
sympathy of all the Kuropenn powers." 
Paris, June 12.— The belief is rapidly 
gaining ground here that the new 
dynasty will have a dangerous task in 
itteinpting io overcome the recollection 


Debuts characterizes the dominant 'Ser- 
vian elements as a "party of regicides." 
The new King Is well known here. 

King Milan's second son, by a Madame, In the interview today with Prince < 
Cristies, whom he legitimized, and who, Bodijar, he said he considered that popu- 
it has been reported will dispute Prince, lar hatred of Queen Draga was largely 
Kai'ageorgeviteh's right to the Servian responsible for the events- at Belgrade, 
throne, lives at Constantinople wilh his! He added that bis cousin, the new King, 
widowed mother. Her father was formH had long aspired to the Servian throne, 
or chief architect to the Sultnn, a plaeo and declared that the family was closely 
now held by her brother. King Milan' allied to Russia, thus ensuring a pro- 
openly acknowledged the parentage of! Russian policy in Servia. 
the boy. now 15 years of age, who isj jp r ; np „ Rodiinv ICnrnireorocvitch told 
described as being strikingly handsome | „ Vem". s reporter l^'he did' not hesi- 
EX-QIJEEN NATALIE, !U«,te to declare that he considered Queen'' 

Paris, .Tune 12.— Former Queen Nf- 1 Draga to have been the cause of they 
talie, of Servia, is so deeply affected assassination. On becoming Queen she) 
iby the murder of her son, King Alexau-. made herself first feared, and then! 
d'er, that she is nimble to leave her apart- hated. Sim brutally revenged herself, 
input at 'Versailles, where phe is Tvitlil for the slightest offence, and pitilessly, 
■her sister. Princess Ghiekit, wiTc of the; crushed high or low who had the mis : 
Kdllitinnianlminister, who is in constant) fortune to displease her. The late Ivingi 
•attendance on Queen Natalie. The bit-) was only a tool in her bands, he wasl 
•ter proposes lo return to Paris on Sun- so weak-minded that a doctor who ab- 
ility, and will go to Biarritz shortly, tended him at Biarritz declared that ill 
The Queen's nephew said today that the he hud been a Frenchman ho would 

peace and order of the country. 

Berlin. June 12.— The members of the 
provisional ministry of Servia form an 1 
energetic group. lCncll one is a person 1 
of some celebrity in Servia. M. Avaku- 
movies, the Premier, was Premier in the 
Liberal government in 18i)2, and was; 
previously Minister of Justice, and judge, 
of the Court of Appeals. Since 1R92 ho 
has practised lav: at Bldgrade, and he 
was flu- leader of tic opposition. He is 
o,S years old. M. Prol id], minister ofl 
the interior, is tho most prominent lend-) 
er of the radicals, an able speaker and 
writer, he is commissioner of the Nn-i 
fionnl Bank, and is -17 years old. MJ 
Sehiokovics, minister of justice, is 42 
.wars idd. In the last parliament ho/ 
sharply criticized the doings of the 
royal pair. 

•M. Sehiokovics was condemned to 20 
years' imprisonment in a dungeon in| 
consequence of bis complicity in a plot) 
against King .Milan, but was pardoned.) 
M. Genshics, minister of commerce, serv-i 
ed two years of an eight years' sentence; 
on the charge of I igh treason for Ibis, 
opposition to the late King Alexander's/ 


Hamilton Insurance Clerk Embezzles 
.Money Lost nt Race Tracks. 

Hamilton, .Tune 12.— William Beard, 
clerk in the Canada Life Assurance Co. 
office in this city was arrested this af- 
ternoon charged with the embezzlement 
of !ji3,407. Bear! is about 2!) years of 
age, and is married. It: is said the • de- 
falcation covers a period of about eight 
months. He "played the ponies," nltd 
to this is attributed his downfall. The 
arrest was made at the instance of a 
guarantee company, in which Beard had 
j.fl.OOO bonds. 

f'he legality of the Water Main Fron- 
tage Bylaw is to be tested by the Van- 
couver Laud & Improvement Company. 

The city is to submit a bylaw to raiso 
.fliiO.UUO for sewer purposes. 

A mass meeting took place in the. 
First Baptist church yesterday (o ex- 
press horror at the recent Jewish nins- 
-ai-res at Kissliineff. Dr. Barber, Dr. 
Grunt, Rev. W. ('. King, and Mr. J. 
M. Duval delivered addresses. 

■ Dr. Stewart, of .Mission, is missing. 
He was last seen in Vancouver a week 
ago. He was walking on the streets (in! 
the early morning in an excited man- 1 
ner, and was accosted by two detec- 
tives, to wh im he told his name, audi 
said he was walking the streets becnusd 
he could not sleep." lie said he was 
awaiting for a freight to take him bade 
to Mission. lie was not seen again licra 
or at Mission. 

Mr Chris, Foley gave evidence be- 
fore the commission yesterday. He 
said, in speaking of the responsibility! 
ot governments, that the Bank of MoiH 
(real would not allow their clerks to 
marry until they received a certa.U sal- 
ary. ' He thought this state of affairs! 
should not be. That the government), 
should interfere. In referring to the' 
repudiation of contracts, hi' said thai) 
when a union's existence was threatened 1 
they had a right to repudiate contracts.) 
die' cited cases in history where the) 
'British government repudiated interna- 
tional agreements. He said that during! 
a strike in Hosslaud foreign police were) 
imported lo intimidate strikers, and at- 
another time foreign newspaper men tot 
'blacken the strikers' characters. lid 
thought if this thing could be, t'naU 
Canadian labor men should have a right, 
to join international unions. He said' 
'that in the abstract he was opposed to 
unions, as they helped the strong at the 1 
expense of the weak. He thought tho 
government should devise means to pro- 
tect and assist the weal; and aged lab-i 
orers. He believed in compulsory arbi J 
tration, but he thought it might be dif-i 
llictllt to get judges to suit, as they might! 
'be bribed, or owing to their education, 
and invirotmient prejudiccd-ugainst lab- 
or. This statement resulted, in a severe) 
criticism from the commissioners, Mr. 
'Foley mentioned a mining case in which 
he thought an unfair decision was given), 
bv the bite Chief Justice McOoll. This! 
ibrouglit Mr. Davis to his feet with an) 
angry protest. It turned out that the) 
Pull court had sustained Chief Justice! 
(McCoH's decision, although the decision! 
■was reversed bv the Privy Council. Mr. 
Foley finally admitted that Z/ 3 had eon- 
Ifldence in the judges of British CohlBH 
bin. He said ho believed iu a coinpuD 
sory conciliation board. 

Mr. Marpole, general superintendent! 
of the C. P. It., gave evidence to thei 
effect that he believed in compulsory 
arbitration for public service corpora* 
tions. He thought the board should bej 
composed of a justice of the Supreme) 
court as chairman, and one -person rein 
resenting each party to the dispute' Bo- 
believed in unions. He believed union.' 
men wore better morally, and as good 
in their relations with the company asl 
non-union men: He objected to tbt' 
(Continued ou I' Eight. 

WCTOR.A. D^ILY CO LOJS. ST SAl (3 li DAY J (IKE 13 ,903 


To Treadgold 

Yukon Commissioner in Error 
Refunds Money Which De- 
partment Claims. 

Lumber Men Fined For Piles 
Inside the Limits of 


Toronto, June 12.— About 275 iron; 
moulders mid GO marble workers struck) 
work this morning for shorter hours and, 
more wages. _ ' 


Montreal, June 12— The annual report 
of the Merchants liank o£ Canada show 
net profits tor the year ending May 30, 
of $7:>:>,9;i!>.27, added to which is $25,- 
303.98 surplus for year ending May, 

Arranging the 


the llousi 

From Our Own Correspondent 
Ottawa, June 12.— The 
Minors' Railway bill passed 

Mr. Flint, clerk of the House, has been 
made D. (J. L. of Mount Alison Uni- 

John R. Booth and W. C. Demara 
Company were ikied and coeta lor 
piling lumber within the city limits con- 
trary to the now bylaw. 

Victoria has no representative on this 
year's Bislev team. Capt. Duff Stew- 
art, of Vancouver, is the only British 
Columbian going. 

Mr. Borden inquired tonight if any in- 
structions had been sent to the gold 
commissioner of the Yukon recently re 
the Treadgold concession'/ iHon. Mr. 
M'ulock read a (statement from Deputy 
Smart whicli said that there had been 
no recent communication with the go h 
commissioner regarding the Treadgold 
concessions, excepting upon the decision 
of the gold commissioner regarding rep- 
resentation on claims owned by Tread- 
gold. It was claimed that under the 
grant the claims held by Treadgold, ex- 
cept from payment fees and represen- 
tation work and lees on any claims held 
by him, must he paid in accordance with 
the regulations. The gold commissioner 
misconstrued the directions given linn 
some time ago and by mistake refuudeu 
the money. To set the matter right, a 
telegram was sent him on June 5, that 
the department had deducted the fees 
and representation must be paid in con- 
nection with the Treadgold claims, ami 
asking him to obtain the money and 
credit the same as when it was first paid 
in by Treadgold. 

Sir Paul G. Adams, premier ot Natal, 
was here during the past few days, and 
left for Cuelph today. He is traveling 
quietly, getting information about Can- 

John White, charged with setting tiro 
to the Booth lumber piles on May 10, 
lias been acquitted, the evidence not 
being sufllcient to convict him. 

The will of the late Alexander Eras- 
er, millionaire, leaves $2,000 to charity, 
^,(KK) to the Methodist church of Can- 
ada, of which four-liftlis arc to be for 
the foreign mission and home missions; 


New York Workers to Do Away 
With Indisciiminate 

New York, June 12.— A statement was 
made public today by a committee ot 
the building contractors from District 
Assembly No. 253, of the Knights of 
tvubor, relative to the building trades 
situation and the attitude which the 
Knights of Labor has assumed. The 
Statement favors the master builders' 
manifesto to do away with indiscrimin- 
ate, strikes called by walking delegates 
and submit grievances to arbitration. 
The walking delegate is to be uaed ouiy 
to see that the agreement is honestly 
lived up to by the men, collect dues and 
give relief to sick or distressed ruem- 
ibors. The committee has communicated 
with President Eidlitz, of the Building 
Trades Employers' Association, asking 
that a proponed plan of settlement be 
submitted. In conclusion the .statement 
nays: We are prepared to go before the 
Builders' Association or the district at- 
torney and testify under oath as to our 
membership with fair public declara- 
tion that the principle of our organiza- 
tion is to avoid strikes under any and all 
■circumstances and to keep our members 
employed at honest occupations instead 
of walking the streets as they are at 
present with their families in want. 
These are some of the principles that 
our organization enunciates, and with 
these aims ami objects in view we feel 
sure we will get the support of all fair- 
minded master builders and contractor 
find honest men of toil in the building 
industries." j 



Francis Joseph of Austria Attacked by. 
Insane Agent. 

Vienna, June 12.— While the Emperor 
Francis Joseph was out driving this 
afternoon, Jacob Reich, a commercial 
agent, holding a stick in a threatening) 
manner, rushed at His Majesty's car- 
riage. The man was arrested. It is 
thought he was insane. 

Idle Ladysmith Men Offered 
Employment on New Cum- 
berland Works. 

Miners Are Indignant at Pub- 
lished Statement of Fed- 
eration Leaders. 

From Our Own Corrcaoondent. 
iDadysmith, June 12. — It is 


here that the Wellington Colliery Com- tne 

Victim of Accident.— Kenneth McD'on-" 
aid, a young man employed at the Es- 
.quimillt Marine Railway Company, was 
.the. victim of a painful accident yester- 
day, which for a time it was feared 
.would result in very serious conse- 
quences, but Inst night it was said that 
a broken arm and some bruises were the 
full extent of the injuries of the unfor- 
tunate young man. He was caught by 
a belt of some shafting at the ivorks 
of the Esquimau .Marine Railway Com- 
pany, and before lie could be extricated 
,he had his arm broken and was other- 
.wise injured, as stated. The ambulance 
.was called and he was taken to tin; 
Provincial Royal Jubilee hospital, where 
he was last night reported to be pro- 
gressing favorably. 

There are but a few more days to wait 
and iXorri* & Howe's 'Big 'Show will be 
here with its enormous train load of per- 
forming animals, funny clowns, and 
bands of music, to gladen the hearts of 


pany will not reopen the Extension 
mines for at least three months. They 
could now give men only two days' 
work a week, but it has been deemed 

anxious juveniles. Norris & Howe' 

reputation for progressiveness lias pre- 
ceded them. This year they are said to 
have a still larger and better aggregation 
if performing animals than ever and 

Canada Heads List in British Trade Re- j not worth while to resume operations for] uave augmented their programme with 

a company of circus gymnasts, making 
the most complete and enjoyable perfor- 
mance imaginable. The street parade is 
also said to be more elaborate than ever 

turns Just Issued 
12— The 

that amount of coal. It is stated now 
| that there are not prospects of Exten- 
IMontreal. June 12.— The Witness' sum mines opening until October 1, The 
.London cable .says': The statement of report caused considerable uneasiness 
trade of the various colonies of Great amongst the men here. It has also been 
Britain was published today, and some intimated that any miners who want 
interesting comparisons are shown. In- 
dia, for instance, imports only 20 per 

cent, of her requirements, while she 
ports -10 per cent, of her produce. Aus- 
tralia imports IS per cent, and exports 
.17 per cent. New Zealand's foreign 
trade is the smallest, importing 7 l»'r 
cent, and only exporting 5 per cent. Can 
ada heads the list, importing ~" 
cent, and exporting 70 per cent 



work can get it at Cumberland, where 
very extensive new works are going on. 
When Mr. Dunsmuir was here Wednes- 
day a number of miners asked Pritch- 
lird, tin' leader of the Socialists, and 
head of the local union, if he would gdvo 
them permission to confer brieti.v with 
Mr. Dunsmuir? Prltchard perempto.-- 
perjily prohibited them seeing Mr. Duusmutr 
at all. This is the reason why III. 
Duusmuir's offer to confer was declined. 

A mass meeting of miners tomorrow 
will discuss a count or proposition for 
submission to Mr. Dunsmuir. 
The steamer Thistle arrived this niorii- 
from Union. A considerable number 

Church — What's the his chowd down the 
street? Gotham — Oh, some millionaire get- 
ting In u ton of coal. 

Reports From Over One Hun- 
dred Stations Arc [Vlosl 


of Ladysmith miners 
on lier tomorrow morning, 
here express indignation at 
ed statement by a high oil 
Western Federation to the 
metalliferous miners would 

Itching, Blind, Weeding and Protruding 
I'lles. No cure, no pay. ATI druggists are 
authorized l>y the manufacturers <>f I'azo 
Ointment to refund Che money where It 
fulls to cure any case of plies, no matter 
of how long .standing. Cures ordinary cases 
III six days; the worst 'cases In fourteen 
j linya. One nr"til|eatlon gives ease and rest. 
Relieves itching Instantly. This is a new 
discovery and it Is the only pile remedy 
! sold on a positive guarantee, m> cure, no 
I pay. Price 50c. If your druggist hasn't it 
toek send 50 cents In stamps to tin 

Jill Humors 

Arc impure matters which the skin, 
liver, kidneys and other organs can 
not take euro of without help, there ia 
such uu accumulation of them. 

They litter the whole system. 

Pimples, boils, eczema end ether 
eruptions, loss of appetite, that tired 
feeling, bilious turns, fits of indiges- 
tion, dull headaches and many other 
troubles are due to them. 

Hood's Sarsaparilla 
and Pills 

Remove nil humors, overcome all 
their effects, strengthen, tone and 1 
invigorate the whole system. 

"My health was poor and I suflereii 
much from lilves and kidney trouble. After 
taking twe bottles ot flood's Sarsaparilla I 
was cured. I regard this medicine as su» 
perlor to all others." Mits. Jobkth Hol> 
LiNSiiiAD, Harrison, Ontario. j 

Hood's Sarsaparllia ipromloos to 
cure, and keeps tho promise. 



HARPER — At Kamloops on June 4tih. to 
•Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Harper, a son. 


Goldstreum, only eleven miles from Victoria, on the E. x S. Railway. 
Excellent Accommodation 1 at tli<? 

Reasonable rates. Frequent train service at reduced rates. 

i JAMBS PETAIItr, Proprietor. 

LBBMT.YG— At Kamloops 

on Thursday, 

Cliuiliei'land 1'arls Medicine Co., St. bonis, Mo., who 

The miners 
he publish- 
cinl of the 
effect that 
be taken 

also manufacture Laxative Bromo-Qulnlne, 
the celebrated Cold Cure. 

care of Best and the coal miners would 

be an entirely secondary isideratioii, 

and di<l not care whether the latter se- 
ceded or not. The feeling against the 
■Federation is increasingly bitter and the 
action of visiting officials openly de- 

Winnipeg, dune VI.— The C, I 
crop report for the central division w 
issued this morning, and is summed IVP j nounccd. 

in the following manner by the city 

paoers: "Weather favorable, damage 

jiib prospects very promising." With- 1 OONQItlEGATIOXiAL UNION. 

a single exception in the 11S sta-| 

tious heard from, this is the answer to London, Out., June 122.— At yesterday's 
inquiries sent out from the assistant meeting of the Congregational Union of 
superintendent's otllce. Crop conditions ' Ontario and Quebec, Knox church, Yau- 
were never better than at present in eouvor, wa-Precngnized as a member of 
Western Canada. that union, as was also Central church, 

The labors of the Orange Supreme of the same city, pending the formation 
Grand Lodge of British North America i of a Dominion union. In the evening 
were practically finished today. The Rev. W. Hindley, Vancouver, spoke of 
election of officers resulted as follows:; the needs of the church in British Col- 
Grand master ami sovereign of British | umbia. 
iN'orth America, Dr. T. S. Sproate, M.P.; 
deputy grand master. Win. Gulbraitli, 
Montreal; grand chaplain, Rev, Win. 
Walsh, Brumpton; grand secretary, 
iWni. Lockhart, Allison; grand treasurer, 
W. ,1. Parkhill, Midland; grand director 
of ceremonies, It. W. Code, Smiths 
Falls; grand lecturer, dames Harper, 

The Grand Lodge also decided this 
morning that its next place of meeting 
would he Pic-ton, Ontario, on the second 
Tuesday ot May of next year. Picton 
has been selected by the Grand Lodge 
lor next year's meeting in order that 
tho corner stone of the Orange Home 
for the aged and infirm members of the 
order may be attended and the event 
made as imposing as possible. 

The dedication of the Scott Memorial 
Hall, which was to have taken place to- 
day, has been postponed until tomorroir 



Interesting History and Charac- 
ter of the New King of 



Shamrock HI. Now Due an'd Re- 
liance Again Defeats Her 

New York, June 12.— Shamrock III., 
challenger for the America cup, and 
Shamrock I., convoyed by Sir Thos. Lip- 
ton's yacht Erin and th 
expected to 

Paris, dune 
claimed King 
known for a 

tug Cruiser, are 

12.— Since Prince Peter 
cli has been suddenly pro- 
of Servia, those who have 
long time the members of 
his family here, and who some years ago 
knew him as an iuteiesting tigur 
Paris, are recalling various phases of 
his adventures and checkered career. 
His life has been tilled with dare-devil 
deeds and the ups-and-downs of a royal 
pretender and a soldier of fortune. He 
has been constantly engaged in intrigues, 
plots, and counterplots, for the realiza- 
tion of his royal aims. When the As- 
sociated Press correspondent visited 
Prince Bodijar Karageorgevitch and oth- 
er members uud intimated of the family, 
this afternoon, it was iiointed out that 
much confusion existed concerning the 
various branches of the family. Prince 
I'eter, the newly-proclaimed king, is the 
head of the younger branch of the fam- 
ily, which occupied the throne through 
bin father, Alexander, 1S-1U to 185G. 
Prince Alexis is the head of tho elder 
branch of tho family, and therefore also 
claimant of the throne. Today's 

arrive nere touay. xne ncet, , yj euna despatch announces that Alexis 
of which number 170 men bafi witlldrawn , uia C11 ndidature. Prince 

I.- Sn.iifl-inil /in \lnv >x firm ... . . .. ... 

Proprietor of tin 

Dominion Sends 
of Pamphlets. 

Stephen .Tones, the enterprising pro- 
prietor of the Dominion hotel, was busy 
last evening posting hundreds of copies 
of a paliiiphlet which was issued from 
,tlio Colonist presses. The jiamphlet is 
H small three-page folder, containing 
jiitliy paragraphs mi the attractions of 
(Victoria and illustrated with five clear 
cuts of the Dominion hotel. Parliament 
buildings, the Go"rgc and views of the 
reception room, dining room and other 
leading features of this peculiar hostelry. 
The pamphlet speaks of enchanting 
Victoria, the "evergreen city of Can- 
ada," and attention to the peculiar 
charms, the enchanting panorama, the 
substantial business blocks. .Mr. Jones' 
jmsli in the way of advertising is shown 
jjby the inclusion of a letter from an 
American Jin troll, who writes in enthu- 
siastic terms of the service of the Do- 
minion. The energetic advertising de- 
partment of the Dominion hotel is doing 
splendid work in sending out the glad 
tidings to the weary, beat-oppressed den- 
izens in interior points on the continent, 
of the fresh and invigorating breezes to 
jlie experienced in Victoria, whicli. in the 
:poetio lines of the pamphlet is ""By Na- 
ture crowned and Portiine blest, the 
pride, the glory of the West!" 

left Gourock, Scotland, on May 28, and u odij . lr is a brt>lllPr of Alexis . p rince 
S ot the Azores on June 3, spent |,p eter hfls a brother nnmed Ars who 
there, sailing on June -1 for New |jf . liviuj , um>> lt was PrillC0 Alexis 
who visited America, which created an 
impression among Americans here that 
the new King was once in tho United 
cs. Prince Peter 'inherited from his 

a day 

In the trials yesterday the yachts 
reached the starting point at 11:40. The 
Itelianee was first to drop her tow and jjj^J 

the Columbia soon followed. The- wind fatu " Ki Alexander, and his grand- 
was south-southeast, about 12 miles on | ftttheri Ka rageorge, the intense family 

bitterness against the wrongs commit- 

was Id miles to wind- 

hour. The cours 
ward and return. 

The start, was made with the yachts 
all close together, the Constitution to 
windward. The Columbia took the lead 
soon after the start, with Reliance fol- 
lowing ami the Constitution in the rear. 

The Columbia did not hold her lead 
after the start, and was passed by Ite- 
lianee, which got into first place. 

The oliieial starting time was; 

Constitution, 12:10:01. 

Reliance, 12:16:18. 

Constitution, 12:l(i:32. 

The Itelianee crossed the line' at •i:04:- 
."»7, the Constitution crossed the finish 
line at 4:10:15, and the Columbia finish- 
ed at 4:17:45. 

The Itelianee beat the Constitution in 
eln.psed lime, ,"i minutes and 7>~j seconds. 


The p.nH's exclamation : "O Life! I feel 
Hhoe bounding In my veins," vs a joyoun 
one. Persons till nt can rarrily or never 
make it, in honesty to themselves. «vre 
timong the mosst. unfortunate. They do not 
Itve. but exist; for to live Implies: more 
than to he. To live is to be well and 
Mtrong — to arise feeling equnl to She ordla- 
iiry <hitlCH of dlie day, anil to retire not 
overcome by them — to feel life bounding 
in tho veins. A medicine that Unas made 
Thousands of "eople, men and women, well 
and Ht'rong, bus accomplished a great 
work, bestowing the rldhest blessings, and 
Hint medicine is Hood's SnTBaparlHa. Tho 
weak, run-down, or dehllitated, from any 
cause, rihould not fall to take It. 7t builds 
up the whole system, cthnnges existence 
Into "jfe, and makes life more abounding. 
Wc nre glad to say fliese words 1n its fa- 
vor to the readers of our columns. 


Combined Church Parade on Sunday o 
Hegiment, Engineers and Artillery. 

The following regimental order wa 
issued yesterday at the regimental head 
quarters at (.'amp Macauluy, by Lt.-Col 
.1 . A. 1 lull, commanding: 

Orderly otlicer for Saturday, incut 
McTavish; next for duty, Lieut. Winsby. 
. The parade for Saturday evening is 
ca needled. 

A combined church parade with the 
Koyal Engineers and Garrison Artillery 
.will he held on Sunday at .11 a.m. 

The regiment will parade at 10:30 a.m. 
shar,p, for taking part in the above. 

Dress: Field day order without rifles 
or haversacks. 

The officer commanding has been 
pleased to approve of the following pro- 
motions in No. li Co: 

To be Acting Co. Sorgt.-iMajor— ' Sergt. 
J. Caven, vice Co. Sergt. -Major Richard- 
son, on leave. 

To be Acting Sergt.— Acting Corpl. A. 
Brayshaw, vice Sergt. Caven, promoted. 

To be Acting Corpl.— Acting dir. M. 
iDoyle. vice Acting Corpl. Brayshaw, 

To be Acting Bombr.— Gr. V. K. 
Gray, vice Acting Br. Doyle, promoted. 
(Sgd.) D. I!. McConnan, 


ted against the house of Karageorge 
vitch. Ho seemed to have chosen a mil 
itary career for the purpose of fitting 
himself to avenge his wrongs and restort 
himself and his family to their royal 
rights. He received in Belgrade the 
early education of a prince, but when a 
boy of 12 be saw the rule of his family 
terminated, and he and his relatives were 
driven into exile. 







Weight Champion of Paclfli 

— AND— 


lSrorlior of Abe Attoll, the featherweight 
champion of the world. 

'Phis big event will bo preceded by a 
ninstodonlc bill of novelties. 


COe.. $1.00 and $1.60. 


■ Association 

A meeting wdll be held' on Thursday, tlio- 
18th June, 1903, at 8 p. m.. In ttie LlABOR 
HALL, Douglas street. 

Business— Organization ami cledlon of 

All Llbernl-Oonservntlves ,ito cordially 
Invited and earnestly requested to attend. 
June 12tb; 1IK0. 


Grand Open Air 



Shock of Earthquake Quito Heavy but 
No Damage Ueported. 

'San Pranciscn, June 12.— A sharp 
shock of earthquake was experienc-d 
here at ."i:|o o'clock this morning. Tne 
shock was quite heavy, lasting over 50 

»ec Is. No damage is reported. The 

shock in the southern counties was fids 
in Los Banos, Stockton. Sargent, Oak- 
laud, Santa .Margarita and at Newman 
on the east Bide, It was henvj at ail 
points except at Santa Margarita. To the 
northward the shock was severe at Ti- 
burton, San Rafael, Petalumn and Vul- 
lejo, where it was (mite .prolonged. 




to Mr. and Mrs. T. II. Dee- 
miner, a daughter. 


GOWARD— Elizabeth Collls, dearly loved 
wdfe of Henry Goward. and daughter 
of the late Reverend Henry Toller, of 
Market I larborough, England, on Fri- 
day, the 12th Inst., at "Koekwood," 
St. Olmrtes street, Victoria, lt. C, aged 
I*! years, 

JKNKT.yson— At the family residence, 
CdlviMe street, Victoria West, on tie 
11th instant, Charles William Jenkln- 

son. a native of Llverj 1, England, 

aired ■!(', years. 
The funeral will take place rrom the 

residence as above, on Saturday afternoon, 

June L3tfi), at 2:30 p. m., and at St. 

Saviour's cJauroh, Victoria West, atl 3 


Friends please accept this Intimation. 

GREEN— In this city, John Green, a native 
of England (late of Lulu Island and 
Quntslno, 15. C), aged 7,1 years. 

Tho funeral will take place on Sunday, 
June 14, at '2 o'clock, from the parlors of 
the B. C. Funeral Furnishing Co., and at 
K.'hrlxt Otniiich CaSacdraU at 2:15 p. m. 

Friends will please accept this Intima- 
tion, i 



Get Stewart's Prices 

on MonumentH. Cemetery Coplnr, I»- 
ported Scotch Granite Moaumenta. 
Hto., t<efore pnrchaslnc elsewhere. 
Nothing but Urm-eluM »tock acd 

wtirkmu nshlD. 

Corner Yates and Blanchard Streets 


Mr. Isaac Walsh and family desire 
tliank their many friends for the kindness 
and sympathy shown them In tOielr sad 
affliction. in^J 

I. O. O. F. 


Tho officers and memhens of tftio above 
lodge are requested to meet at the Hall 
Douglas street, on Saturday afternoon at 
2 p. m. sharp, for the purpose of attending 
t.lie funeral of our late Brother, Charles 
W. Jcnklnson. 

By order of the N. G. 

R. A. FAWCETT. Ree. Sec. 
(T'mes Copy.) 


Halfway between Victoria and Vancouver. Sea bathing, boating and tWlilug. Dovely 
walks and drives. Hot salt water baths;good camping and picnic grounds. Wharf 
at hotel Leave Victoria- at 1. Take 0. I'. X. boat Tuesday and Friday. 
For terms address E. MAUDE, Mayue, 11. C. 

9 © • 

The famous Tourist Resort} of B. (J., 
unexcelled for fishing and shooting, 
grand scenery. Boatmen audi guides can; 
be secured at the hot id. Stage leaves 1 
Tzoiihaleni hotel, Duncans, Mondays, 
Wednesdays and Fridays. 

ys Price Bros,, - F?eps. 




42 Yates Street. 
ERRICKSON & ELY, Proprietor*. 

Programme TbU Week. 




Tho man of many faces, (mpersonat 
hip Gladstone, Washington, Napoleon, etc 
Change made hi full view of the audience 


The Acrobatic Dancing King, slnglnj 
his original parody, "Just Because He Had 
No Union card 1 ." 



Matinees dally from X to 5. Evenlnga, 
7:30 to 10:30. Admission 10c. 

AN Isolated People Rescued 
And immediate Danger 

A Soft, mellow flavored Whiskey produced by age anl high quality. 

St. Louis, June 12.— That the crisis 
of the Hood situation 1ms passed, so far 
as this city is concerned, \va« generally 
accepted as a fact by the citizens of East 
St. Louis tonight. Boat crews which 
yesterday Ktraincd their energies to the 
point of exhaustion in rescuing the pris- 
oners of the flood, today occupied them- 
selves in saving property and in bring- 
ing to higher ground belated refugees 
who previously had not believed them- 
selves in immediate danger. Since the 
disastrous break in the Illinois Central 
levee the flood has made no dangerous 
inroads; although a portion of the Bal- 
timore & Ohio embankment gave "way 
last night, nnd the flood area- "was fur- 
ther increased by seepage today. 

Tonight water continues to seep 
through Broadway in four places, flood- 
ing tho lowlands between that thorough- 
fare and Missouri avenue, the street 
north, by from 2 to G feet of water. This 
sectien of the flood extends between the streets for miles, interrupted occa- 
sior.sxllj by embankments. iSome water 
hUH found its way into Missouri avenue 
and St. Louis avenue. ' reryple in this 
district, however, have not been com- 
pelled to leave their homes. 




Retail by 
North 8 Ulchar son, 
Government St., Victoria. 
Wholesnle by 

C, P. Jackson £Cc. Ld 

151 Hustings St.. Vancouver, li. C. 

3 ^^SS^^i^S^^^^A^t^oWSSiP 


Detlvered to any part of the city, $3.50 per 

H. T. FORD & CO, 

Telephone 03.1. Terms cash. 

Gale &. Wenslcy 

In a Refined Musical Travesty, eutitled, 
"Mr. Kidder's Enterprise." 

Bob Ingorsoll 

Eluclt Face Monologue. 

Mexias & Mcxias 

The funny clown and the funnier dog. 

Illuatsated Song, "I'll Wed In the Golden 
Summer Time." 

'Hie latest Imported moving . pictures. 

Herring Pishing, Dog Show. Soldier's Re- 
turn, Driving Cows to Slaughter, etc., etc. 

Strictly rellned entertainment for Indies, 
children and gentlemen. 

Matinee '_'::S0 to r> p. m. Evenings, 7:30 
to 11 p. in. Admission 10c. 


A. Von Qaecn, Bastion Square, next to 
Board ol" Trade. 

Teats, Awnings, Hammocks nnd Bags, 
Camp Furniture and Tents to rent. 



Cot. Douglas and Herald Streets. 

Performances 2 and 8 p. nu 

■Best varieties for this climate. Thou- 
sands to select from. Strong and well 
grown. Orders for fall delivery, taken 
now. Cut Qowern In almost any quantity. 
lUiono 000. i. 


Oakland Nuiscry, Victoria, B. C, 

S Th 

The 10.000 School of Bducaied Seals 
id of 'I'ralned Hle>hnuts 
le Only Baby Camei. 
Hie Performing Llamas. 


Electric Launch, ;»louhurc Boats 
Fishing, Tennis, Croquet, Etc. 



This hotel, with Its late large addition and thorough renovation, mate lt the beat 
hcntelry In Victoria. It is conducted both on the EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN 

plan. .. .i4saa * -^»*Bii 

MU%. J. G. KHITE, Proprietress 

Rate* Very Moderate. Douslas Street. Victoria. B. O. 



Poodle Dog Restaurant in Connection 

Fitted up In most modem style, vrith all mcnlern nmdlanees. 

RATES MODBRATE. Frontlnii oa Yates and Broad St*. 

O0«49CO9O4OS6 O O 090900909904909000 90 O-O O © &99 9 OOOO 


rst-GlasSv Modern Tourist resort. Every coavenlenoo for families, 
i-roomedi CottajrcH. completely furnished for housekeeping, to rent 

by week or moncli at reasonable ra tea. 

oooescc-oooooaoocaoocooejooo oooooooooooooottoootoi 


Percy G. Clark, late ofi Daincnns. '• fiW'? 



Hha takon over this popular resort and is now open to necetve gnevsts for the 
summer. Strictly f.rst class Every convenience for famdUes. Beautiful 
drives, fiood Bshlng, huntJnj; and bathliif,'. Only. mlHaa from Victoria, B.C. 
Nothing But tha- Best. 

If Low Prices Attract You 

If * liree variety pl*a»e« rou. or an aa«uraj>6« ot reliability rp*eabi to job. tt»a 
To»r own >elMntercot ihould promDt you to tihli store for your every need. 

Castle 9 © Fmr* 77 Gov't. Street 


Olympian HJpipodrome, Ostfly Z<u>log- 
Icnl Annex, Japanese Acrobats, Cycle 
Whirl Bley-de Experts, Mammoth Aerial 
Enclave. Score of Merry Clowns. Haz- 
ardous Wild Animal Acts. 

Positively the Greatest Ags-rogatlon of 
Genuine Novelties In the Amusement 

ADULTS 50c.: OUrLDTCElN 23c. 


300 acres of valunble land with a lake 
thnJf a mile long; forty acres cleared land; 
elegant building site, only I) miles from Vic- 
toria, on the E. & N. rallwuy. 

For price and particulars apply to 
Happy Ynlley P. O., or to A. W., Colonist. 




Fmm 15 to 300 acres, situated on Somcaot; and Qnnmlclian IiKkfeA • 

Cowichan Valley : 

Within easy reach of Duncans Station, B. & N. Railway. Gcod FlsMng nnd • 
Shooting. « 

Apply to J. Masgrave, IT T.-onuce Avenue. • 



Canada's Trade 
With Australia 

Merchants of Southern Conti- 
nent Looking to Dominion 
For Trade. 

Binder Twine, Salt, Canned 
Meats, etc. to be Shipped to 
1 his Continent. 

Pleiades in 

Prom the Orient 

Boston S. S. Co's Liner Brings 
Newsof Scandal Over Build- 
ing of Gwnboats. 


Koreas Otllccrs Claim to Have Uua 
From Empress. 

Tlie San Francisco Cull says in regard 
to die arrival ot" the steamer Korea, 
which left Yokohama on the same day 
as the Empress ot Japan, and arrived 
at San Francisco a week after the Kin- 
press reached this port: 

"On the run from Nagasaki to Kobe 
the Korea showed her heels, to the Ciuin 

Under the 
with 'Canada 
graph says: 
Win. Clarke, 
of the SydU' 
a few day 

head of Australian trade 
the Sydney iMorning fJTele- 
In conversation with Mr 
l member of the executive 
j Chamber of Commerce, 
ago, a "Daily Telegraph" rey- 
learned that Mr. Clarke had 

A Kidney Sufferer 


Fourteen Years. 

had a letter from Sir Wilfrid Liiurier as 
well as from the Canadian Minister of 
Commerce, from which it appears that 
the Government of "Canada 

Cottage CityRetnrns From Alas- 
kan Ports— Korea and 
the Empress. 

dian Pacific Company's 'Empress £ I much alive to the developments of the 
Japan, which for some years has been trade with Australia, and to foster it 
the undisputed speed queen of Oriental are appointing an assistant to Mr. burke 
waters. The Korea left Nagasaki two; it he Australian Trade Commissioner 


hours and twenty minutes behind the. new appointee to bo located in Mel- 
Empress of Japan. Captain Seuburyi I bourne, and hare a permanent otllco 

l Steamer I'leixdes. of the Boston SS. 
Co., which left Yokohama on May 
arrived at the Ocean docks last night, 
alter an uneventful passage from the 
Orient. The Steamer brought an aver- 
age cargo, of which about 130 tons was 
landed at the outer docks, bofore 'the 
Steamer left for TiieouiH early this morn- 
ing. The Pleiades hail no passengers. 

News was brought by the Pleiades 
thai considerable sensation has been 
caused at Tokio and throughout Japan 
,by tin- resignation of Mr. Tsukahara, 
president of the Umga Dock Company, 
in consequence of the failure -of his com- 
pany to turn out United .States gun- 
.bonts for the Philippine government in 
accordance with specifications. The 
boats made (two) have been rejected by 
Governor Tuft, and the remaining three 
arc said to be equally inadequate. The 
only fault .jiublicly announced is that 
the boats draw one foot more than the 
specifications called for. with h would 
make them utterly unlit for the coast 
work for which they are required. But 
it is crodibJy num. rod that the defects 
are much more general. It is said thai 
iGovemor Taft lias had an expert over 
here investigating the matter, and that 
he has discovered a disgraceful slate ot 
scamped work, covered up by means of 
.bribery to those entrusted with passing 
the work. As one or these was a Unit- 
ed States inspector, his .connection with 
the scandal lias been receiving, it s 
said, special attention with results that 
wil' .prove a bomb-shell. Every effort 
is being -made he-re to cover iiji the al- 
leged ugly work, especially as this was 
Japan's debut in the lield of naval con- 
struction .for foreign powers; but it !-< 
probable that the whole story will come 
ont through Governor Tuft's emissary, 
who appears in connection with local 
American residents to have done some 
very clever detective work. 

It is -understood that the gunboats 
have mot been paid fur, and that Gov- 
ernor Taft will decline to accept them 
until they comply in all respect.- with the 
requirements of the specifications. 

of the Korea never races. There 
rule against it, and he is too careful a 
mariner anyway to take liberties with 
the lives intrusted to his care. At t) 
a. m., however, of May ID, the Empress 1 1 
was sighted about 13 miles ahead. 

the news was passed around the ship 
considerable interest was developed. 1 
The Empress, of Japan's reputation was 
known. The Korea was new and saidl 
to be speedy. The Pacific Mail boat 


Mr. Clarke- mentioned that the Can- 
adians are anxious for a reciprocal trade,, 
and to an enquiry of the reporter as to 
what lines of our commerce could be 
4 s | taken by the Dominion he readied "al- 

most everything we have to dispose of. 

••When in Canada on a busiuess trip, 
nearly a year ago," he said, "I found 
that they can lake our mutton to the 
full extent of the carrying capacity of 

gradually overhauled he Britisher, andi V; , . ...'i,,..,.,! :,. tho service and 

as the distance between the vessels | ^i^'^LT^e brought 'is now^roken! 

i- should be ill a position very shortly 


Pacific Coast S.S. Co.'s Steamer Itc- 
tuvns Prom the North. 

Steamer .Cottage City, of the Pacific 
Coast S'S. .Co., reached port bust night 
from Skngway, arriving at the Ocean 
Docks shortly before midnight. The 
Cottage City is returning from her first 
trip since .she was overhauled, and is 
evidently .running on the old midnight 
schedule that .dipt. Wallace maintain- 
ed for the greater part .of last year in 
reaching this.jiort. There wen? 35 pas- 
sengers on the steamer, all from Alaska n 
ports. She had a small freight. 

narrowed the excitement on the Korea 

Not an order was passed, but from 
bridge to stoke hole there was not a 
man that did not feel something of a 
desire to give the Empress a rub. By 
some curious process this lust for chase 
was contracted by the big liner's ma- 4 
chiuery. The tires burned brighter, the 
steam rose higher, the pistons danced to 
a livelier tune and the twill screws were 
bumming a song of victory at 2:110 p. in., 
when the Korea, making 1U.IS knots, 
glided past the defeated queen. Both 
vessels were crowded with passengers, 
and as they passed the roar of rustling 
water was drowned in the cheers that I „ 
arose from the decks of each. As the j compared 
Korea drew away the Empress of Ja- 1 
pan, in graceful acknowledgment of the 
new ship's superior speed, hoisted the. 
signal, "Oltr career is over." The 
Korea reached Kobe half an hour ahead 
"f the Empress." 

lake advantage of it. Queensland 
formerly exported raw sugar to Vancou- 
ver, but the drought reducing their out- 
put the trade fell off. The market is 
Mil! there, and for the manufactured 
article as well. The Vancouver refinery 
is not capable of filling the demand, and 
refined sugar from China anil Eastern 
Canada has to be imported. .Inst fancy] 
that the refiners mi the Atlantic coast 
have to import the raw 'material, munii-i 
Fact lire it. and then semi IJ.tHIO miles by 
railway, while we have everything lit 
our very dour, and the cost of carriage 
the I'ucMic is a mere bagatelle 
to what the Canadians have. 


Could not Sit or Stand with Ease. 

Consulted Flvo Different Doctors. 

Kidney Pills 


Mr. Jacob Jamieton, Jamieson Bros., 
the well-known Contractors and Guilders 
Welland, Ont., tells of bow he was cured' 
''For fourteen years I was afflicted with 
kidney trouble which increased in severity 
the last five years. My most serious attack 
was four years ago, when I was completely 
incapacitated. 1 had terrible painsacross 
my back, floating- specks before my eyes 
and was in almost constant torment. I 
could not sit or stand with ease and was a 
wreck in health, having no appetite and 
lost greatly in flesh. I had taken medicine 
from five different doctors and also 
numerous other preparations to no pur- 
K"- I D .? 1 nall J r J , b "P n «0 take Doan's 
Kidney Pills and before I had taken five 
boxes the trouble left me and I now feel 
better than I have for twenty years. Those 
who know me know how I was afflicted 
and say it is almost impossible to believe 
that I have been cured, vet they know it 
i« so. I have passed the meridian of life 
but 1 feel that I have taken on the rosy 
cue ot boyhood. 

Price 50 cts per box, or 3 for $i. 2 r, a ll 
dealers or 



We have a splendid range of 

In light 

: & H. Redmai, 

Victoria Tailoring Co. 

East and Boutin 


Ub a capital of $50,000. divide,! hlto 100 

Western nil ,v Coal Co.. Ltd., with -i i 
|)ltal of $1,000,000, divided Into Sl.oou.oo j 


I'ursuuut to the ••Creditors' Trust Deeds 
Act, 1901," Notice is hereby given that 
John TuruliuTI, Cauneryuian, Liulysmlth 
Cannery, Skeena river. British Columbia, 
and residing - at Walker street, Victoria. 
Itrltlsh Columbia, has assigned all ids per- 
sonal property, real estate, credits and ef- 
fects, which may be seized and sold under 
execution, to Henry Sea, of the Brunswick 
Hotel, Victoria aforesaid, ship carpenter, 
and Lruest Temple, of 18 Scoresby street. 
Victoria, aforesaid, accountant, In trust 
for the general benefit of ids creditors. The 
said Indenture was executed by the said 
John Turnbul! and by the said Trustees 
on Hie L'-Jnd day of May, 1003. and notlc 
Is •hereby given that at a general lueetin 
of the creditors held at ito Langley street 
Victoria aforesaid, on the Oth day of June. 
1003, It was resolved that the said Ernest 
Temple be appointed sole trustee, and 
notice is hereby further given that all 
creditors and others baying claims against 
the said John Turnbull, are required to 
send in to the undersigned full particulars 
thereof nroved hi manner required by the 
raid Act, together with particulars of the 
securities, if any. held by them, on 
before Hie HOOi day of June, 1003, after 
which date the trustee will proceed to dls 
tribute the proceeds of (he estate amongst 
rhe parties entitled thereto, baying regard 
to the claims of which the trustee 8hr.ll tiavo 
then hail notice, and that the trustee shall 
not be liable for the said proceeds or any 
part thereof, so distributed to any per«<ui 
of whose claim the trustee shall not have 
had notice at the time of the distribution 
thereof, and all persons indebted to the 
said John Turnbull are required to pay 
the amount of their indebtedness to the 
trustee forthwith. 

Hated the iith dnr '•' ..mie. 1903. 

r. O. Drawer 013. Victoria, R. C, 



This must distressing and common mal- 
ady doubtless has lis origin In some un- 
balanced condition of the nervous system. 
Probably the simplest, safest and most 
efficient remedy is Poison's Nervlllne. 
Twenty droits In sweetened water gives 
immediate relief, and this treatment should 
he supplemented by buttling the region of 
in with Nervlllne. To say It acts (pilek- 
■ to "express 'tile result. Sold every- 


In large '-'.V. "buttles. 

Of the Districts 

Concluding Sections of the Act 
Soon to Come Into 

uver Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Co 
Ltd., with a capital of $DOO,00O, divided 
Into 100,000 shares. 

The West End Grocery Co.. Ltd. with 
11 capital of $25,000, divided into 250 
shares, to carry on the business of retail 
urocers, etc., in Victoria and Esquimau 
Ship Kinross Co.. Ltd., capitalized a; 



to pay on the raw and refined articles. 

In the matter of sail I am glad to seei ■ .?.u„S(!o, 'divided into oi"s'lia'i'vs'.' 
thai our merchants have awakened to I The Union Loan & Investment f',i Ud I • 
ihe fact thai there is 11 market. capitalized at $10,000. divided Into ' 10,000 \ * 

"The .principal imports to Western "bar,*. • 
I 'ana. hi are from 'Kiiglnnd. The sail 
u.ies around Cape Horn in sailing ves- 
sels, and 1 mil credibly informed the 
freight is as high, if not more than the 
stea'mers charge from Sydney, and as 
the latter allows of monthly shipments, 
the Australian seems to have the matter 
tn Ills own hands. 

•'Crude and refined are both in demand, 
the former is used in the pickling of 
'lish, which is an extensive industry on 
the const of British Columbia. ( 
"1 see Mr, Lance is making progr 

Women with pale, colorless 
feel weak and discouraged, 1 ... 
both mental and bodily vigor by using Car- 
ter's Iron Tills, which are made for the 
blood nerves and complexion. 

A quack Who bad attended a man dur- 
ing several weeks ot Illness, called one 
day and presented his bill. 

"I can't pay this," said the ex-pallcni. 
"Why? It's correct." 
"I don't doubt it. but I haven't any 
money. Had to pay a life Insurance 
i premium this morning, and that tool; 

ry penny I had. 
"What! Is your life Insured?" 
"Yes; and at one time, when I did not 
expect to live but a few hours longer, I 
told my wife to see that yon were paid 
just as soon as the i-ompauy paid the 
amount of the Insurance." 

"My dear man," the bogus doctor sug- 
gestlvely replied, "I wish I had known 
that. I think I would have got my 

Much Additional and Timely In- 
formation for Provincial 



The iiome .of high . class vaudeville and 
life size looiriiig, pictures, continues to draw 
crowded 'houses. The programme this 
week is lengthy and excellent. The sketch 
team. Gale and .Wensley, in their skit en- 
titled 'VMr. .Kldder'u . Enterprise,' " is just 

Mr. Gale «ln"^ ocveral choice selections 
and receives .the attention of all. Miss 
Wensley renders a few songs which none 
should inlea. 

RobU ingersall. Hue Irish comedihin,! 
amuses ibofk young and old witli ids tunny 
stories, and one almost goes into Uiysterics 
when he explains what "Love" Is. 

Mexls, the trick dog. is without a donlbt 
one of the most clever animals that exist 
to thi« day. Just Imagine a brute Jwsing 
able to do sums In arithmetic. It seems 
impossible, but suuh is the case with this 
wonderful canine The beautiful illustrat- 
ed song. "I'll Wed in the Golden Summer 
Time," is sum: by Harry It. Harrison, the 
popular tenor. 

The entertainment closes with a very 
Interesting list .of inoring pictures, among 
which appears •The Soldier's Return 
1101110." This picture sIiowm a. soldier re- 
turning home from the Boor war and Uncl- 
ing his mother In a workshop, at once 
takes Out to the old family home, and he 
then Immediately commences .to make- the 
lance us of old lie is .very attentive to 
his old cTiiv-halred mother. The picture 
seems so real to life that tears are seen 
on most ail the audience. .None Mlmuld 
miss seeing this beautiful .piece of realism. 

the onrarBU'M. 

Quite a psrotty effect was seen by the 
patrons of Victoria's first family tliontre 
last night. Friends appreciating uhe ef- 
forts of the management to instruct and 
amuse, sent in some bouquets of lovely 
roses which wert tastefully arranged Iby 
Mr. Tracy on the stage and in front. 

'NotlYluir but praise ,1s heard for the ter- 

ta'ninent given for it here Is no suspicion of 
•wil.garlty In any a<.t prosemted. 

.las. II. Freeman, the acrobatic hack and 
wing dancer. Is milking a decided hit, and 
the ■> lever parody thai .ho sings causes the 
audience to roar «-pli laughter. 

The Illustrated soni; is a .gem, '-in the 
Good Old Fashioned Way," Is a song that 
appeals to all. 

Weston, the ureal Impersonator, Who Im- 
ipcrsoniitcH great men, -past and present, 
closes an hour's entertainment that causes 
one to wonder how so luueii can be present- 
ed for «o little money. 

The programme for mext week will bo 
duly announced In Sunday's Colonist, rlieii 
management assures the public that tine 
same hlgli standard of I he pasl will ch.-i . - 
lu-eerlzo Hie future. 

Drop In often for it 'is well worth yoiw- 
wfhllo. Today there will ibe three porSonu- 
unces In tlu- afternoon and four at nlgtit. 

Westln ill Impersonate Chiefs Watson 
ami tanglier/, and several i/ther local eWan-- 
neters, J 

back to the grain lb-Ids. In Hie .State of 
Alberta, only (MM) miles from Vancouver; 
the annual demand is nearly 2,000 tons, 
••mil as new settlers are pouring in there 
at an enormous rate, the increased de- 
mand can lie conjectured. We should 
be more than able to compete. 

"In our article 0? wines I 1 1 1 i n l: we nro] 
in a fair way lo do a good business. One | 
of our wholesale merchants is in Cnnndn.' 1 
at (present, and I understand he reports 
yei , encouragingly of the prosnects. 

"In canned meats our market conipeti-j 
lor is ibe United States, and as we are] 
able to compete with them in other parts 
of the world, I cannot understand why; 
we have not entered the lield against I 
them. The Canadians only put up meals I 

>rt th. 
-peel. I notii 
;i few .lays 
tralian hides, 
in such a w; 
in.-iniifiicl ore 
lirnnd them 
blemish that 
other po 
(iiliirt ers 

The Redistribution Act of VMl, which . 
takes effect on the dissolution of the pros- 1 Sydney binder twine - in ltsc, 
cut legislative assembly, contains much In- 
formation additional to which was publish- 
ed yesterday, wiiich is of particular Inter- 
est at the present time as Indicating to > Kurnrise 
electors the procedure wthlc.h Is to Ibe tfol- ! Vl»ilt Ne 
lowed. Concluding sections of the Act arc-' 
as follows: 

"Forthwith after the coming Into force 
of .this Act. the registers of voters for the 
('lectoral districts and ridings of electoral 
districts sltmll be enueelled, and the T.leut.- 
Governor in Council shall appoint 11 person 
to lie collector for each uowly-eonst Ituted 
e'ectoral district, and It shall be the duty 
of the new collector* to be appointed in 
addition to the duties laid down in the 
Provincial Elections Act," or otherwise re- 
UUired to be performed by law. to make up 
new registers of voters for the several elec- 
toral districts for which they shall be so 
appointed. 1 
"It shall be necessary for every person 
desiring to be registered as a voter In any 
ot said newly-constituted districts to apply 
to t'ae eOUctor. as provided by sec-lion li 
of chapter (17 of the Ilevised Statutes, 1807, 
being tin- Provincial Elections Act. 

"All the provisions of said chapter 07 
shall, mutatis mutandis, and except as by 
tills Act altered, apply to. and lo the!" 
preparation of, said new registers of voters. I v 
"The Lieutenant-Governor In Council I 
shall lix Hie date upon Which the collector i 
for each newly-constituted district Shall | t 
hold a court of revision of the register of | 
voters pnrpured by him. and shall pre- 1 
scribe Hie notice Unit shall I.e given of the 
holding of said court . l>ul such jsite for the 
tlrst court of revision shall not he more j 
than three months after the dale this Act 
comes Into force. 

•■Willi respect to Hip ne\vly-<«onstltuten 
electoral districts id" Atlin and Skeena, thi- 
n-view of the register of Voters mentioned 
in section 25 of said chapter 07 Instead 
of belu-g made, taken or held (before 11 

foiinty court, shall I infle, taken or belli 

liefore any two Justices of the peace, ap- 
pointed by the Lieutenant-Governor In 
Council, resldlug In such district. Ihe col- 
lector not helm; one of siK'h pustlces. 

"'ITie register of vntors. as made. seruHn- 
i/.c,l. settled and revtseil under and pursu- 
nnt In the provisions of this Aid and said 
chapter (i7, sbalU be and continue to be the 
reL'istei-s of vutei-s In and for t lie several 
electoral districts hereinbefore constituted 

and donned, subject. Ihowcver, 1.. i. .-!-!on 

In Ihe manner provided bv section 11 and 

following sections of said cCiautor 117: Pro- 
vided, liowever. that the IA •utenant-Govern- 

or In Council may dispense with tlie revis- 
ion of said registers of voters on the first 

Monday of May or on tin- first Monday of 

XVivember In the year hi which they shall 

be made up. if either of said revisions 

would occur within two momblis of the 

dal.- of the court of revision referred to in 

section 8 hereof. 

"The Lieutenant-Governor In Council 

mivy make '-regulations deemed necessary 

for flu- carrying out of the provisions of 

this Act to meei any contingency not here- 
in provided for. 

"Affil such regulations, en h.-hi; puliHftied 

in one "Issue of Ihe I'.rilUli Columbia C01- 

zette. s-hall have the full force of law as 

if herein' pxpressly onmiteil, and shall be 

laid the Jeirlslature within fourteen 

days after such public.! Hon. If the legls'a- 

lure he then In session, and if not. then 

within fourteen days afler th" commeuce- 

ment of Hie next ensulnz session. 

'• rills Act shall take effect upon the dls- 

- ■■.let |,,n t> { the present legislative assem- 
bly." • ' 

in introducing our woods on the English 
market. While the Western Canadian 
has plenty of timber, In- has to import 
his oak and other hard "woods for car- 
riage and waggon building, etc.. and 
pays a heavy carriage from the Atlantic. 
In fact 1 saw in the repair shops of the 
Canadian 'Pacific Railway that they 
■were using oak that had come by train, 

from .Montreal, and the people did not ! money. Illustrated lilts 
sewn to be aware that we bad material 
harder and more durable and probably 
just as cheap. There is probably not 
much chance of their usiiii: sleepers, hut 
there is no harm in pointing out to them 
that while theirs has only a life of nbout 
three years, ours will hist fifteen. Mid j 
while ours may at first cost be a dearer, 
in the end money i-; saved, if it were only 
by the amount of labor involved in re- 
laying. They will be quick lo grasp the 

"I was well pleased when on the Can- 
adintl wheat lields ill Allgllst lo see 
and more j 

than " favorable thought of too. I 
There is an unlimited demand for 
this commodity, and it will be ir 
most people to know 
Zealand flax is very 
largely used in its production. In act. 
every steamer going to Vancouver nud 
San Francisco carries large quantities, 
and il is carried overland in America ] 
■J.OOO miles, manufactured, mid sent 

ir cattle alive. In this re- 
ed an article in your issue 
ago commenting mi Aus- 
11111I that they are branded 
y as lo injure them in the 
of leather. It seems wo 
111 the hip. which leaves a 
reduces their value, while 
brand them about the for-- 
such a 

ml the hide left 
y as to bring a better price. 
Our fresh fruit should be largely ex- 
ported as it reaches the Canadians dur- 
ing their winter months, when there is 
a ready market. 

"Woollen clothing is now being mnnn- 
f net tired in tlie commonwealth, and 
there is a good demand I'm- all grades 
.■mil qualities in Canada, where garments 
of this kind have lo he worn during ''"'im*-- 
winter months. Canada's imports of isg 
this class of {roods ale very large. 

"Tallow and oil for soap making, tin 
for the canneries, and many other arti- 
cles thai we export can find a demnnd in 
the ilominioii if we take a leaf out of 
I heir book in pushing our wares." 

Humors feed on humors- Ihe sooner 
rid of them the bet I er— -Hood's Sari 
j-llllll Is 1 he medicine to take. 

Where tHere is 
a Baby, tHere 
sHould be 


Pormorc than 35 yenm Nc»tl4'» 
Food lias been the l.ivorlte of the 
Intelligent physlclnn, nnd a Iioii.m-- 
hold word the world over. 

Ncstie,'S Food makes vitroious, 
healthy children and keeps 
them so. No other food is so 
readily digested and assimi- 

Ncstle'S Food is purity itself 
and requires the addition ot 
water only (no milk) lo pre- 
pare it for use. 
Sample free to any address. 

Leeming Miles & Co.. MonmiAi. 


From now on at 

Suits from JL'O and up 

Trousers C nnd up 

Call early and secure choice numbers 

Our stock will always be found to 
be the most complete and up-to-date. 
'Kit and Workmanship Guaranteed. 
Surpassed by none ami equaled by- 

Cor. Broad and Trounce ave. 
site Colonist. 



TBNDBRS. sealed, endorsed "Tender for 
additions, and addressed to the undersigned 
will be received up to 3 o'clock p. m., on 
Monday, the •_ H Jnd Inst, for the erection and 
completion of brick additions to the Vic- 
toria City Lockup, fronting on Cormorant 
st rect. 

The party or parties receiving the con- 
tract will be required to enter Into a bond 
with the corporation, In the sum of one 
thousand dollars, as security for due fullli- 
inent of the contract. 

Plans and specifications may bo seen at 
the office of the undersigned. 

The lowest or any tender not necessarily 

Building Inspector. 
City null, Victoria. B. C, June 11th, 



Ladies' nnd Children's Wear made 

Special prices durlne .Tune. 


Ashland and return 

3 61 00 

Chicago and return 

71 00 

St. Louis and return 

I'eoria and return 

07 75 

Cairo, la., and return 

72 lu 

Memphis nnd return 

73 50 

New Orleans and return .... 

S3 35 

Detroit. Mich., and return . . 


Baltimore and return 

«) 50 

Saratoga and return 

S9 50 

Boston and return 

VI 50 

Winnipeg and return 

^ For bouth Eastern 


Cottage City. June 5. 17. 20, July 11. 
Laav* Seattla, B A. M. 

Cottage City., City of Seattle or City 
of 'lopeka, June 4, 8, 12, If, 20. 21. 28, 
July 2. 


Lanvo Victoria. 8 P. M. 

Umatilla, June 3, 18, July 3. 

Wueeu. June 8, 23. July S. 

City of Pueblo, June 13. 28, July 13. 

Steamer leaves every nrth d»y uiercafter. 

btcamers connect at San Francisco with 
Oompauy's steamers for ports in Califor- 
nia. Mexico and Htnuboldt Bay. 

For further Information obtain folder. 
Right Is reserved to ciange steamer* or 
6»lllu2 dates. 

For full Information call or write, 
C. E. LANG, 
Gen'l. Agt., 
Cor. Yates and Govt. 

U. 1'. A. N. 

'. Ity. Co. 
I'ortland. Ore. 

All ocean steamship lines connect wltti 
the dally trains of 



.,r,o S JV V: T AY ' Ar ' AS KA, FOB WUITK 
llUllbL and intermediate points. 

open season of navigation 
onnect with the company'* 
steamers at CA 11 1 BOO for ATLIN TAKl' 
and all other Vukon 

U P. ItlTIiET & CO.. Agents. yC Govern- 
„„, " lcut Street, and 01 Wharf Street. 
TIOKET OFFICE— 00 Government St. 
riOEBT OFFICE — 113 James Street, 

Seattle. George V/. Anarewu, >»rm- 

W esteru I'ussouger Aicent. 
C. II. HOLDRIDGE. General Agent, Ocean 

Dock. Seattle. 

4 New Montgomery Street. 
O. D. t)I T N ANN. General ras«enirer Agent. 

10 Market Street. San Francisco. 


Bavarian- Allan Line 

Ionian— Allan Line 

Tunisian— Allan Line 

Parisian— Allan Line 

Lake Erie— Canadian Pacific _ 

Lake Manitoba— Can. Paelfle S. S. June 
Lake Champlaiii— Can. Pacific S.S.July, 


. .June 13 
. .June 2t> 
. .June 27 
...July -t 
S. . June 18 

ind GOLD UN 

For particulars apply to the Traffic De- 
partinenl. White Pass & I'uksu Route Van 
eouver. ». C. 


Denoro Mine. Limited. 
fVnlfal Stock, ?1,500,000, In goarei of 
$1.00 each. 

The management have authorlred u» to 
sell a small block of Treasury Sharea !n 
the above at only 

15 Cents Per Sliarc. 
For further Dartlculara apply to 


Sncceasor* to 
A.W. MORE fc CO.. LTD 

23 Broad Street. 




PHONE 407. PHONE 407. 

We beg to notify the public that we have 
not advanced tho price of our coal; It in 
still $0.00 tier ton. suck or lump. 



The latest New York Novelties. J 

In Embroidery Patterns for Bhlrt • 

Waists. Stole and Lace Oo!!3X3, New ? 

Braids Hnd Cushion Tops: work done Z 

to order, »t * 

Krs. W, H. Adams, ; < 
70 Douglas St. 5 


Ladles' Hair Dressing Parlors 

Tenders will be received by the under- 
Signed for the purchase of the buttermilk 
from the Victoria Oreiimory for a period of 
one year dating from lat July, 1003. Par- 
ticulars can be obtained from 

A. Q. SNELLINO, Sec.-Treas., 
Royal Oak P. O. 

Scalp treatment, 
shampooing, face 
massage, h a I r- 
drcasing. A large 
stock of w I ir s 
and BWltcbes al- 
ways on band. 
Combings made 
up Into all p'y'ws. 
Country orders 
promptly attend- 
ed ta. Wigs for 

Tomato Plants 




For your m-xt Blllt. The latest in Eng- 
lish and American desleos. 

Opposite Odd Fellows' Rlnck. 

auatbi— Dominion IJne . 
Kensington -.Dominion Line 
Dominion— Dominion Line . 
Southwark— Dominion Line . 

New England — Dominion Line 
Mayflower-- Dominion Line ... 
Common weal tli —Dominion Line 

' eriila — Cunard Line 

ixoula — Cunurd Line 

Carpatha — Cunurd Line 

Lucaula— Cunurd Line 

Ktrurin— Cimard Line 

A urnnla — Cunurd Line 

Campania— Cunard Line 

L'mbrlu — Cunord Line 

Teutonic— White Star Line 

Germanic— White Star Line ... 

Ccdrlc— White Star Line 

Majestic— White Star Line 

Celtic— White Star Line 

Oceanic— White Star Line 

Fnrst Blfminrek — 'Hamburg-Amn. 
AugTjste Victoria — Hamburg-Amn 

Pretoria — I Inmburs-Amu 

njeueher— nambuTg-Amn 

Graf Wa'ldersce— Hamburg-Amn. 

June IS 
. . . .June '2(> 
. . . .June £7 
....July 4 

June 11 

, . . .June IS 
....July i 
. . .June 11! 

July 'M> 

New York. 
...June U 
. . .June 111 
. . .June 20 
. . .June 23 
. . .June 27 
....July 4 
. . .Juno 10 
. . .June 17 

hine 111 

. . .June 2-t 
. . .June 2(1 
.July 1 
.June 11 
.June 18 
.June 20 
.June 25 
■June 27 

For nil Information apply to 

H. II. AftTlOTT. 
81! Government St. 
Agent for All Lines. 
W. P. F. CUMMINGS, G. S. S. A. 

Winnipeg, Man. 

For Hawaii 
Samoa, New 
Zealand and 

S. S. ALAMHDA sails for Honolulu; 
Saturday, June 13, 11 a. m. 

,S. S. SIERRA, for Auckland. Sydney, 2 
p. m., Thursday, June 25. 

. S. MARIPOSA, for Tahiti. July 10. 
11 a. m. 


Agents, San Francisco. 
R. P. RITHET & CO.. LTD.. Victoria-. 

And Soo Pacific Line 

Worirs Scenic Boute 


To all points in Canada and tlie United 
States. Th'e fastest and best equipped 
train crossing the continent. 


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A good prescription 
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Kidney -Wort Tablets 




NotlflcurionH Pu-bllshed 1 

'Die mortality reports from the Jar^e 
rriit.-rs of populatiou sbow th.-?f kidney 
trouljles are us fata! nnrl carry oft' an 
31111 ny victims us consumption. 

Few jnen and women have perfeeily 
.sound kidney:-. When an honest per- 
sonal interest is n\vakr:ieil, It is f -iiinl 
that there -exists ilnnirers. There is a 
]iiiiii in the small of the buck, ton fre- 
quent urination, cloudy urine, deposit 
of sediment, Bwelling of limlm. loss of 
Rtrongth, find in many cases-, bladder dif- 
■!'•- ties iitid to the prnvity of the sitn- 

mo'ke Kidney-Wort Tablets your ehoeen 
mivlioiue; they will give you the result 
you seek for— freedom from a deadly 

Whatever you 
ap;iii:i«i the use 1 
aleoho] in their 
will Vsirden nn 

do. we will warn you 
>f liquiil medicines "\v itli 
eomposition. Alcohol 
1 iniiauie tlie kidneys, 

1 (When you realize your dsnse" be wi'e; Drnggiflts, 

..-il luislcn death. ■ 

Kidney-Wort TuV.ets stand so hi; 
the estimation of 'physician*, that 
are used in hospitals and tiic best 
ponsuries. Ki'lney-Wort TaWefs a 
positive cure; give tliej.U , il fJifl). 

Ii 111 

re a 

IVrttenlay's Gazette t-ontiilus the Poilow- 
ln-s anions other things: 

Constable Hi. II. Aston or Golden, l" be 
chief license inspector for Golden license 
district, vice S Redgrave, deceased. 

Thee. B. Hail, ot Victoria, to be assessor 
and collector for the Victoria assessment 
district, vice C. Itooth, deceaw-d. 

Win. L. Griffiths, ot London, Eng., sec- 
retary to the IUfilli Commissioner for Can- 
ada, in be a commissioner for taking nf- 
fldavltH iii ajid for the courts of British 

Tine resignation of Samuel .Macartney, of 
Sjivonn, of the office of 3. P.. is accepted. 

Vacancies on the hoard of exnmlnera for 
Morrlscv mine have been lllled by tho full- 
lowing ' appointments: Alex. Hamilton, 
vice I'blllp Christopher, reslgneil; Hugh I 
MeDougnin, vice J. E. Bolihisky, resiffned: 
T. J. Johnson to be ilrst alternate, vice 
Alex. Ilnmilton; Jdhn Cougih-Hii to be sec- 
ond alternate, vice J.- T. Davis. 

The date for holding the lirst sittings of 
the court of revision for tlie city of Nel- 
son Is extended to Thursday, duly OtJi. 

The assignment notice of Tfnlilel II. Rice 
find .Ins. E Rice. I railing as RkC ISros.. of 
Criiiul I-'oiks, appears In the Gazette. Tltni 
eredltom are lo meet in NiOson on .lime 

Notice is given that die creditors of Hie 
estate of t'iic late .los. Itest must flic their 
Halms with Smith & Luughtou, Spolcnne, 
on or before July ,'ilst. 

(East Hanny school district. In "Westmin- 
ster district, has- been formed. 

The following companies Jiave broil Incor- 


Steel Sheets* 

"Queen's Head" and 
"Southern Cress" brands, 
dead flat or ordinary. All 
grades except common 


Managers Canadian Branch. 

The Palace of Sweets 


A Paradise to Spend a 
leisure Moment 

And participate in the enp tliat refxeshei 
but does not Inebriate. 


PlavoTed with any of the fruit julcea to 
snit. your taste. Guaranteed pare. 
Our parlors are complete with every 
m^""i (v.m'nrl and convenience. 

■Will also be found replete with stock 

Cojltfl Shipping Oonipany, Limited, nnd up-to-date In its aimoiutm«)ts. 

' . " I 



Vancouver to Moatreal in 4 Days 

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 

Empress of Japan June 15 

Athenian June 2» 

HmiiresM of China July 


Moann June 20 

Mlowera July 

Acrungl Aug. 2L 

For Skagway direct. 

Princess May June lis 

To Northern Rritls'h Columbia wuy ports, 

every Thursday. 11 D. m. 
To Westminster— Tuesday anC Friday. 7 

To Ahouset nud way ports — 1st, 7th, 14th. 

and 20th each month, 11 p. m. 
To Quutstno uud way liorts — 7th and ^dtu 

each mouth. 11 p. m. 
To Cape Scott aud way port,'*— 20th e»ch 

mouth. 11 p. in. . 
Cheap excursion rates to all points liast. 

Dates of Sale. 

June 4 and 5 and 24 to tiO; July 15 and 
10 and August 25 and 20. Tickets cood for 
ninety days. ... . 

For full particulars as to time, rates, 
etc., apply to 

E. .1. COYLE. 

A. O. P. A.. Vanconyer. B. C. 
80 Government St.. Victoria. B.C. 

Seeing !s Believing 

That Is the way to Judge us, by our re- 
sults. When we supply glasses they ore 
right. You will see better and your eyes 
will feel better. Our optical reputation 
nnd business are growing rapidly as evi- 
dence of our successful work. Mr. Ul.vt.hs 
optical experience extends over 10 years. 
No charge for eye examination. 

f\. F\ BLYTH 

Scientific Optician and Jeweler. 
CS Fort St- EK > ujrt *« 


North SaanicU 



Chica go, Buffalo, 
and Philadelphia 

The undersigned will receive up to 5 p. 
■„., June 18th. sealed tenders for the above 
property, consisting of about four acres of 
land ami the buildings thereon, Including 
Hotel. Store aud I'ost Office, and out- 

This property Is nbmit IS miles from 
Victoria and him been for years one of the 
favorite resorts on Vancouver Island. It 
occupies a magnificent position on the sea- 
shore nnd 1ms one of the most saicltored 
Ibays, suitable for bathing, on the pro- 
pertv. In the district. The government 
whnrf is also on the property. 

The land Is well planted with Shade nnd 
fruit tries. Including <i splendid avenue <u. 

Possession can be given within thirty 

Terms, one-quarter cash; balance on 
mortgage ut per cent.* 

The highest or any tender nut necessuilly 

Tenders to be addressed to 


3 Also to BOSTOr-2 via the impor- 
*ji tant business centers of 

<Jj fc-or Tlmo Tallies, etc., adJr: :;— _ 


Si A8-it. Gun. Fuss. & Tkt. Apt., m A,l».nis SUt-^t, 


76 Government Street. Victoria. B. C. 


Direct connection with ste*mer» to »n4 

from ae«.ttle. 

Portnlehtlr BulUnzs. 
RIOJUN MARU sails June 13, 1003, for 
China, Japan and Asiatic porta. 

K. J. BURNS. General hgvai. 


Hbe Colonist. 

SATURDAY, JUNK 13, 1003. 


The Colonist Printing- & Publishing 
Company. Limited Liability. 

No. 27 Broad Street. Victoria, B. C. 

A. G. SABGISOX. Manuring Director. 


The above will be paid Tor Information 
that will lead to the conviction of any one 
stealing "The Co' oulst" from a subscrib- 
ers door. Subscribers missing: their 
paper, or where paper Is not delivered on 
time, are requested to notify the bu'iness 
office. In case of non-delivery a second 
copy will be delivered free of charge. 


On Thursday evening we received, 
catefully cut out, oditod, and pasted on 
:i piece of paper, n condensation of a 
certain Magazine article, accompanied 
by the following noto: 

Editor Colonist:— 

Dear Sir, —I enclose an interesting 
article on the "Chinese question," from 
a South African paper. Please publish 
in "Sunday Colonist," or if you do not 
wish to use it, please return. 

A stump was enclosed for the re.un: 
of the precious document. If this ncal- 
ous contributor will call at the Colonist 
office lie will receive his stamp, ahio a 
copy «( tlie Colonist of soma six weeks 
ago, in which the article in question 
is printed in full. Such incidents add 
joy and encouragement to the editorial 
existence. It is pleasing to have our 
constituents read foreign newspapers in 
imlor to lind hints for the edification of 
Victoria renders, and neglect to read 
the newspaper published in their own 


authorities. It matters not what you j alternate blocks of land, plus the credit 
give the provincial governments, ns ex- of the railway company. Why cannot 
perience has shown. They are always schools, roads, bridges, trails, land law 
wanting more, and the more they get courts be financed upon the blocks that 
the more they spend. They undertake ' are left, plus the credit of the province? 
to subsidize railways and bonus various No one has ever been ablo to show us 
industries and give bounties for iron, why, if land bonds -work in the ouq 
and steel, some of them, and in a variety 1 case, they should not work in the other, 
of ways they are expending sums on , Some will say that that is the security 
items never contemplated at the time upon which the debt of tho province 
of confederation. They assume to tako rests in any case. It is nothing of the 
the place practically of tho federal pow- I kind. Becauso there is no provision for 
Dr. The general opinion hns been that j the redemption of our stock through the 
the federal government can expend the . alienation of any specific land on which 
money much more judiciously and pru- | it is secured. It may be difficult, tout 
dently. It is well known that at tho ' it. should not by any means be tuipos- 
time of confederation all thi.s was con- sible to fiuanco British Columbia upon 
sidered, and it was stated that if addi- the vast area of undeveloped land of 
tional amounts were required by way of which the province is the sole owner, 
preserving the proper economy that 
should prevail, the provinces were given 
the right or taxation, but many prov- 
inces bad large sources of wealth which, 
if economized, enabled them to spend 
a very large' sum, larger in some cases 
than were contemplated at confedera- 
tion. They shared in tho general pros- 
perity that orose. Take the honorable 
gentleman's own province. Is not his 
own province today very much richer 
than it was at the time it como into 
confederation in 1871? It has mines of 
gold, silver and coal— enormous areas of 
land that are of immense value." What 
the honorable gentleman entirely over- 
looks is the fact that so far as British 
Columbia is concerned the Dominion 
government does not distribute tho rev- 

It is said that "bullets fired at Puardo- 

berg" are being made by the hundred 

thousand in German factories for sale 

on the continent. 

o — — 

During the month of May, 1S90, the 

Band mines produced 444,933 ounces of 

gold; during the same month in 1900 no 

gold; during the same month in 1901, 

7,-178 ounces; during tho same month 

in 1902, 1,'!N,(>0'_ > ounces; dining May 

of this year, 250,000 ounces. 

The latest patent in typewriting ma- 
chines is one for the Arabic language 
There are now said to be in existence 
typewriters for twenty-six sopnrati 
languages, but perhaps tho Arabic ma 
chine is the most wonderful, for, al- J 


^'What hi meant by 'fie powers Uiat 

••Why, the powers that It." 

"Is Turkey oue of, themV" 

"Turkey la one of the power* Chat O." 

"G !'' — Kansas City Journal. 

Old Lady (describing « Cyclist accident) 
— '11 'elpcd me hui), an' brushed the dust 
erf me, on' nut five tdiiUln' in my 'and— 
an' «> I says, "Well, sir. I'm sure you're 
huetin' like a gentleman," I says, •"Uiouga 
I don't suppose you are one." I says. — 
English Comic. 

Tess— Why didn't you speak to her? 
She met you w ith a smile or reconcilia- 
tion on her face. 

Jess — Yes; her face was what you might 
call reconciled." wasn't. -It? 

Tess — Reconciled? 

Jess — Yes, that means "made up" you 
know.— Philadelphia Tress. 

Photographer— 'Beg pardon, . sir, but 
can't you look n little less stern anil se- 

Sitter — Never mind how stern I look. 
Tills photograph Is for campaign use, I 
•mi a candidate for judge. Go ahead.— 
JUhicago News. 

It does not always pay to appear too 
Independent, especially in u court -room. 
•They arc telling t'tio following story 
a former MlBsourlau, who Is now a. Judge 
In Oklahoma: A gambler was tried be- 
fore Mie pudge recently, and convicted of 
ploying poker. He appeared In <-oiirt 
dressed In Ihishy style mid with plenty 
of money In his pockets, apparently un- 
concerned ns to Hue outcome of his trial. 
Looking over his spectacles, the Judge, 
in a squeaky voice, wild: 

"Jim, stand up." The gambler dbeyiHl. 
"Jim, have yon got anything to say be- 
tfoTO I pass sentence on you?" 
"No. Kir." 

"Jim, I'm goln' to line you $~<Q " 

"All right. Judge," Interrupted the gam- 
bler, 'inero It Is In my hip pocket." 
'And give you sixL.v days In Jail,' 

Patent Leather 
Men's Oxfords 



Ladies' and 


Alligator Hand Bags 
And Suit Oases 

Something New 

enue it receives from British Columbia, , - « - "V " '\, " n ~' tl > rs i ««">«• ••*«.- jndge. "Xow. "look ilnd' see If 

either directly or indirectly, for the though the language has 038 characters, you've got that In your hip P^-ket, t,,,,"- - 
benefit of British Columbia. All that , ^achmo "»'>' thirty keys. Kansas City Star, 

in thi 

The form of aid to the Grand Trunk 

the Dominion government d 

province is to carry out the necessary I — 7,h pretably^'a bonrgunrTa" 
services of administration with tho j ^ ■ The y , [;Uter has 

been discussed at a Liberal caucus at 
which the opposition to a land or money 


greatest possible amount of parsimony 
and the least possible amount of benefit 
to the country. These services also it 
may he pointed out, are almost all 
connected with the gathering of taxes. 
The necessary expenditure in the gather- 
ing of taxes is about all the Dominion 
government expenditure of which we are 
conscious in this province. 'The reason 
is not far to seek. The administration 
of tho revenue of the Dominion is deter- 
..)ihihi by the voting power of the peo- 
ple to whom it is administered in large 
or small doses. The voting power of 

„,. .. ., ,. T . . 1 „«„ I British Columbia is very small. There 

The limitations ot a nund so keen r 

r . ., . o ■,, would be no question of better terms for 

and powerful ns that ot Goldwjn Smith | „ ... „ , ',. . , , ... 

are very extraordinary. "How many 

people," he says in last week's Toronto j 

Sun, "ju Ontario know anything about 1 

A section of cable In tihe CurlVbean sen 
was reccut'ly raised Prom 1.3.TO fathoms of 
water, where it hud lain lor SO years. 
Tests showed Us core to he in perfect 
electrical coudlllon and the rubber insu- 
lator uninjured. A fear that saliiliur 
subsidy was most pronounced. Sir \Y ll- from the rubber mjght Injure the copper 
fred Laurier assured his followers that uir " h: "' uo foundation 
he was pledged to no particular lino or 
company. The upshot of the conference 
was that the matter is left in tho hands 
of the government. 

d Uo 

The annual demand l"i 
•100 for each mile of tri 
age life of a tie Is seven years. It It 
unusual acre of forest that has 300 I 
that will make three lies each, and It 
lakes r>o years to prow 11 tree thai will 
make three ties. Therefore. 25 acres of 
forest lire necessary for every mile of 
track. Electric railways Included, there 
ii' United States about *23O,000 
miles of road. 

noDDifiQ Enthusiasm centres at m Bio store 

Tempting Merchandise at Remarkably Low Prices Greets You at every 
counter. Trimmed Millinery at interesting Prices, Today $2.50 $5.00 ea 

We can Promise •our customers Better Bargains at this Sale than we 
can ever remember giving. See Display in Government St. Windows* 

>aieoi shk Jackets Monday — Sale oi Musims Mondau 

All New Goods. 

tli-fs political commotion in British Co- 
lumbia ? How many of Us can tell 
what arc the questions, who are the 
leaders, or what are the forces that 
have brought ulxnit the crisis? What- 
ever i.~ going on in the Pacific province 
might almost, so far as <\ur interest is 
concerned, be going on in another 
planet." Ilis subsequent remarks show 
that he means to illustrate that British 
Columbia is neither of particular in- 
terest nor of particular importance to 
Eastern Canada; and that therefore 
Confederation is not of particular im- 
portance; and that, therefore, by ana- 
logy, the idea of Imperial Federation is; 
absurd. There are few men who hnve( 
the audacity to erect parochialism into 
il political creed. Most of us fight 
parochialism, as a disease to which we 
are all more or less subject, a habit of 
mind, making against everything that en- 
larges the sympathies and broadens the 
activities, and makes life worth the liv- 
ing, not certainly a category of existence 
into which men are obliged and should 
be glad to fall. Men are not coral in- 
sects whose consciousness is limited to 
the cell in which ttiey ere. lose them- 
selves, who spend their lives in build- 
ing their own tomb, knowing nothing of 
the larger structure of which that coll 
is a part. They look before and after. 
They see in the far past tho foundations 
of the society in which they live. For 
the future, they have a dim perception 
of the ends for which they live, and the 
more they gild their horizon with what 
the future has in store, the more iutel-i 

I British Columbia raised by anyone in 
Iiritish Columbia, if the great surplus 
revenue derived from this province by 
the Dominion government was returned 
to it in any way, direct or indirect. The 
question of who should spend the money 
is nut the question at issue, but the 
question on whom it should he spent, 
the people who contribute it, or some- 
body else. The government of British 
Columbia has advocated a larger con- 
tribution to the provincial treasury, and 
there is reason in that contention, as we 
shall presently show. Hut there is art- 
other way of accomplishing the same 
result which would satisfy the people of 
British Columbia, if the Dominion gov- 
ernment would, with its colossal, and 
for long years augmenting British Co- 
lumbia surplus would frankly undertake 
a policy of Western development, in- 
stead of throwing our money into East- 
ern canals, railways, and harbors, and 
if it would give to Western production 
a reciprocal protection to that bearing 
upon Western consumption, then not 
merely would tho treasury not be in- 
jured, but the provincial government 
would bo able from its own resources 
to carry its heavy burdens with greater 
ease. We admit that Mr. Scott's premise 
that it matters not who spends tho 
money is correct, but it matters dn 

We do not suppose that any of our 
readers could guess the financial mag- tra< 
nate who is the author of the following «je 
maxim: "The tendency to take on more 
than can be carried through stress of 
weather, is among the dangerous factors 
that undermine prosperity." It was Mr. 
A. E. Ames of Toronto, whose firm 
lately failed, holding between- seven and 

ten millions of dollars worth of Specu- ' ^nd^^^'S^^empw'ta? 
lative securities, who said that. Amass- tatlou is sufficient to cause a bending to- 

If the slightly curved, extended tendril 
of a young leaf i>f pea vetch be 
watched carefully It will be found that It 
Is slowly but Incessantly moving round- 
ami round in a circle. If the tendril comes 
Into couta-ct with a twig It bends to- 
ward It and eventually takes several turns 

ing, but very human, thai divorce of 
advice from conduct. 

A remarkable ease of the substitution 
of hypnotism for chloroform, is reported 
from London by the Mail and Empire. 
A woman who had to hare her leg am- 
putated, but who could not, without 
danger, take chloroform, herself (sug- 
gested hypnotism. After two or three 
days practice, she was put into a hyp- 
notic trance, and the operation success- 
fully performed. She laughed and chat- 
ted and drank a glass of wiue while 
the operation was taking place, but was 
utterly unconscious that her leg was 
being severed from her body. All the 
surgeons, including the one who hyp- 
notized the patient, —ere very doubtful 
about the experiment, and had chloro- 
form ready, but it was completely suc- 
cessful. It is said to be the case 
in England in which a serious operation 
has been attempted under such circum- 

ward any side. Finally, the tendril be 
conies woody and -strong and forms a se- 
cure anchor cable for the plant. Not only 
does the young tendril rotate; the whole 
seal on which it Is borne Is In continual 
motion, so tilial It Is almost sure to strike 
against some uourby twig or stem. 

Mrs. Henry Cradwlck of Brooklyn, who 
is St years old, IcQls of seeing Aaron 
Burr. She is the granddaughter of Iten- 
jamln liotts, who defended Burr in his 
irhil for treason ot Itldhuioud 1 it ISO". 
Her father owned a farm near Jamaica. 
L. I., adjoining one owned by Burr, Wii 
she i?.!tiv Col. Burr be was 77 yiMirs o. 
Withered and bent, but his famous eyes 
were still black and piercing. Burr died 
In 1S3Q. Mrs. Chiulwlck also knew Chief 
Justice Marshall well. 

35c, 40c. and 50c. l'lain anil Fancy I. isle 
Thread Silk and Li-le Thread Fancy 
Socks— TODAY 25c. jmir 

We have all sizes Today in Men's Un- 

laundered Shirts at 50e. each 

Same prize by the dozen. 

ladles' and Girls' Hosiery 

To spend good money advertising a poor article is- ridiculous. 
We will be pleased to refund tho money to anyone buying one of our 25c. 
Cotton Stockings, and after wearing it for a reasonable length of time, finds it 
unsatisfactory. We pride ourselves- ongiving extra value ilC 25c. 

Girls' Black Cotton Hose 
Boys' 2-1 Ribbed Cotton Hose 

.10c. a pair 
.20c. a iiair 


Inquires Into is. (.'. Fisheries. 

Hansard of the 1st of Juno contains the 
following report; 

Hon. Mr. Mucdonabi (3.0.) Inquired: 
Has any arrangement been arrived at by 
tflio Dominion and provincial governments 
wlna respect to conflicting authority over— 
1. Ktohlng in rivers in tidal waters and 
above tidal waters. 

Foreshore rights between ailgili and 
low wutur. 

.'!. Inland sen, between low water and 
the three-mile limit? 

He said: My object In asking these 
questions Is in regard to the fisheries in 
llrltlsh Columbia. The season la Just 
coming on now, and n number of leases 

spent, and the figures of revenue provo j and the water "la run¥lng"oiit ofTts~course °m%m riiAtsm theriu'ore' 1 

beyond a shadow of a doubt 'that tho i f» d endangering the business portion of 
, tr . . ■ , , j- .-, I l!u e town, boine of the cellars connected 

West is exploited like a rich and fertile thi , st , >rca having already been Hood- 

province in the days of Rome, for the ed.— Kaslo Kootenulau. 
benefit of those political influences to [ Tm „. (1 was a n() — 0( ..„,„ 

winch the governments of Canada nro j timers" at Fort Steele Sunday. On passing 
subject. It is a remarkable fact that I V5 U I . ml, . e . r l al fIote ': therejvere C. M. Keep 
we have not u single member in the 


Sandon people are likely to (have trouble 
wlt'h the creek which runs through the 

finitely in what direction the nionev is I centre , of the town. The creek has got 
jimiLij in wuai uiiicuon uit money »» jammed up with huge stones and timbers 

Ottawa House of Commons who posses- ] Wilt la i 

Frank Uollett and J 
In re la 1807. J. A. Harv- 

wlthln the three-mile limit, and I do not 
know what has been done about It. In 
the rivers, of course, the question In dis- 
pute Is between the Dominion and provin- 
cial governments, In which a toalf decision 
was given by the Privy Council In 1898, 
and I believe that decision gives the prov 
. luces certain rights lo Issue licenses while 
Wolkw, _wtho were - it leaves the regulation In the hands of the 
Walt, i -Dominion government, iind I think it would 

irlln anil a number of other be convenient If 

ligib.e, the more purposeful and the j s , s nith( , r tIlc t ,, ur age or the brains to ^ATad^^^ 
more enjoyable does the present Dccomo p re sent tho case of the province in tho the historic old town. -Port Steele l>ros- 
to them. That our woad-painted an- proper light, and to base it upon the ,,ector ' 

some arrangement could 

cestors came within the reach of Roman 
organization, that their minds were 
vivified by Creek philosophy, and their 
souls inspired by the sublime teachings 
or Jesus Christ, that the wonderful web 
of British history was woven in ordor 

foundation of justice denied, upon which! 
it rests. They are immersed in tho 
trivialities of politics, the distribution of 
patronage, and the play of party; the ; 
larger issues of justice upon which every j 
commonwealth depends for its continued j 

The unusual rapid rise In tin' Thompson 
river during the past few du.ys has been 
responsible for a very lar^e amount of 
drift wood and whole trees being washed 

be arrive,-! at. I ri solves Itself hit 
provincial financial question. The prov- 
ince of British Columbia think they shouJd 
lie entitled to a portion of the money re- 
ceived for licenses, and I suppose under 
tlie decision of the Privy Council, tbey are 
entitled to some-thing of Unit kind, and it 
would be most convenient If the matter 
were settled as soon as possible. Wl-h re- 

that the British race might found a city existence belong to a plane of statecraft, 
called Toronto in one part of a continent j -wliere the atmosphere is too rare for 
and a city called Victoria in another, them to breathe. In addition to tho view 
whose inhabitants would go through life Of the ease which we have just present- 
entirely without mutual sympathy or j e d, and which belongs purely to Do- 
mutunl comprehension, is something minion politics, there is this other view 
which we entirely decline to believe. It of tlie case which involves the relations 
is not true. If it were true it would j between the Dominion and provincial 
be horrible, a negation of purpose, iutel- governments. Every branch of the 

river. A quantity of this refuse 1 -aril to the wafers above Cldal influence, 
filled up against one of the central piers It was derided In 1S.H-J In- the case <«f 
of the new bridge and In a very short, time I Crown vs. Robertson that the rights In 
made an ugly jam, which looked at one! those rivers belonged to the proprietor on 

side, ami a proprietor owning bof.1i 
of tlie river, owned tile bed of the 

time as though It would be ImpossJbh 
break ami fears were entertained for lis 
safety. After considerable labor ami liber- 
al use of dynamite, the Jam was eventually 
broken. — Kamloops Sentinel. 

ligencc, and design in historical evolu- 
tion. Fortunately indeed, Goldwin 
Smith's every, word denies in fact what 
be upholds in theory. lie argues against 
something which, il" it did not exist, 
would not require his argument 

ictim i 

Through, some experience into which we 
should bo the last to inquire, and the 

A man was brought In to the Golden 
hospital from Ottcrtall. Sunday night, bad- 
ly Injured, having crawled into a dead 
fall set for a bear. He hail no idea of 
how one was Worked or constructed, and 
I bought by examining one 1 
cut. It is very doubtful If he will r 
being hurt Internally. — ■ Wllmcr Out 


public service, which involves a large 
per capita expenditure in it country 
where the distances are immense, and 
the population scattered, falls upon the 
provincial revenue. The maintenance of 
its roads, bridges, and trails, the mainten- 
His great and subtle mind nnee of education, the administration of f»r Ills work wlthoet having to gel a slngb 
., the victim of his own personality, j justice, the erection of buildings of all | whole of "it 'wit l""i It a" daV's 1> !i^;ay W Sena* 

(or deld could supply dozens of such outfits 
tvtthoul inconvenience to Ih1s slock. — Asfli- 
|'* »"""• "» I croft Journal. 

iftrfit to pity, his racial sympathies haro done. The Dominion government fol- j . o 

been so warped and embittered that he j lows provincial development with the 
spends his life trying to prove that tsouie- I machinery of revenue collection, the pro- 
thing does not, and cannot, exist oflivinciul government 'has to precede de- existence the best possible proof | volopment with the governmental foun- 

kinds necessary 
public business, 

for the carrying on 
these tilings must 

we can have is his own revolt against 
it. Poor unhappy man! Flogging des- 
tiny with his acrid pen, and lashing 
himself into rage because the world 
will not stop for his calling! 


They have had a debate on the sub- 
ject of better terms being granted the 
provinces of the Dominion in the Sen- 
ate. It was introduced by Senator 
Macdonald, who argued the question in 
a general, rather than from a strictly 
British Columbia point of view. Tlie 
significant feature of the debate was 
the reply made by the Hon. Mr. Scott, 
which presumably represented the atti- 
tude of the government on the ques- 
tion. His speech was one long scolding 
of the provinces for extravagance and 
maladministration of revenue and re- 
sources. Ho showed himself not mere- 
ly hostile to, but ignorant of, and np- 
fuirently incapable of appreciating the 
attitude of British Columbia on tho 
question of better terms. He begnn his 
speech by observing that "The fallacy 
of the honorable gentleman's observa- 
tions must be apparent when you como 
to recollect that he assumes that tho 
expenditure mode by the Dominion is 
not for the benefit of the provinces. It 
simply becomes a question who should 
spend the money — who can meet the re- 
quirements of the' various sections of 
the Dominion, the federal or provincial 

dation of civilized society. On the 'oth- 
er hand, the sources of revenue the 
province possesses are limited in the 
extreme. Nearly every provincial tax 
bears more or less hardly upon labor 
and production. It is fiscally inevit- 
able. The different interests affected by 
those tuxes are in revolt against them 
all the time. Tli..-..' see so (dearly where 
and in what manlier those taxes dimin- 
ish their efllciency, and lay burdens upon 
their bucks in developing a new, wild, 
and difficult country. It is only a few 
who pause to consider that the prov- 
ince has a henvy burden of administra- 
tion to carry for which means must 
somehow be provided. Mr. Scott finally 
drew attention to the enormous re- 
sources possessed by the land owning 
provinces. Doubtless, but how arc those 
to be utilized? These lands, before theyt 
are settled and worked, hnve simply n 
speculative value. In what way are we 
to realize upon that speculative value? 
We have allowed railway companies to 
finance their roads, through the speculn-l 
tive value of the lands through which 
they run, but no attempt has ever been 
made to relieve the treasury and finance 
roads, bridges, trails, schools, and courts 
through the speculative value of the 
laud on which they tire located, and to 
tho needs of whose scanty population 
they minister. We believe it can (be 
done, nnd eventually we believe it will 
have to be done. For instance, a rail- 
road is built upon bonds secured upon 

Mr. Leach, of the Oeologlenl Survey, 
came to t-:ils point and was furnished by 
Reuator Held with a complete outfit, from 
pack horses to needles ami thread, and 
expressed much surprise at being able to 
lire so extensive an outfit as he required 


river, mid the fishing rights as well). The 
Hon. Secretary of State will Inform us If 
anything lias been done with regard to tfhe 
settlement of the matter between the 
provinces ami the Dominion in regard to 
tidal waters, especially in Itrltlsfli Colum- 
bia, where ll.sflllng is curried on. 

Hen. Mr. Scott — N'o arrangement has 
. yet been arrived at between (he Domln- 
uld find I ion government and the provinces as to the 
llflniute authority or the respective gov- 
•rniiienfH over property rights In Hie flsn 
Ties, as involved in those three Inquiries 

Regarding young W. B. Molnnes, who 
Is reported likely to be called to form a 
government In British Columbia. It Is stead- 
ily apparent that you can't keep a good 
man down — If he wants to be up. He was 
supposed lo lie snutTod out when he retired 
from the Dominion parliament.— Ottawa 

It is beeomlne dally moie evident that 
the Ill-conceived, Ill-drawn, and blldly- 
plloted Education Rill for 1/ondon 
grounded among Ifhe qu'cksimds, ond placed 
the government In a iierllous position, 
they are to extricate It — and themselve 
they will have to adopt a very different 
line of conduct to what they have hitherto 
■pursued in committee. There maybe times 
when It Is wise to lighten the stliip rather 
than Jose 1t, hut a cargo Hint Is; being 
jettisoned all the voyage has little chance 
of reaching port. — London Mall. 

A correspondent, after rending -the effu- 
sively (patriotic speech of Mr. O. W. Ross 
nt the citizens' banquet, writes that It Te- 
ndinis him of Dhe oration of (be Yankee 
pAlltlelnn who had been found guilty of 
malfeasance In office. The offender admit- 
ted that he hud done all the wrong charged 
up against him, hut pleaded that no man 
living was more loyal to •the flag than he, 
and that none loved the country with great- 
er fervor or passion. — Toronto Mull and 

W Mr. Ross had tlie shadow of a par- 
ticle of honor left he would not attempt 
fo retain office In the fnce of the evi- 
dence, which hns been plied up ngninst 
his government. He would resign and for- 
ever rid Ontario of n dishonest nnd dis- 
honored government under 1he control of 
a host of parasites, thieves nnd grafters. — 
Hamilton Spectator. 

It was to be exported (j,^ there would 
be a denial of the storv that John Wilkes 
Ilootli. tlie assassin of Lincoln, bad recent- 
ly died, ami that his remains had 1 been 
Identified by a number of pcraple who knew 
him. The title was so Improhnb'o fuit few- 
took any stock In It. It will not he sur- 
prising, therefore, if evidence Is forthcom- 
ing from many quarters to prove that the 
story is & fake.— Spokesman Review. 

which must depend upon ttie adjustment 
of pending questions. The Privy Council 
judgment, like many other of their judg- 
ments. Is hy uo means clear nnd satisfac- 
tory, and has led to confusion, and tlie 
matter has been difficult to arrange. Not 
much progress has been made in the settle- 

Hon. Mr. Msicdonnh] (B.C.) — I flunk it 
Is a very easy mutter for the two govern- 
ments to arrange the whole question. If 
ll certain amount of the revenue were 
given to the provinces, then the govern- 
ment could carrv It on ns they are now 
doing, and It could be easily settled in t-hnt 
way for the present. 

Is the largest nerve centre in the sym- 
pathetic nervous system, is situated just, 
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force Dr. Chase's Nerve Food directly, 
aids the solar plexus in supplying the 
power which runs the machinery of di- 
gestion and so cures nervous dyspepsia,, 
headache, dizzy spells and bodily weak- 

Rusklu's favorite- adverb, as Ids read- 
ers have often noticed, was "entirely." 
Over tihe grave of his father he pnt u 
memorial stone describing the elder 
Ruskin as "an entirely honest merchant." 
A friend of his says that he once described 
the mother ot a certain notorious -111 doer 
as "an entirely d -hie old woman." 

Special values in boys' suits, with ex- 
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Special Wlid-3ummcf Session. 

An opportunity now ofTeu-s for teaeben 
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1st Auirust to 5th September. Speelita rates 
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(Accompanist of Madame Artellua Pattl, 
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to Is prepared to receive a limited number 
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niontlbs. For terms, etc., apply to the Se-e- 

1 § 



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thoroughly equipped In every de- 

A HifTE 
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part ment. 

The Class Rooms, built specially for the 
work; lar^c grounds for recreation and 
games- onlv teachers of tlie highest acad- 
emic aud pratcsslonoa Branding employed, 
nnd tlielr names and" qualifications all given 
in the prospeebus. The musical course is 
the same as that proscribed for Dhe musical 
examinations ot tho University of Toronto. 
There Is a -large Music Hall -and ettglhtecn 
sound -proo? piano -practice rooms. 
The following courses are taught: 
Academic, Music, (vocal nnd ■instrument- 
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Domestic Selene*. 

Lady Principal. 
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(Uite Principal of Upper Canada College, 




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Local News 

Strawberry Combine.— An agreement 
lias been reached between the strawber- 
ry growers of Vancouver Island and the 
Mainland not to sell the berries below 
!?2 a crate this season. 

Donation to Hospital.— Mrs. James 
Dunsmuir lias made a donation of $100 
to the Jubilee hospital, fur which the 
directors have extended their warmest 

Garden Fete.— It was erroneously an- 
nounuced that the garden fete tu be 
given at the home of Mrs, Lo Peer 
Trench, Saanich, 'WRS set for June 13. 
The date is June 20. 

■Sunday Band Concert.— The Fifth 
Regiment band will give a concert at 
tlie camp at Point Mflcaulay tomorrow 
afternoon, a fine programme having been 
selected for the occasion. 

Dangerously 111.— Much regret wc.s ex- 
pressed yesterday at the intelligence that 
'Fred. Peters, K. C, was critically ill 
at St. Joseph's hospital. He has been 
ailing for some time, and is reported to 
be very low. 

Native Sons' Excursion.— The C. P. 
R. lias definitely entered into an ar- 
rangement with "the local post of tho 
(Native Sons of British Columbia, by 
which the society will have the privilege 
of an excursion on the first trip of the 
Princess Victoria. It is expected that 
the excursion will take place some time 
in August, ns it is believed that the 
work on the new steamer will be com- 
pleted by that time. The society intend 
to have the excursion to Tacoma, and 
will probably select some date when 
nome special attraction is taking place 
in the City of Destiny. 

Bank Changes. — Henry F. Mytton, 
manager of the Greenwood branch ofi 
the Canadian Bank of Commerce, nnd 
at one time located in Victoria, has re- 
ceived notification of his appointment ns 
manager of the bank's branch at Ro- 
gina, the capital city of the Northwest/ 
Territories. lie will be succeeded by 
W. Allison, well known at New West-.' 
minster, where for several years lie 
was accountant of the Rank of British; 
Columbia, and where ho married the 
daughter of Mr. McBride, ex-warden 
of the penitentiary. Mrs. Allison is 
also a sister of lion. Richard McBride.. 
Latterly Mr. Allison has been at Port- 
land, Or., where tho hank also has 14, 

1 Spying (Land.— 'S. Christophersou, J. 
iSveiubjornseu and Robert Miller are 
•Manitoba, farmers, who arc visiting this 
province w ith a view of securing desir- 
able localities for agricultural purposes 

Xorris Circus.— H. Lawrence, advance 
agent of the Xorris & Rowe Big Show, 
is at the Dominion, having arrived to 
make all arrangements for this enter- 
taining exhibition of well trained auimals 
and other attractive features. 

Bush Fires.— (Destructive bush fires 
are raging in the neighboring state of 
Washington and much property damage 
is resulting in consequence. In the 
neighborhood of Nanaimo lakes also 
tires have broken out. This is somewhat 
early in the season for such outbreaks, 
in the majority of instances the tires 
not occurring until August. 

The Grim Reaper. — The death oc- 
curred yesterday of John Green, for- 
merly a resident of Lulu Island and lat- 
terly of Quatsino. He was a native of 
(England, aged 7;f years. The funeral 
will take place tomorrow afternoon from 
the parlors of the B. C. Funeral Fur- 
nishing Company and Inter from Christ' 
.Church cathedral. 

■Board of Trade.- -The monthly gener- 
al meeting of the Board of Tradt will be 
held 011 Friday evening next. Among 
the business which will be taken up are 
further consideration of suggested 
amendments to tin' Bills of Sale Act, 
the development of Vancouver Island 
and the grievance regarding railway ser- 

vlc 1 the lower Ftiisor, presented by 

the Settlers' Association. 

Teachers' Salaries.— The action of the 
Board of School Trustees in suspending 
the ruh providing that teachers' sal- 
aries be .paid in L0 monthly installments, 
has raised a very important point. Trus- 
tee Dr. Lewis Hall points out that in 
view of the fact that provision was 
made in the estimates for the operation 
of this regulation, the continuation of 
the system of paying in VI monthly in- 
stallments will knock off .-sSOO from the 
commencement of the school year to the 
cud of the calendar year. The deficiency 
will likely he made in the sum put in the 
estimates for probable salary increases, 
which will make quite a difference in 
the chances of the teachers for advances 
this year. 

Annual Meeting. — The thirteenth an- 
nual meeting of the donors and sub- 
scribers to the Provincial Itoyal Jubilee 
Hospital will be held in the City Hall 
on Tuesday, June ,'!0. al -1 o'clock ill the 
afternoon. EBusiness: Receiving the an- 
nual report of (he directors, the treas- 
urer's statement for the year ending 
May 111, ltXKl, and the election of diree- 
L'llO throe following directors re- 

Lectttre on Tuberculosis.— Rev. Mr. 
Moore, formerly of Ottawa, one of the 
delegates to the Presbyterian General 
Assembly, now meeting in Vancouver, 
will in all probability deliver a lecture 
in Victoria. He i- the secretary of a 
Society tor the Prevention of Consump- 
tion and Other Forms of Tuberculosis. 
.'Ilis lecture will be along the line of that 

Northern Mails.— Tho Federal gov- [ 
eminent is making new arrangements in , 
connection with the Northern mail ser- 1 
vice. Capt. E. II. Fletcher, inspector of j 
I ollices, left by the Princess May for! 
the Stikine river. He will go up the j 
river by the Mount Royal, It may be 1 
necessary to go beyond Telegraph to 
make arrangements for the summer de- 
livery of mail to Dense lake and Thibet. 


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The Paisley Steam Dye Works, lately 
burned out, has again opened up 3>uslness 
at 1110 Yates street, a few dfcors above 
their old stand, and opposite Bishop's Pal- 
ace, where -Mi's. Allison will always he 
pleased to meet- her old customers and 
friends, and will endeavor to please? them 
la future as In the past. 



•lion: 11. thi 

A New Establishment. — II. W. Swan- 
son, of Portland, Oregon, is now in tho 
city, having arrived from the Oregon 
capital a tew days ago, looking for a 
location for a ladies' furnishing store, 
which, he proposes to establish in this 'or 

city. I lire, hul are eligible fur re-el 

ill. Helm, -ken. F. 1). Peiubertou, and 

Intense Heat.— The hot spell which Alexander Wilson, Donors and sub- 
(Vietoriaus experienced a few days ago ' wribers can vote (for Tour members 
was felt to a very sever,, degree at only. The City Council nominate live, 
points up the coast. On 'Monday and tho local government three, and the 
Tuesday last the heat was so intense that French Benevolent Society three, muk- 
a number of the logging camps had to I lug :l t " ,il1 of fifteen directors. All don- 
suspend operations both days. j ors of money and annual subscribers of 

Jjift and upwards are eligible t» vote for 

Case Dismissed. The charge of in- the election of directors. 

timidntion against a Cumberland miner 
wus dismissed by the magistrate who] Advil 
heard the case. The matter grew out Press urg 
of the recent tire at the stabies, the al- 

Funeral of Miss Tiernay.— Yesterday 
morning the remains of Mi<s Tiernay. 
of Vancouver, were interred in lloss 
Bay cemetery. The Right Rev. Arch-| 
bishop Orth roudueted the services, ns-i 
sisted bv Father Laternie, at the Ro- 
man Catholic cathedral. The following 
a, •led as pallbearers: Messrs. F. .1. 
Sehl. K. I'. Radiger, W. O'Leary, V. 
P. Runnnlls, II. B. McDowell and M. 

Executive Sleets.— Tin 
oil had a meeting hist 
legislative buildings, tin 
understood, hein 

Millers. — The Ntimii'iio fFror 
the coal miners on Vuncou- 
Island to break loose from the done 

executive C0UU- 
evening at Hie 
meeting, it be 
L-onnection with 
be made for the 
oters' lists for the 
lections. The Hon. 
evening that work 
,,;i the lists would be expedited as much 
uis possible after the announcement of 
the dissolution next week. 

appointments t 
preparation of the 
approaching general 
Premier stated las 

Dolores Nest Tuesday.— The appear- 
ance of Ullle. Dolores at the Victoria 
theatre next Tuesday evening will be a 
treat which few lovers of music will be 
inclined to miss. Her marvelous voice 
with its perfect vocalization, the great 
1 range and volume of her dramatic eon 

legation being made that the defendant 1 matiou 
had used threatening language to a man 
who was endeavoring to save the mules. 

St. Paul's Church Aid.— The Ladies' 
Aid Society of St. Paul's church, Vic- 
toria West, at their lust meeting com- 
pleted arrangements lor holding their 
usual annual garden party and sale of 
work on the Manse grounds, Frederick 
street, on Wednesday afternoon, the 
•J-ltli in st. 

if the Western Federation and'trnlto, her charm of manner and stage 
refuse lo support the decision of the es- 1 presence all unite to cause a perfect 
ccutive that hereafter a strike may bo furore of enthusiasm among her audi- 
ordered without reference to 'the local puces. Mile. Dolores is equally at home 
unions. It says: "As the leaders in , in emotional, descriptive, jiassionnt 


question boldly proclaim themselves 
politicians first and union men after- 
wards, it may be assumed that should 
tl, y deem it desirable to influence the 
results of 1111 election at any .time, 
strikes could be ordered for this pur- 
pose, a possibility which, to put it blunt- 
ly, the miuers of the West, will he very 
foolish if they do not forestall by vot- 
ing down the reactionary proposition, 

An 'Earthquake. — A severe shock of 
earthquake was experienced in the Yu- 
kon country 011 Wednesday last. Atjwhich, if the despatches are correct, is 
White Horse the disturbance caused to be submitted to them." 

pre it excitement, the buildings shaking 

in a most terrifying manner. The Worst in Yea rs.— The present season is 
"quake" was felt perhaps most severely | looked on by the Nanaimo pilots its one 

at ;S1i:-..:way, which seems to be the coti 
tre for Northern seismic rumbling 

Accepted Invitation.— Yesterday morn- 
ing Mayor McCandless wired to Van- 
couver an invitation to the delegates to 
tho Presbyterian Assembly tu visit Vic- 
toria. Similar action had beeil taken 

previously by the Presbytery of Vic- 

toria. The invitation was accepted and j nearly 
the delegates are expected over 
Thursday evening next. 

Thanks Tendered.— The management February 
of the performance of the comedy "Our May, -. 
Regiment," which was presented at tho ,1,,,' 
Victoria theatre on Thursday evening, I i,,,,,, 
desire to thank those who kindly loan- ront 
ed uniforms, stage properties and in oth-l 
er ways assisted. Much credit is duo 
Mrs. j Al. Bradburn Tor the artistic 
stage settings, the excellent arrangement 
of which evoked admiring comment. 

of the most inactive for many yenrt., 
and what the loss in trade means to the 
Island can hardly be estimated. Each 
vessel . carried from two 1,1 live thou- 
sand or even more tons, anil reckoning 
'February as a standard month, the f 11 II- 
ing of in business during the past three 
months amount to 25 vessels, or approx- 
imately HXUMX) tuns of colli, the bulk or 
all of which would go to San 
Francisco. Records of the past four 
months' shipping show :i decrease in the 
number of colliers arrivin 

'ornamental" music. 

An Ingenious Idea.— Secretary Bax- 
ter, of the Tourist Association, has fixed 
up a most ingenious scheme to attract: 
the attention of strangers in the city: 
He has secured a largo phonograph and 
yesterday Rev. Roland D. Grant spoka 
"into it, eloquently describing the prov- 
ince, and extending n hearty welcome 
to all visitors to Vancouver. The re- 
production is splendid, and whenever 
Sir. Baxter sees liny person wdio looks 
like a stranger, he turns the funnel ar-j 
ningerneut towards him and lots 'er go. — 
Vancouver Ledger, 

A man should he just as particular 
in Ills dress us a woman, and we 
aim to lit him out so that he can 
keep right up to the latest styles If 
lie wishes to, at but little cost. 
Mere are quite u few hints of some 
things flint the average man will bo 
In need of today: 

Fine Madras Negligee Shirts, 
starched neck bands, separate cuffs, 
fast colors, comfort, durability and 
dressiness for hot days: $1.00 and 
£1.25 eacli. 

Good Four-Ply Linen Cellars, 
ftnnd tip or turn down, made by 
fooke Bros., Montreal, 10c. each. 

Neckwear for men In the choicest 
ttyles, Including all the latest 
Shapes, 25c. nnd 50c. 

W. (1. CAMERON, 

Victoria's Cheapest Cash Clothier. 
08 Johnson Street. 

In Chambers.— Re James Angus, de- 
ceased. Upon the application of Lindley 
Crease, probate was granted to Forrest 
Angus with leave to J amies Bailee to 
come in and prove. Re Lenora Mining 
Company. Application re proving claim 
enlarged for this morning. 


V>; March, 7; April. Ul 
, Z. Tin- only colliers running arc' 
YVyafield and Titauia. Others have 
tied up or have gone on other j 

Immigration taiw.— W. H. Ellis, pro- 
vincial inspector under the Immigration 
Act. is 011 the Mainland, arranging for 
the strict enforcement of the immigra- 
tion law against .1 a panose. An assis- 
tant agent and provincial policeman un- 
der Colin Camphell. has been appoint- 
ed for Vancouver, so that Officer Caiup- 
! boll may he enabled to more effectively 
carry on the work. Officer Calbeck has 
bceu appointed assistant deputy inspec- 
tor for New Westminster district, his 

duties being onerous, as he has to watch 
a large portion of the border. 

Bird Cages at Cheapside. 

If you are going out camping, you 
will need camp beds and mattresses, 
.Smith & Champion make them at §1.00. 
$1.50, and up. * 

House awnings! Ring up Smith & 
Champion for estimates. All colors. * 

Brown-Roff.— On Thursday evening, 
Rev. II. J. Wood, a l the Reformed 
Episcopal church, united in marriage G. ,., 
F. Brown and Miss Nellie Roff. Thoy'^ 
were supported by Mr. and Mrs. Fred. 
Cnstleton. A wedding supper was pro- 
vided lit the h(, 1110 of the bride's parents. 
Many friends were present, and the 
young couple were the recipients of 
many gifts. Mr. and Mrs. Brown will 
take up their residence on Menrs street. 

After Many Years.— 'It. II. Btlllen, ar- 
compauied by his daughter, Miss Emily 
Kiillen, arrived at this city on Wednes- 
day from Liverpool, on a visit to his 
brother, Jonathan Mullen, whom he lias 
not seen for ."VI years. Mr. Bullen is 
one of the 130 representatives of the 
City Council of the British port, and a 
member of other public boards, and is 
the senior member of the firm of Bullen 
Bros. & Son, builders and contractors. 

China Wants Tourists.— An 
ireuiiir received at the local 
I olliees announces, under tin! signature ■ 
Bodies Must Rest.— Travelers to t(ic| j, tup |ti c i:ils of the Chinese Eastern 
Coast who have recently visited Frank, 1 Jtnilway the opening of the Trans-Siber- j 
says that underneath the huge pile of j llrl railway train service to Dainy. the 
debris which slid from the side of the seaport terminus of the Chinese road, I 
mountain, a month ago, carrying death j ntu | the establishment of a steamship 
and destruction in its wake, will forever ' service which brings Shanghai within. | 
lie the remains of the 70 persons w ho are 21 days travel of London. This is ctit- 
uowu to have lost their lives in the ting down the former time 12 days, and 
catastrophe. On the site of the old the announcement is made that the Chin-, 
town carpenters are at work day and esc Eastern will hereafter look lor a 
night rearing a new city, while high up share of the continental tourist travel Lnctttted F< 
,,,, the side of the cliffs with -reat from the Pacific Coast. The circular m j mother's milk 
yawning gaps in numerous places, over-! well illustrated with pictures, showing 
hang threatening tons of earth ami, the equipment, all of wh ich is up to date, 
rock. The inhabitants who lied when 

scientists gave it as their opinion that! Chimp News.— Rifle practice was! par- 
there would be another slide, have re- 1 tieipated in by the different companies 
turned. The mine has been opened, of the Fifth Regiment at camp oil 
and, as' if defying fate, a large share , Thursday evening, and some very good 
of tho stock has been sold to a French shooting was done. The preliminary 
syndicate, which will work the property I bents in the fug-of-wur for Col. Greg- 
to a fuller capacity than ever before. ory's cup were pulled off lust night, and 
I Iho finals will be pulled oil today. 

Interesting Case. — An interesting case 

Mobilization Arrangements— It is un- 
derstood in connection with the trip of 
the military boys from Vancouver to 
Island points, that a special train from 
i 'Nanaimo will he run down to Longford 
Plains, and the members of the D. C. O. 
It. will spend Sunday night on board 
the curs. The mobilization parades will 
take place 011 Monday morning and early 
in the afternoon, the whole programme 
ibeing scheduled to close before three 
o'clock. Col. Holmes, the I). O. C, 1ms 
kindly arranged to run the special into 
1 Victoria in the evening, so that the boy 
I will have several hours in the Capital 
official city. About midnight the train will leave 
railroad for Xanainio, and the Joan will be 
boarded at <i a.m. on Tuesday. 

The Ideal Infant Nourishment. 

prompts us to bring to your notice our 
splendid stock of gentlemen's requisites 
for outing. 

English Flannel Suits 

in a great variety of patterns. 


with and without collars. 


and n particularly fine selection of 


with and without collars. 

Eraser Rising Fast— Reports received 
by Mr. Reed at Victoria Meteorology 
cal office last evening, indicate that the 
Eraser river is reaching the danger 
point. At Quesnel the water had risen 
four inches since S a. m., and at 5 p. in. 
was still rising. At Kamloops, at 4:30 
p. in., the river had risen three inches 
since IO o'clock; Yale reports an eleva- 
tion of 10 inches since the morning pre 

iniongst the oilier events that arc on 
the programme. The bnnd will be fires- 
lent u.t the spurts on Macatilay plains 
j this afternoon. The officers' and ser- 
'gennts' mess will he at home lo their 
many friends. There will he a church 
early in tin 

A few- days aco I'" 11 *', «* was mentioned early 111 the 
..,.i,, ,,,,k f,'-,, 1 weok in an issue of this paper, the 
to V meouvM ""Jul Garrison Artillery taking part, j 

is promised which may rival a Chinese 
case ton years ago, when the steamer 
Umatilla was compelled to carry a Ch'- 
neso woman aboard for several weeks, 
while al each ,purt she touched she was 
refused ndniittanc 
tho steamer North . Pa. 
(Seattle IS Japanese to Vancouver, 
where it was their intention to work in 
the salmon canneries. On their arrival 

there they were refused admittance, and | will be expressed at the announcement 
sent back to Seattle. Now in the event of the death of Mrs. Elizabeth Coward, 
of the United 'States government hold- 1 wife of Henry Coward, the librarian, 
ing that they cannot go in again unless , which occurred last evening at the fnm 
vious"' and Chili'iwac¥ sends word" that meeting all the requirements of the laws, I ily residence, "Rock wood,' 
the 'river rose three inches in the 2-t as if they had never been in the United J street. 'Deceased, who wa 
hours ending T a. m.— the gunge reading States, the question is what will become 
only 4.80 below the high water mark of, of them? They will be turned over to 
1804. A further rise is expected today *• 

1, a perfect substitute for 
is the most scieutificali 
prepared food ever placed before mothers 
It is made according to the ideas and 
suggestions of that world famed chemist, 
Huron Liebig. 

For weak and poorly nourished infant 
[Lactuted Food contains all the neede 
elements for making babies strong and 
vigorous. If mothers desire their babies 
to lie happy and well in the hot weather, 
they should make Lactate,! Food their 
regular diet. 

'Spec ilists in children's disorders pro- 
scribe Lactate,! Food in preference to 
all other foods, and intelligent mothers 
nil over Canada recommend it. Lactate, 1 
1'", mil for the baby in summer will pro- 
duec happy and cheerful youngsters with 
plump faces and bright eyes. Order 
from your Druggist. 


We have just received a large astwrtmeif 
of the newest styles in Neck Ruffles, ©s!y iO 
days from London. 

Shirt Waists 

Special display this week of all our 
new Summer Waists; all new and this 
reason's styles. 

Wash Suits 

The latest effects in Wash Suits, 
Muslin, Linen, Organdio and other new 


Watches and Clocks, like alt oth- 
er machines, need attending to 
periodically. If yours are not per- 
forming satisfactorily, *let us exam- 
ine them and give you nn estimate 
of the cost of putting them ln good 
order. We guarantee tlhe nccurate 
performance of all timepieces that 
liases through our hands, and our 
cbargce are moderate. 

Telephone to us If your clocks 
nre out of order, and we wll! call 
for them and deliver them and set 
them up when flnlahed. 

G. E B Redfern 

43 Government St. 
Established 18C2. Telephone 118 


English and Norway Iron, Steel, Steam and Water Pipe, Fittings, 
Brass Goods, Etc. 

Blacksmith, Building, Mining and Logging Supplies. 

Warehouse Trucks, Scales, Wheel Barrows, Picks, Sbovels and 
Contractors' Plant, Etc. 



E».0. BOX 4123. 


3Tlns for 25c 

Fresh Strawberries and Cream Received Daily. 


and 41 Johnson St. 

Thonc 28. 

iMrs. Coward Dead.— General 

In Mother Earth— There was a very 
large attendance of sympathizing 
friends and many beautiful floral 
tributes at the funeral of the late Mrs. 
Manic Amelie Aikiuan. which took place j 

the North Pacific, with instructions not 
to put them off on American soil. The 
'Canadian authorities will not accept 
them, and there is no order to deport 
them on any vessel nailing for Japan. 

St. Charles 
in her 63rd 

year, was a daughter of the late Kev. 
Henry Toller, of Market Uarborough, 
ICn gland. A large family is left to 
mourn her passing away — three daugh- 
ters, two of whom reside here and one 
in England, and three sons— A. T. Cow- 
ard, local manager of the B. O. Elec- 
tric Railway Co.; II. A. Coward, con- 

"Oold Medal Camp Furniture"; there 
is none better. Weilcr Tiros, have nil 
that is necessary to make camp life 
thoroughly enjoyable. 

Ice-cream is cheap, if you make it at 
home in a While Mountain Freezer (the 
triple motion kind). They are strong, 
easy running and cheap. R. A. Brown 
it Co., isO Douglas street. 

Ccthiers, Hatters UaberdntOiers 
S3 Government Street. 

Point Blliee Bridge.-Wl.ilo work is I "ected with the pflil -es of the su me urn ; 
vesterdav morning from the family resi- proceeding by the city on the substrue- pnny, and Bernard G. law stu 

de „ce, .Gorge road, and later at the Bo- [ nre for the new (Point Ellicc bridge, it p •'» with M P In » ps, \\ t , A. Bar 
man Catholic church. Services were clllinot bo said that .progress is being >urd. Ihe Xuueral arrangements 
conducted by Tiev. Father Latermc, as- made as rapidly as the general public, he announced later, 
sisted by Kev. Father 'Collin. The fol- Uvould wish. The Victoria Machinery 
lowing acted as pallbearers: (H. D. Depot Company, who have the contract 
Ilehnckeu, M.F.P., T. Lubbe, Col. I for erecting the bridge proper, have had 

Sale— A Special Sale of Ladies' 
Blouses and Wash Skirts commences 
today (Saturday) at The Columbia 
House, St 'Douglas street. 

Boys' and mens' bathing trunks at 
iic 10c, Inc. and 2,">c; bathing suits at 
50c 75c and SI. 00. B. Williams & 

rWolfcndeu, W. S. Core. Dr. I. \V. 
Powell and A. E. MdPhillips, M.P.P. 

Fire [Drill.— Improvements' in lire pro- 
tection in the (public schoola of the city 
are to be at once inaugurated. A. drill 
was held at Nerth Ward school yester- 
day morning. Chief Watson, of the lire 
department, Chairman iDrury, Trustees 
Mrs. Jenkins, Beaumont Boggs and 
Stipt. Eaton were present. The teach- 
ers and pupils were unaware of the in- 
tended drill, and the principal was sup- 
jiosed to have them notified and get 
them out of the building as quickly as 
possible. The result showed need Of an 
improved system, nr.d electric alarm 
hells will be installed in aH the build- 
ings, together with a sup) 11 ~ c *»re ex 

difficulty in getting orders for material 
filled promptly in the East. The com- 
pany applied to the council for an ex 
tension of time in carrying out the 
terms of the contract, but extension was 
refused. It is stipulated that Ifie bridge 
must be open for trallic in October 
next; but in view of the delays which 
hnve occurred it is not supposed that 
this agreement can bo lived up to. The 
city employees have a couple of Ihe piers 
completed, and at an early date will 
have finished the sub-structure. The 
necessity for the new bridge in very 
pressing, as trallic to Esquimnlt is 
heavy during the summer. As matters 
are at present, the tramway company 
can only opcrnte email cars over the 
'nidge, and this is-nt thne« an incon- 
re-.lenco to patrons of the; s-orvice. 

"Let There Be Light."— Those wdio 
have been compelled to be out on thej 
streets of Victoria after nightfall the 
past evening or two, have lamented thej 
fact that weather conditions have not! 
accommodated themselves to the plans 
of the gentleman who is responsible for 1 
the conduct of the lighting system ofi 
the city. It would appear that the lat- 
ter is run on the almanac [schedule; and 1 
as the almanac says that it is now moon- 
light in the evenings, the electric illuinw 
ntlUt is "turned off." People who grope! 
round in the darkness don't know] 
whether they should kick nt the almanac 1 
or the electric light superintendent. 
Things were not always thus— it is onlyl 
recently that a change was made fromi 
a schedule which called for lights. tcA 
gardless of almanac prognostications 
Tourists who arrived ?n the city last 


| ? 


03 Yat*» St. 

% Fine Striped Worsteds 
■\ for Summer Suitings. 
!= English Worsteds, Serges 
5 Fancy Trouserings. 

Miss E. A. Mesher, Mrs.A.Pieser 

ore prepared to give lessons In Art Needle- 
work In all Us brandies. Also n large as- 
sortment of novelties in braids and pat- 
terns. InltialB nnd Embroidery u specialty. 


••••«•••»••••••••••• •••••• 

2 « 

q On every occasion, musical or oth- » 

• orwdse, tliere is always something • 

? which Is accorded first place. This v 

o is a distlactlon which on musical » 

occasions ln tfliis city is always eon- J 

ferred on the <» 

Represented by 

wlto are sole agents for the 
UEINTZMAN & CO., Nordliemer, 
Dominion, Palmer and Kara, Pianos. 

Showrooms, first floor, 44 Govern- • 
ment street. J 


Advertise la ilie Colonist 


Lager Beer on draught at tho Wlbwn B*r, 
04 l'atea street. 

5c. per Glasi. 

fii. H. McGASE, 


For Sale.— Two adjoining lo^s. cast 
side of Linden avenue. Apply Su- 
c^rior street. 

ishort lengths of White and Colored | 
Window Muslins (left over from cany 
spring stock) nt greatly reduced pi- ccs, 
to clear. Wciler Bros. 

See Heard, Moody Block, about your 
Rupture before it gnes too far. 


Will be drawn nt the Strand Hotel. Van- 
couver, .liilv 1st, on the Princess of YSules 
stakes nice, run July 2nd. Tickets one 
dollar, on sale nt the Poodle Dog Restaur- 
ant, Victoria. 


Civo vonr order for awnings now, 

. -.Smith &' Chnmpion .100 Douglas street 

evening were outspoken in condemnation,! have a nice line of awning goods, anil 
of the prevailing darkness-. ' their prices nre right. 

Eeduction In 

This Week, 
See what we have marked to 35 c to 50c 

& CO. 



The Aggression 

Of the Bear 

Japanese Pressing Their Govern- 
ment For Explanations of 
Its Inactivity. 

Situation Graver in Kwangsi 
Where Rebels Have Gained 
Much Ground. 

Tokio.'May 27.— According to advices 
received from Tokio by the steamer 
Pleiades in associated press letters, press, 
reports Of the proceedings in the Diet 
now sit tincr, show that the government 
has some difficulty in suppressing the re- 
sentment of a considerable section of 
the members in regard to Russia's ac- 
tion in Manchuria. Various searching 
interpellations have been introduced re- 
garding the government's policy of in- 
action, and the serviceability of the 
Anglo- Japanese alliance, but these have 
been sidetracked. The greatest interest 
is expressed in the rumored occupation 
by purchase, on the part of Russians, 
of sites on the Yalu, commanding the 
Korean frontier. The main question oC 
Russian demands is awaiting the arri- 
val of '.U. Lessar, ex-Russian minister, 
to Pekin, from St. Petersburg, lie ia 
reported to have arrived at VUdivostoek,, 
and is expected to go to Pekin on Thurs- 
day. General Kuropatkin, Russian min- 
ister of war, is expected in Tokio next, 
week and his arrival in the Par Past 
is believed to have some connection, 
with the final disposal of the question. 

The Chinese riots in Kwangsi prov- 
ince have developed in violence, and the 
correspondent of the Asalii today ire- 
ports that the French consul at Tonking 
has represented to the governor of the 
province, and also to the Pekin govern- 
ment, that, unless the insurgents are 
suppressed, French troops will be sent: 
across the frontier to quell the distur- 
bance. Bv some Japanese papers tins 
has been anticipated as a demonstration 
vis-a-vis the Mauchurittu Question. The 
Jiji was advised from Pekin on May 
22 that the Kwangsi rebels have con- 
nected with those in Yurraa and T/.e- 
chuan, and occupied Linan in Yunnan, 
displaying the utmost truculence. 

The Asahi's -Tientsin correspondent, 
under date of May 21. says that Russia 
hus assembled over 7. (MX) troops a; 
l.iaovan, including artillery, infantry, 
and cavalry, with a view to carry 
out manoeuvres on a large scale in that 
quarter in a few days. It is reported 
that Russian military manoeuvres will 
also take place in Harbin shortly. This 
is thought to be a demonstration vis-a- 
vis the Manchuriuu question. 

The same correspondent, states that 
Russia contemplates the establishment, 
of a police station at Moukden, under 
the pretence of guarding miners belong- 
ing to the colliery near the town. 

It is stated in a Pekin despatch to 
the Jiji that the Ohinesa otllcials com- 
missioned to take over the Yinkow ad- 
ministration board have been opposed by 
the Russians, who nave declare.', to tno 
commissioners that Russia cannot return 
Yinkow to China unless the guarantino 
rights remain in Russia's hands. The 
despatch adds that this is designed by 
Russia to monopolize the trade of Yin 


R. IS. Bay returned on the Majestic from 
the Sound yesterday afternoon. 

F. C. Gamble returned from Vancouver 
last evening. 

Sergt. Walker was a passenger from Van- 
couver on the Charmer yesterday morning. 

K. B. McMlcklng returned from Vancou- 
ver Hast eveulng. 

T. M. Brayshaw. J. WOby, R. Bragg, 
I*. W. Dempster, A. Henderson, J. B. 
I'hllllDS, Fred Davey, Andrew Sheret, G. 
Gratnimc and James Bell, who have been 
hi attendance at the Odd Fellows eonven- 
t'on In Vancouver, returned home yester- 
day evening. 

Ulnkson Shldall Is back from u business- 
trip to the Mainland. 

Supt. Uussey of the provincial police, 
has returned from Vancouver. 

G. II. Cowan Is over from Vancouver, 
llo Is a guest nt the Drlard. 

dipt. Cllve Phllllps-WoHey underwent an 
operation at the Jubilee hospital yesterday, 
which will confine him to that Institution 
for upwards of a fortnight. 

Mrs. J. C. Voss and her daughter Mrs. 
C Davis, leave for San Francisco this 
evening. Mrs. Voss Intends proceeding to 
the Antipodes to .loin her husband, who 
Is exhibiting the canoe Tlllkum with much 
financial profit. , 

C*. W. II. Voles. Montreal: Mrs. o. M. 
White. Seattle: Miss McNiveD, and Miss 
It. McNIven, Toronto; E. A. White, Se- 
attle, and G. T. Clarke. Vancouver, are at 
the Vernon. 

E. B. Ladner and wife, Lndner; J. Wyatt 
Vauchan, Vancouver: T. II. CaMnnd and 
wife . Vancouver: John D. Hlglnltham. 
I.ethiirldsre, Alfa.: II. Jolinston, Toronto; 
A Sehewan. wife and children, Brandon; 
Mrs Malcolm. Nannlmo; Rivet, Paris; G. 
A. Bowes. Washington, D. C. : Joseph 
Walter San Francisco: r* Jackson, San 
Francisco: A. E. Woods. Vancouver, regis- 
tered last eveninir at the Drlard. 

O. r. Itoss and wife. Ferule; G. H, 
Cowan. Vancouver, are at the Balmoral. 

A. I*. Csibill and F. Ca'hUH of Dayton. 
Wav'h.. are staying at the Victoria hotel. 

II. E. Johnson of Los Angles, Cal., Is a 
guest at the Hotel Victoria. 

1! S. Dayton of Cannnnato Point, came 
up -.••■> ?«ie Queen City yesterday afternoon, 
and Is staying at the Hotel Victoria. 

The members of the Tacoma Athletic 
baseball team are staying at the 'Dominion. 

U F. Perkins and wife. San Francisco: 
Mrs. Thos. Phillips and 'Mrs. A. W. Ar- 
nold Port Townsond: Frank Given, Qunt- 
slno, and David Ixigan. Kaslo are at the 

Played Bait 
'Neath Wintry Sky 

Victoria Defeats Tacoma Ath- 
letic Club at Oak Bay By 
Five to One. 

torla 3: stolen bases, Tacoma 1, Victoria 
2; two base hits, Smith, Emercon; Ehret 
base hit, Wright; double play, Itoder to 
Speck; passed balls, Koder 4; hit by pitch- 
ed ball, Emerson. Time of game, 55 min- 
utes. Umpire, W. Wrlglesworuh. 



The Troubles of a Northern 
Indian Who was Charged 
With Drunkenness. 

Weather fvian is Admonished to 
Provide a Better Brand of 

There is a differcne 
men. In the Police 
morning before the l 
t his- difference amount 

in tin' breed of 
Court yesterday 
dice magistrate, 
.,1 to two dollars 

Victoria 5; Tacoma 1. 

IWhen Casey had shivered fourteen and 
a half times, he suid he was driven to 
pote some— and he did. die unwound 
the following touching lines during in- 
tervals in shedding tears on the bier— 
not beer— of the young Tacomaus at Oak 
Bay yesterday. His jingles, which it 
behooveth the weather man, to whom 
the touching pome is dessiented, to read 
and ponder over, and proceed to get old 
J.. 1*. in line, follow: 

"You ootid get a new Jtfb, 

Just as quick as you can,'' 
Said the shivering fan 

To the weather man. 

"I went out to yell. 

And I would have yelled— some, 
But you turned on your snow 

And you soaked us, by gum. 

'•Yi>u have spoiled one and all, 

Of our chances to root. 
And you've frosted t<li<! play, 

You old galoot. 

"Now Just see J. P., 

And get together. 
To give ns today, 

A better brand of weather." 

Know, oh gentle reader, that if the 
weather man sends such a batch of 
chilliness to Dak Hay labeled "For 
June," the tails will rise in their might 
anil seek his lair, -where the clouds tear 
off the cornice of his tower— but, seri- 
ously— it was too chilly for good ball. 
Panamas were bet au'iiinst fur Clips, 
and the fur got the money. 

One of the cubs of the great Tigers, 
who are the real McKay in the ball 
lino at Tacoma, has already been slain 
by Victoria, ami lust night another cub 
of tin 1 Tacoma Tiger— the Tacoma Ath- 
letic Club, got one wound in its, his, or 
I their, hide. It 'tils not a sensational 
game, for, as the touching 1 jingle of 
lAlique Casey, potist, has said, it was too 
cold for good ball. There were, though, 
some bright spots which moved the fans 
to slinul am! the rooters to rout. Potts 
for Victoria and McDonell for the T'—'- 

iO\v by availing herself of the influence breed. The lowest line for Indians for 

of the quarantine rights. 

The Korean government on the li'ird 
inst. telegraphically instructed the Gov- 
ernor of Wlji to arrest those Koreans 
who have sold their land mid houses 
either to Russians or Chinese, and 
warned him that he will be responsible 
for the execution of this order. Since 
then a Japanese warship, with otllcials 
and soldiers aboard, is reported to have, 
left Mokpo to "inspect conditions in 
Northern Korea." 

The Koktimin's Seoul correspondent 
has received a special urgent advice 
from Wiju that -<N) Russians, with 
some Chinese and titles, have newly ar- 
rived at Yong-am-po on the mouth of 
the Yalu. To maintain communication, 
with An-tung-hsien, Shengking province, 
two steamers are staying off Yong-am-po. 
Yi Yong-tsai, Korean minister of for- 
eign affairs, in accordance with Imperial 
instruction, has called on M. Pavloff, 
Russian minister, to confer with him on 
Hie evacuation of Yong-am-po by the 
Russians. The same correspondent also 
reports that the advisability of opening 
Wiju to foreign trade was being recog- 
nized of kite in court circles in connec- 
tion with the Russian arrangements on 
I he border. i 

Is I'ntnaui'fl Painless Corn and Wart Ex- 
tractor Which has been used successfully 
/or 80 years. It takes out the pain, cures 
liiie Corn and prevents it returning. 

and a half. Willie Harris, an Indian, 
who looks like a halt-breed, had been 
found drunk. 

In the still watches of the night the 
jailer had received a message that a 
dead man lay on the sidewalk. Con- 
stable Ulnekstock looked about for an 
express, and they were ready to get the 
morgue ready, when the officer heard an 
audible breathing. 

lie tiglit"::«d some lingers on the wind- 
pipe or the dead man, who came to 
life. Then they walked to the look-up. 

Yesterday morning 'Harris pleaded 
guilty and was lined $2.50, with the op- 
tion of live days. This was because it 
was thought to be his first ajipearilnce. 
and because he was thought to be a half 


.Mr. Kirk Discussed the Great Good 
Accomplished Among the Young. 

this charge is live dollars. 

Harris, who languishes in jail because 
his funds lire nut sulllcient to pay even 
the low line, is a chief in his own coun- 
try. Where a cluster of ramshackle 
lodges stand ill the fringe of the forest 
mi a shingle-covered .Northern beach, he 
has friends who would willingly pay the 
tine, and enemies who would not— and 
thereby hangs a tale. 

Six s agone— as Hamlin Carlan 1 

Would have put it— he came to 'Victoria 
on his last visit, and In- was then lined 
live dollars- the saving mistake about 
the breed net having occurred— for be- 
ing drunk. He had trouble with his 
klootchinan. ami when the coasting 
steamer left the village wharf he left 
by night. Here he made life one gay 
round of pleasures— and was drunk many 

Then came . a deputation from the 
Northern village to urge him to return. 
His rival had taken advantage of his 
absence to endeavor to usurp his post as 
head of the tribe. New totems were be- 
ing carved, and if he remained away, 
the children of the bear would have a 
new chief. 

There was his honored jiost pack at 
the Northern village -but there was al- 
so the klootchinan from whom be lied. 
•So he remained away. 

Then came another deputation. The 
would-be chief hail planned a roup d'etat, 
and he innsl come willy nilly. 

He refused, but the deputation bad its 
way. The Northern Indians seized 
their runaway chief. and nnc night, 
some six months ago, the ollieers of the 
Tees c>nw a little enteric of Indians ar- 
rive, carrying a man. who kicked ami 
swore in the vernacular. 

fn one of the cabins of the Tecs tin' 
Indians held their chief— ami thus he 

'Victoria will meet the Tacoma Ath- 
letic Club at Oak Bay again this after-, 
noon, when a good game, is looked fora 
For Tacoma, Wright, who played centre 
tield last night, will do the twirling, and. 
for the home team a new pitched will 
make his debut. Camsusa will be itn 
the box, and Blackburn will also make 
his debut, going to left field. The teams 

Tacoma Athletic Club— Speck, lb.f 
Drake, c.f.; Itoder, c; Campbell, :5b.; 
McDonell, l.f.; Stanton, 2d.; McCormick, 
s.s.; Seaman, r.f.; Wright, p. | 

Victoria— Smith, lb.; Chase, c; 51c- 
Counell, s.s.; Burns, c.f.; Haynes, 2b.; 
Potts, r.f.; Blackburn, l.f.; Emerson, iJb.S 
Camsusa, p. 

The Fifth Regiment baseball team 
will play the Esquimau baseball team' 
this evening at f> p. m. at Camp Macau- 
lav, and an exciting game is anticipated. 
The names of the men forming the Fifth 
Regiment team are as follows: Gr.' 
Brown, c; Gr. Moore, p.; Gr. Hughes,! 
lb.; Gr. Camsusa, 2b.: Gr. O'Keefe, lib.: 
Gr. H. Brown, s.s.; Co. S. M. Lindsay, 
r.f.; Or. Ward, c.f.; Gr. Eden, l.f.; sub- 
stitutes, Br. Scott ".ml Corp. Ware. 

The Capitals and Kernwood baseball) 
teams meet this afternoon at the Caie-rf 
donia grounds at :i o'clock. This game 1 
will make the third played in the inter- 
mediate series so far this season. The; 
standing is as follows: 

Played. Lost. 

Hillsides 1 

Fernwood 1 

Capitals 1 1 

Esquimult 1 1 

The Hillsides fully appreciate 
fact that they are going to be up against 
a hard .proposition, and that they will 
have to make strenuous efforts if they, 
] want a victory this afternoon. If they 
defeat the Capitals it will be a ease of, 
a light between them and the Fernwoods, 
for the championship. The latter team) 
should be exceptionally strong this sea J 
son, as it is practically composed of thei 
pick of three of last year's teams, viz:) 
Wanderers, Victorias and Fernwoods.; 
The Capitals and Esquimau are com- 
paratively new aggregations in the field/ 
and both' are extremely promising. The 
former team, judging from las! Satur- 
days gain,, with the Fernwoods, who 1 
defeated them by a score of 8 to 4, areJ 
certainly going to be heard from before! 
the season closes. 

The teams for today arc as follows: i 

Capitals— Ross, catcher; .1. Demp J 
ster, pitcher; E. Whyte, first base; WJ 
Northcott, second base; S. l.oriineiv 
third base; T. Allen, short stop; Uen J 
frew, Johnston, Sinclair and MeDouga!,, 

Hillside— J. Catterall, catcher; S. 
Smith, pitcher; K. Hughes, first base;: 
('. Overell, second base; II. McConnellJ 
short stop; T. Hutchinson, third base;. 
E. Anderson, right held; (i. Mcllmoyl, 
centre field; T. Luscombc, left field. 


1 . 



In the flame of the Artisan 

Malta-Vita makes the E-arly BreaRfast 
the best meal of the day. 

Canada's prosperity is due largely to two classes of her people — her 
mechanics and her farmers, and there is nothing too good in the way of 
food for either of them. 

.The old-fashioned idea that the skilled mechanic, because he labors 
with his muscles as well as his brain, requires a heavy food has been pretty 
well exploded. The mechanic, himself, has found out that Malta- Vita, 
the perfect food, is far more nutritious and digestible than meat, potatoes 
or baker's bread. It is made from the whole wheat and possesses all its 
nutritive qualities in the most digestible form. Malta^Vita is the ideal 
food for a hastily prepared meal for it is cooked ready for immediate use. 
Served, hot or coldy with cream, milk or fruit it is simply delicious. 

No Work-No Heat— Just Cream-Then 

Emerson certainly did some sprinting when 
he tried hi stretch that two badger Into 
a three base lilt. 

mans did some tine outfield work. I'otts' 
threw of a hot liner to rightlield being 
a. crackajack, and McDonell made a 

throw fr the fence, cutting off 

«on at third, which took the blue card, 
Chase, who is nothing if not an all- 
round man. did his tirst stunt as i 
catcher, and made good. The manner 
in which he got after those foul Ilies was 
the limit. lie also shitted the atmos- 
phere some when he threw to Iirst. Mc- 
lllmoyl made his debut on the senior 
team, ami showed himself to be a handy 
man with the stick. lie leaned it 
against the ball for two line mid well 
placed hits, and as a base runner he has 
CriH'cus faded, IIolness was twirling, 
and pitched good ball— as is his cus- 
tom Haynes did some good work nu 
second, ami Kinersim on third, while 

The fourth game in the Colonist cup 
series will take place tomorrow morn- 
ing at Beacon Hill, at 10 o'clock, be- 
tween the Smith Park and North Ward. 
The following team wdll represent thei 

Percy Smith (captain), c; B. FtiggleJ 
p.; Cecil Hall, lb.; It. Hall, £>h.; C. Me-i 
Carter, s.s.; \V. Seabrook, ;;h.; E, Tay J 
lor. r.f.; .1. Dakers, l.f.; A. Itussell, c.f. 

The Independents meet the Oak; 

Bay baseball team at Oak Bay thisJ 
afternoon. The teams were published in 1 
Friday's issue. 

And the cry Is "still they come." Now' 
tht\ boot and shoe dealers long to show" 
their prowess on the diamond, and havo 
in due form issued a challenge to thei 
clothiers for a championship game. 
There is now the .sound of boots Upon 
the stairs. 

The latest news of interest in the mer- 
cantile sporting circles is tiunt the em- 
ployees of Wilson Bros. Have issued a' 
challenge to the Simon Leizor baseball 

The game between Turner and Beetou, 
and Simon Leizer wdll take place some- 
time next week. 

ID It Bogle, n. ti. Monteith, C. B. l>cavlile, 

I A matcli will take place ibis afternoon 
between .Mr. Lulng's school ami the Pern- 
wood cricket team. The game wH'l be 
played on the hitter's grounds. The teams 
are as follows: 

Fernwoods XI. — B. A. Gallop. .1. II. 
Griffiths. W. I'eden. A. Marcoalnl, U. M. 

, Wilson. A. C. Janlon, J. S. Marry. <i. II. 

; Karraclough. J. Wllders, I!. Robertson 
and S. O. Rise. 

Collegiate.— ('. II. Jackson, S. 'Harvey, 
iH. I,.J'V1I, W. N'oivcombe, It. D.irre], capt., 
II. ,1 (Marshall. A. Kay, A. Tills. W. Mar- 
con, 1'. Stubbing. C. Harrison. 



Smith at 1 
ball for the 
ill left Held 

,-as the 

st. Br 
lid sum 

e at short a 
ke pitched g< 
an, I McDonell i 
star work; Sjk 


At the Y. XI. C. A. last evening, Mr. 
John Kirk gave a most interesting ad- 
dress, remarking in opening that in every 
city he found the Y. M. ('. A. a homo 
and always in touch with hearty Chrisi 
thill -workers. In outlining the work of went home. Now he has llown the ran 
J-ord Shaftesbury, who looked upon the I cherie again— and history is- silent re 
child us the best asset of the nation, he garding the politic il history ol the North. 
stated that a ragged child was asked,! crn village, or the domestic troubles ui 
what lie wanted on entering one of the, I tho chief, but the same symptoms (-how 
early schools, and answered. "most I that the chief's inititl is troubled, 
everything." This was the need the IMea n while he is waiting for the !iv< 
irk endeavored to supply in refuge davs to go— or s kind friend lo ar- 

ii nd Stanton did some good work Willi 
the stick. 

The gloomy weather resulted in the 
game being shortened to seven innings, 
and it clotted with a victory for the lo- 
cals by a score of live to one. This was 
how it happened: 
The game opened with Speck at the 

bat, who 
threw- to first. 
.McCoime!!, who i 
I'eden struck mi 
in the lirsl on a 
a ml an error by 
wild after lidding Chi 
In the second, Caui| 
hi and was thrown 

Haynes, -who 
In, next up, hit to 
in him at nrst, and 
Victoria scored one 
-base hit by Smith 
lllphell, who threw 
it's hit. 

tell hit to Em- 
ail at first, -Mi- 


hemes, fond, clothing, eUiication, a prac- 
tical lift up or another chance. Three 
hundred thousand had already been as- I 
sisted. Lord Shaftesbury was one of j t . (1 
the prime movers in the agitation re-i J . . 
suiting in the Education Bill. Other ! 
-work included 150 mission centres, pe my 
dinners, clubs, special priz»s I'm faith- 
ful sen-ice in situations, emigration as- 
sistance., fresh air fund, holiday homes. 
.■Most interesting work is carried on 
amongst the cripples, and li.lHHI 
unfortunates have been relieved 
and .cared for. To brighten tin 
many colonial ladies correspond 
ili-ridim! children, and though s 
are knit together in hearts. Among thajtli 
audience IiimI evening were two who h ml, : IN" 
received assistance through Lord. 
Shaftesbury's society. One of theuij 
testified ill ri hearty speech his grati- 
Jlitle ((noting the lines well known iir 

rive with S2.50. 


eil b 

ix and 
as Ah 
n it frt 

they have a 
Chinaman wh 

iDonell got a pass, Stanton struck eat. 
and McCormicK hit a hoi l: rounder to 
I'otts at right, who drove the sphere to 
lirsl and retired the runner. Victoria 
did nothing. 

'Seaman struck out fur the visitors, 
and I irake saved the atmosphere also. 
Speck goi to tirst and scored the only 
run for the visitors on a good three- 
bugger by YVrighl into Polls' territory. 
Under hit to McConnel, who caught him 



rpreter h 

■r 1 1 

. housed I defend I 
■so lives ! and an 
with in- | purpose, 
trnnecrs , has gom 


a befor 

Ijoiirnnieiit was taken fur this 
,ose. In the meantime do Young 
Lrmie North, having .-ailed nr. Thurs- 
uighl on the steamer Danube for the 


(led bless the Karl ,,f Shaftesbury, 
And they must be great fools 
That do not praise the man that raised 
Our British Bagged Schools. 

lie altto stated that a Victoria citizen 
of note had received his start ill life 
throng]! tht same means. 

■anneries — and some of 
IChinese say it surprises them greatly I 
hear that he ever had as much money a 
seventy dollars, the sum Ah Sing is ae 
cused of stealing. 


[■'red Hansen was fined $2.00 
costs— which included one dollar for tin 
wagon that carried him and that pack- 
age which he had I " tin- lock-up- for Ic- 
ing found drunk. 11 was his first itf) 
Ipcarauce on this charge, hence the low 
i line. He has been before the court, 
| however, on other charges. 


took a goose egg for 
the inning', knocking tin 
infield without result. 

iphell hit nr. 


Had Eczema From Childhood 

mlUL'Q PCI r, 

Mwth hill 

Works ii Marvellous Cure For a Lady ia Clayton, B. C. 

OUim-'U not bel[ 

Iv.-zema is one of the most 
of all the blood and skin diseases. The 
skin is inflamed and irritable, w tli 
vesicles <>r fissures from which seri 
fluid exudes. When ■ tile disease js e\ 
tensive, there is fever, a a ml 1 id apus.l.' 
mice, headache and loss of OpyediM 
Pniuc's Celery Conipound'is nature'* in 

mc. While greatly discouraged 
my attention was drawn to the wonder- 
ful cure of 'Mr. 1). McMuhon, of Peter- 
boro, Out., by Paine's 'Celery Compound. 
'■ s The newspaper story of this- cure gave 
t" rtie faith enough to try one bottle of 
•' Paine's Celery Compound. The use of 
one bottle did not cure me, .but it was 
doing me good, and 1 continued th 

at ln-st a 
\ ictorii 
share of 
ale, ut tin 
In the 

grounder to Smith. MoDnncll got an- 
other pass, but was pu1 out ill second 
mi Stanton's till lo MeC'onnell, who 
threw to Haynes. Seaman hit wind 
and three were down. Victoria look a 
couple of runs this time, on an error bv 
McCormick and hits by Mcllinoy] anil 
Emerson, who hit the ball a mile and an 
eighth for two bases, and was put out 
when trying to make it a three bagger. 

One— two— three tells I lie story of 
Tneoma's fifth, and Victoria took an- 
other couple on singles by IIolness and 
Smith and MdConnell's three bagger— 

the little fellow having hi led one out 

to the tenee. 

In the sixth and seventh innings none 
of the visitors saw tirst — and Victoria's 
sixth was very sudden, a double play by 
the visitors hastening the end. I'otts hit 
to 'Drake, the pitcher, who threw to 
iirst. Mcllmoyl got Ids second hi;, 
placing the ball well, hut he was re- 
tired together with Emerson, when the 
latter, hitting a foul lip,, was caught by 
Under, catcher, who threw LUeilnioyl 

out at iirst. 


e. f. 

1. f. 


[falling cure for the disease. It pi'.ril'.en jeine day after day until 1 had used 

and gives fresh vitality to the blood, .m l seven bottles, when 1 was perfectly cur- 

Kimpfles the needed elements- for the re- ed. I have not the slightest trace of the 

pair of the whole body. Annie L. Kor- disease on any part of my body, and my 

nn'nu, Clayton, B. C, says: skin is now soft and clear. Paine's 

"Since childhood I have been troubled Celery Compound is a wonderful remedy, 

■with n serious eczema, and tip to two and 1 heartily recommend it to all suf- 

yciirs ago I gave itp all liopes of ever fering from eczema or other skin troul- 

bcilig eiWrJj us the host doctora epujd lex." 

Koder, c. 
Sea inn ii, r. 
Drake, p. 

Smith, lb. .. 

Chase. <• 

McConnell, s. 
Burnes e. f. . 
Haynes, 2 h. . 
Potts, r. f. . . 
MoMlmoyh', if. 
Emerson,' 3 b. 
IIolness, p. .. 

Taieonta .. 

A. It 
















r z 













— 2 



























. . .;! 



.. ,:i 














1 2 



r» o 

line yesterday afternoon at rhe 
Barracks between the Vancouver and Itoyul 
Garrison Artillery, resulted in a win for 
the former. The score was 157 runs to 
111'. The I(. 0. A. went to the hat tirst. 
and had the best ef the game ail l lie way 
through, hut were playing In very 'hard 

Tlie following is the acore ami bowling 
iin.u.vsls of both teams: 

Ur. Cefts e. Senkler, h. Itlghv 

l!r. Olivier b. .lakes :i 

('nil. Sargeant b. ltlghy o 

Br. ftlvcrs run out Id 

Or. Longl un c. ltlghy. h. Jukes .. (» 

8pr. Balker b. Itigby I!<) 

Sergt. Askey ,\ Itlgliv. b. Jukes) 1 

Crpl. I gbottoni c. Senkler. h. ltlghy 17 

I. i. Hood run out ^ 

Ll. Cameron not out l.'i 

(Jr. tiruuip ran oal - 

Extras :! 

IV. 1!. Terry l>. Luiigbottow 14 

('. K. Utrbson run out o 

It. II. Whirworili, st. Sergaaul. b. 

Oliver I 

.1 ltlghy b. l.ongbottom Ill 

J. Johnson e. linker, b. Askey h 

A .Ma'Jtus b. Uuigbottoiu o 

\V. II. GrussflcliJ e. Crump, b. Askey 14 

II. t«. tainton, l.h.w. Ii. Longbottoin o 

J. X. Senkler b. Longhottolu tl 

II. (I. (Vickinny, ant out 1- 

A. Jukes b. ll. Iaiug-lxittoiu H 

Extras 8 


Considerable interest is being shown 
in the bo.vjng contest taking place next 
Thursday evening at the Savoy between 
Caesar Attell ami Hilly Snnilhan. Cae- 
sar Attell is a brother of Abe Attell,' 
who holds the featherweight champion- 
ship of the world. Snnilhan is training 
with Sam McClintlc and Spider Welch' 
at the. California hotel, Johnson street, 
where anyone interested can see the 
champion tried out any afternoon. 
Suailhan's record has already been pub- 
lished, and that of Attell is now givcm 

Kid Howard, won, 8 rounds. 

Spike Toley, won 4 rounds, 

Joe Kegon, won 3 rounds. 

George Herman, drmv, 15 rounds. 

I'. Pont Ordway, won, -1 rounds. 

Jiminie Hamilton, draw, 10 rounds. 

l-'red. Peterson, won, 4 rounds. 

Hugh MeGordon, won, (i rounds. 

.lack Hoy lan, draw, (i rounds. 

Kid Howard, won. (i rounds. 

Coon Johnson, draw, ti rounds. • 

Young Christie, won, 5 rounds. 

Voting Kid MeFadden, won, U rounds. 


There Is a probability tlia an English 
eli;lit, iMiniiosCil of sonic of the 1m tit ma- 
terial In the 'famous Lcander Bowing O.nb, 
will visit Camilla, to row at the Canadian 
and Inter at the National regatta. 




K. II Whit wm th 

bet lorn 

C W. Itobsou e Hon. Hood 


A. Mallu c. Askey. I>. Longbnttoiu ... 
iter. II. (i. Clinton b. Longbotlotii 
.1. UiKbv c. Sargeant, b. Longbol tom . . 
W. It. I'Vrrle I. lew,, h. I, in^lHittom 
.1. II. Senkler e ami b. Longbottoin . . . . 
A. Jukes c Ii. l.ouglHittinn. I). Long- 

l.i. II. un 

I-', ii. Crlckiuav c. Crofts, b. Liinghot- 


It la a well known fact that certain gniue 
and tlsh <ienllers Jiave in their possession 
game birds from time to time, anil solicit 
orders fur them. The general comment Is 
why aren't these people prosecuted, anil 
Ihcy are told there is a hitch In the game 
iicl. A perusal of the fi>lh>wlii^ r clauses 
from Khe game net of IPirJ will disabuse 
i he minds of those people that think there 
' Is a hitch; 

i 10. It shall he unlawful to catch, kill, 
dtstroy or purs.ui', or to buy. sell or ex- 
pose for sale show or advertisement, any 
of the game birds or animals (luring the 
close seasons and prohibited limes of sale 
set eat in Hie following Schedule Ii, which 
is deemed to be pan of rhe this At-t, or 
otherwise contravene the lira visions there- 

No person shall buy or sell, or have la 
his or her possession any of the said an- 
imals or birds, or any part or portion of 
any snudi animals or birds, during the per- 
iod in which they are so protected: Provid- 
ed always, thai If lawfully killed and ob- 



d fur 


. II. Crossllcld, act out 

Johnston Ii. It. Longbottoin 


lire days and iio longer. Immediately after 
the ■ iimiuencemcnl of such periods of pro- 
tection, and may he had hi possession for 
ll. c private use of the owner and his family 
ai any time; but, In all cases, tile proof of 

lac till! ■ killing, taking or purchasing 

J shall be a lion the party 1" possession. 

Many complaints have been made by 
sportsmen, hul so far no steps have been 
I a ken to pill a st op to 'the course, w'hieli 
threatens lo la lime exterminate the game 
i a t his island. 

The Victoria ('richer .'lab win play lls| 
third all-day mulch lids season today at 
r.eacoa llil'l. I' lay will comim ace at 10:43 
a. m . and lunch and tea will he served on 
the grounds. Prom all accounts (here op-, 
ipoticnts. the Vancouver tirst eleven, are 
exceptionally strung, and a very fast game 
• •an be looked for. Th" tenuis are as fnj- 

Vlctorla XI. 



p. <; 


14 ran- I Hi- 

ll. .1. .Ma 


D. Mcnzics. I). Itogers, It. II. Swlncrton, 
II.. It. Trillion. I., s. V Voile. W. Vd-k. 

Viuicouver XI. - Senkler leapt.), Mbilllns, 
Jukes. Ferry, cii.sslleld. Itigby. Crlekmay, 
Clinton, WhltWiirth, Itolxsoll. Johnstone. 

The Victoria sec and eleven left last night 
on the diimiH-r for Vane ;iiver. They wiU 
play the Terminal City sCond eleven ns 
was stated In .yesterday's Issue. The team 
that left Is as f f ovv.-: J. Anderson. W. T 
Williams, S. B. M. Appb-by, R. V. Ilodweli. 
W. Cregsou, F. Richardson, A. Mel'avls'.i, 


The question of not being able to pro- 
cure efficient senior lacrosse players has 
nol only been bothering British Columbia 
this year, hul Montreal as well. TUe gen- 
t-ial cry there .from lovers of the national 
game has been the same as here, where 
are Cie senior I cams to be recruited from? 
The only way this tpiestlon can lie answer- 
ed Is to encourage the Juniors and ln'er- 

i liales. So far Mils season there lias 

•been one Intermediate game and .iunior. 
No attempt has been made yd by the 
seniors to get tliein together, and organize 
them, us fucy promised at the beginning 
of the season. 

The situation Is serious. T.aerosve is too 
line a game to he neglected. The young 
idea Should lb" encouraged, and the encour- 
ii'g-einenl should come from the senior 
ii-lub. who will draft them later on Into 
their teams. The Montreal Herald says 
ai the beginning of Bhe season, when the 
question or procuring senior players was 
bothering the lacrosse teams u canvass was 

We have every good style in Sum- 
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Ladles uud Ueut'fi Suits Made to Order. 

Best duality uud latest patterns in ICng- 
hsh aud Scotch Tweed*. Sereea and Wors- 

Satisfaction guaranteed on all work. 


June, lOtli, 1903. 
MR. W. II. LUCAS Presents 

Mdlle Antonia Dolores 

The Worid-Fnmed Cantatrlce, Assisted by 

Mr, J. Prouse, Baritone 


Mr. Clarence Newall, 

Solo Pianist. 

Under the Direction of F. Vert, Esq. 

Prices $1.00, 75c, 50c. and 23c. Seats 
on sale Saturday at Victoria Hook & Sta- 
tionery Co. 

made of three of the senior clubs to get 
ttelr views; 

Mr. Harry .1. Trllhey, of the Shamrocks, 
said that ae thoroughly realized the seri- 
ousness of the situation. He could give 
no explanation of the dearth of Interest 
unless It was that the hoys had no grounds 
to practice on. He knew that tile Sham- 
rccks would do every thing In their power 
to encourage the playing of lacrosse among 
tae younger members of the community. 
Hi could promise that any junior clubs 
who had not grounds for practice and 
matches as long as their days did not in- 
ti ri'ere wilh the regular practices ami 
nmt-ches of the Shamrocks themselves. He 
thought also that flic Shamrocks as a club 
o. as individuals might give financial aid 
Which would enable young clubs lo buy 
sticks and balls. 

-Mr. A'lSh Cameron, president of the 
iiontreal Lacrosse Club, spoke in the same 
strain. It might not be possible to do 
much in the way of lending the grounds, 
as the M. A. A. A. Held was busy every- 
day and evening with lawn tennis, erliket, 
association football or lacrosse. But he 
could promise financial assistance, and It 
would he given willingly to encourage the 
younger element to play the great national 

'IMiefe is no article In the line of meili- 
rlncs that gives so largo a return for the 
money as a good porous strengthening 
plaster, sin-lh a« Carter's Smart Weed mid 
I'.ellndimnla Ilackaclie Plasters. 

Three cases new iiannel suits in light 
and dark colors, just opened. B. Wil- 
liams & Co. 

Itrokclelgh (about to propose) — CSJy dear 
Miss DeRoqites, you don't know how 1 


'Miss Deltoques (interrupting) — Oh, I 
forgot to tell you papa made an assign- 
ment for tlie benefit of Ills creditors to- 
il 11. v. 

ItrokcJelgn — I'm sorry to bear Uint. Put 
ns I was about to say, I love you now and 
ii'lways will — as a brother. — Chicago 

To prove to you that It. 
Chaae's Olntluont is ^certain 
and ahsoluto euro for each 
and every form of Itching, 
bleedlngand protruding pileq, 
tho manufacturers havo guaranteed it. Sec. tes- 
timonials in tho daily press and ask yourncigh- 
bors what they think or it. You can use it and 
got your money back if not cured. oOc a box. at 
all dealers or Edmanbon.Bates & Co.,Toronto, 

Dr. Chase's Ointment 

vi-r.i-jA'li-'ri .v 

liFYiiil WISBMfczvtfftiU: % 

;| ANY'// HnRII A f Atf/TIMH t\ 

>^ on or '.Vrltrt 


V 64 &. 65 WercriKtits' i?xcrsaiiKe <■• 

b SAN 

Distilled by GREENLEES BROTHERS, on the Estate of the Duke 

of Argyle, Scotland. 


Suhihioty— runs, Tacoma 0, Vic- 

Extra Specia! ==Yellow Label. 


Taste It ! 

Compare It ! 

Special Liqueur- » White Label. 

F. FOUBERT & CO, Vancouver, 
Agents for British Columbia 


visum.},; v 




We want to draw your attention to our prices on Canned Goods. 

.}T,YMi;R CHICKEN', per <tin 

ALYMBR TUItKKV, per tin 

PATE I>K I'M) IK, per tin - 




Corner Yates and Douglas Sts , Victoria 



New lork. June 12. — There was a contin- 
uunoe today of tUe active buying of stocks 
which developed so suddenly yesterday 
morning and prices carried to a substan- 
tially higher level throughout the district 
on dealing of over a million shares. The 
market closed active and llnu at near the 
top leveJ, profit-taking on the considerable 
rise making an insignificant Impression 
upon prices. The demand showed signs o£ 
being satisfied at times during the day and 
there were lulls in the activity or the mar- 
ket with 'fractional recessions in prices. 
Rut no Important pressure to sell developed 
Evidently a considerable part of the de- 
mand came from the abort Interests. 'The 
demand and some buying from belated in- 
vestors was Insignificant of a feeling of 
commence that tUe turn in the market is 
something more thou temporary. Tue deal- 
ings in Reading were on an extraordinary 
scale and H was rushed up four points in 
the late dealings helping materially to sus- ! 
tale the late strength of the market. A ; 
judicial decision affirming tin' right of the 
coal carrying companies to refuse to com- 
ply witlii certain demands for information 
by the Interstate Commerce Commission 

Northwest cur receipts, wheat, Minneap- 
olis. 258; 'Duluth, 13; Chicago 20. 

New York. June 12'.— 'The following quo- 
tations rules on the Stocks 'Exchange to- 

Open. High 



Amal. Copper 

. C*7Vj 





.Col. P. & I. .. 

. . <ms 



Leather ..... 




'People's Gas 

... nci/j 




- 1107k 




U. S. Steel .. 

. . :mu 




West. Union 

. s+vi 


Atchison . . 

. 68% 



Atchison, pfd 

- 04% 




B. R. T 

. 50% 



IC. P. R 

. 122% 








Louis * Nosh . 

. HOVi 



11 1% 

Manhattan ... 





Mo'. Pacific' ... 

. 102*C 





. 125% 




Rock Island . 

. 34W 




St. Paul . 

. 151% 




Sou. Pacific . 

- 50 




Union Pacific. 

81 Vi 




Money loaning at 2% per cent. 



basis for the ris 


in large demand 
sltlon to attribute 

cities and St. Paul wer 
and there was some disp 
the strength of Who Guild group to vague 
suggestions that the .heavy accumulations of 
Peunsylvuulu 01s the decline had resulted 
In sufficient holdings to secure represen- 
tation in the company for the Gould In- 
terests. The flbvecast of the currency 
movement Indicated a sufBlcieut balance 
of receipts from the interior to offset the 
loss to irae sub-treasury and by gold ex- 

Honda advanced In sympathy with stocks. 
Total sales par value, $2,835*000. United 
States 2'fl coupons declined and the new 
4s half percent on the lust call. 

New York, June 12. — Money on call, 
easy; lowest, 1% per cent; highest, B% » er 
cent; ruling rate, 2V4 per cent; last loan, 
1% per cent; closing offered. 1% per cent; 
tune money, steady, GO days, 4%; 00 days, 
4% and * per cent; six months, 5 and 5% 
per cent. 

New 'forts, June I'J. — Prime mercantile 
paper, 4% and 514 per cent; sterling ex- 
change, easy at $4.87.45 for demand aud at 
J4.Si.70 for GO day bills; posted rates, 
$4.85% and $4.SS%; commercial bllQs, 
S-l.Sl"/.; bar silver, 53%; Mexican dollars, 
41 ; government, easy; railroad 
bonds, strong. 

Chicago, June 12.— The following were 
the closing prices of futures on the Board 
of Trade today: Wheat, July, 77%; old, 
75%; Sept., 72% and 72%; old, 72%; Dec. 
72'..; old, 72%. Corn, June, 48%; July, 
48%: Sept.. 47% and 47%; Dec., IGVy. May, 
40. Oats, June. 37%: July,, 3S; Sept., 33'A; 
Dec.. 113'/, and 33%; May, 34%. 

New York, June 12.— Following are 
some o£ the weekly clearings as com- 
puted liy Bradstreets for the week end- 
ing June 11, with percentage of increase 
and decrease as compared with the cor- 
responding period last year: Montreal, 
$29,951,0ii4"; increase 27.;i per cent. Tor- 
onto, $18,789,010; decrease 4. (J per cent. 
YViuni,peg, $5,S10,3S9. Ottawa. #2,- 
iiHS.TiVS; increase 25.7 per cent. Quebec, 
$1,822,830; increase 25.2 per cent. St. 
John, N. B„ $1,028,008; increase 14.3 
per cent. London, $S55,073. Halifax, 
$1,125,&>4; increase 27.4 per cent. Van- 
couver (Cor Mainland of British Colum- 
bia-), $1,240,331; decrease 20.9 pet- cent. 
Hamilton, $1,193,722; increase 10.5 pet- 
cent. Victoria, Slj'-Si.lTT; increase 10.1 
per cent. 

Passengers per steamer Charmer from 
Vancouver: A. Rev*.. F. Davis, J. Davis, 
W. W. Craw, Mrs. Uo.-s, O. N. Boss. A. I>. 
Faulkner, F. C. Gamble, Miss McClung, (i. 
T. Morphv, Sergt. Walker,. Mrs ITayinoud, 
D. McPhee, J. H. Dalton, It. Porter. Rev. 
Clinton. A. J. Morlee, Mrs. It. W. Oraw, 
T. M. lir.iyshaw. V. Nelson, J. Wllby, V. 
Davery, It. B. MeMlcking, H. Siddal, E. 
Rragig P. W. Dempster, A. Henderson, J. 
10 Phillips. A. Sheret, A. Graham, R. 
Livingstone, J. Hell, C. Wilson, Jas. Wil- 
son, F. S. Hussey, J. Walter, II. S. Yer- 
mar. Miss Efoer, Mrs. Smith, Geo. Topping, 
J. B. Rutherford, R. S. Miller. Mrs. She 
wan, A. Shewan, S. Christopher. D. J. 
lldtrgenhottom, II. Johnstone, Miss Mc- 
Niven. Miss 10. McNlven, It. S. Dalby, J no. 
Svenlengseu, Jno. Freeman, R. W. Sper- 
ling, G. H. Cowan. Mrs. Malcolm, J W. 
Voughan, J. Jordlson, G. M. Bowers, Taos. 
Jockers, Mary M. Wilson, F. Dougall, F. 
L. Munro, T. Shatighnossy, H. Lawrence, 
T. II. Callands and wife, A. Wallis. 

Pusseugers per steamer Majestic from 
the Sound: C. IT. Page. W. A. White. A. 
P Cahtll and sen, 11. M. Allen. Mrs. Bon- 
nan. Miss Craig, Mrs. Reid, Mi's. Dencz. J. 
King, ■!. II. King and wife. R. S. Day. 
Mitts White, D. Logan. W. Brown, J. Aug- 
ust. B. Small, S. Iludd. J. Buhey. M. 1'. 
Conner, R. Porter. Jas. Waters, A. V. Cur- 
ley and wife, J. II. Tobey and wife, P. A. 1 
Werflon, Mrs. KInkald, C. H. Eiham and 
wife, G. II. Roller, Mrs. White, Mrs. Doro, 
Miss Portman. Mrs. Grimsby, .1. Brnley, ; 
"Mrs White, O. P.. Conworth and wife. II. 
10. Johnson. W. Wilcox. W. S. Mapor, R. 
C Green, D. W. Johnson and wife, Jas. 
Mullen and wife, R. N. Small and wife. 
J. S. dial and wife, B. Homer and wife. 


This society- is about again to solicit 
the interest of the liower-growing and 
llovver-loving residents of Victoria and 
neighborhood, in aid of the funds and 
success of the forthcoming flower show, 
which is fixed for Friday and Saturday, 
August 21 and 22, to be held in one of 
the public city halls. So much de- 
pends upon the goodwill and support of 
the general public that it is sincerely 
hoped many will come forward as mem- 
bers, subscribers or special prize-donors, 
either in cash or articles selected from 
their own stores — groceries, wearing 
apparel, jewelry, books, garden imple- 
ments, household ornaments, photo- 
graphs, nick-nacks, flowers in pots, nro 
all available for this purpose, and tho 
donor can stipulate for the articles 
which shall be entered for competition; 
by this means the favorite flower or 
flowers of the giver of the prize will bo 
brought into prominence, and the gen- 
eral interest of the show furthered. 

The society has been incorporated 
under tho Agricultural and Horticul- 
tural Societies Act, and has recently 
been affiliated with the Royal Horticul- 
tural Society of England; by this 
means tho members will b^ kept in 
tonch with the flower-lovers of the Old 
Country, aud the status of the Victoria 
Horticultural Society improved. Tho 
following is tho list of the supporters 
and staff of the society: Honorary 
I president, His Honor the Lieutenant- 
iGovernor; vice-presidents, Mrs. Croft, 
I Mrs. F. Barnard, Mrs, H. Crow Baker, 
Rev. Percival Jenns, Major Dupont, 
His Worship Mayor MeCiUidless, E. 
Billinghurst; acting president, P. B. 
Pembertoh; honorary treasurer, Mrs. 
E. Billinghurst; secretary, Thomas \V. 
Palmer; directors, Messrs. James, 
Cage, Russell, J. Bland, Higgins, Cock- 
rell, Millett. Mrs. Siddall, .Mrs. Wolfen- 
den, Mrs. Rebbeck. 

Notice has already been given of tho 
special prizes of a silver medal 
bronze medal for bouquets of flow 
grown ami arranged by a boy or girl 
attending school in Victoria, and it is 
anticipated that a keen competition will 
be the result of the offer; a lady mem- 
ber has promised a special prize for the 
best herbarium, a book id' pressed 
flowers; also a special prize for tho 




No Advertisement Inserted 
lor Loae Than S5o, 




timber l*»i hfiM 

LARGM tckAC*i el 
troTrn-rmnted and 

»»>Jr to B. C. Ltai * I11M, 

best collection of soa-weeds. 

The interest and usefulness of the 
society is thus spreading, and in the 
present forward march of Victoria it is 
hoped the Horticultural Society will 
have its share in educating the tnsto 
and beautifying the gardens in the city 
and neighborhood. The secretary, Mr. 
T. W. Palmer, No. 70 North Chatham 
street, will be pleased to receive money 
and promises of articles for special 
prizes, or to wait upon intending donors 
if further information is desired. 

WANTED AGENTS. KBNT-rmmedlateijr. a well furnish- 

ed house, 7 rooms, pantry, bath room and 
scullery, piano, electric light, hot und cold 
water, sewerage, etc. Price 535 per 
month. Without piano, $30. Inquire at 
premises, 51) North Park street, or of 
Uinkson Siddall. 14 Chancery Laue. m20 

WANTED — If you ever canvassed for any 
thing or ever expect to, t*eud me your 
address and I'll surprise you with 1 
proposition. Wesley Linacott, Brant 
ford. j9 

Those unhappy persons who suffer from 
nervousness and dyspepsia should use Car- 
ter's Little Liver Pills, which are made ex- 
pressly for sleepless, nervous, dyspeptic 
sufferers. Price 'J5 cents. 

Little grandchild— Grandpa, were you in 
the ark with Noah 7 Grandpa — No, my 
dear I was not. Grandchild — Then why- 
were you not drowned? 

AGENTS WANTED— For Swans Dry Pow- 
der Fire Extinguishers. Hustler csn 
mike big money. Write Florence J. 
Chapman, 1530 First avenue, Seattle. mlO 


FOR SALE— Oue cow and two heifers, all 
freshly calved; also Plymouth Rock eggs. 
Apply W. ?. Lovelnad, Lake District. 



Pull of Misery to ISufferers Prom 
This Trouble. 

I is* Symptoms Made Man i lest by a Coat- 
ed Tongue, Bad Breath, Had Taste 
in the .Mouth and Pains Extend- 
ing to the Shoulders. 

Prom the Brockvillo Recorder. 

isulfeiurs from liver troubles find life 
one of almost constant misery, growing 
worse and worse unions prompt step*, 
and the proper remedy lie taken to 
restore the organ to its natural con- 
dition. Mrs. Joseph Leclaire, of Brock- 
ville, was such a sufferer, but has been, 
happily, released from the trouble by thi 
only medicine known to thoroughly re- 
store this important organ to its normal 
condition, once disease has fastened upon 
it. To a reporter, Mrs. Leclaire willing- 
ly gnvo her story for publication. She 
said: "Por a- long tune 1 suffered severe- 
teamer Majestic from : >' imm eoimplicationa of the liver and 

Finishes You with \hz Kind tint 
Builds Up tne Body, 

People who desire to ta 
1.1' the health-giving prop< 
Malt, make use of -Malt Hi 
This scientific and choice 
nf pure, fresh Malt and tb 

liau Wheat. (Malt 
partially predigesti'd 
changed starch, it is 
tizing. The ablest 
the most tryit 

e advantage 
ties nf pure 
ik last Pood, 
mil is mail.' 
hoicest Can- 
iod is 

Breakfast Pi 
contains 110 uu- 
leliciotis mul appe- 
(iod experts after 
and experiments, 


WANTED — To buy or rent small cottage 
with garden. Give particulars and prico, 
V. A., Colonist, J13 

F03 BALE— 300 terea i*f arat-elaaa U, «g 
Oowtehan Lako, areraxlux 80,004 t—t ms 
era; conveniently locate*, aad c*a k« 
loetU rerj cheaply 1 eroirn-f raataA, 
Ap» y B. O. Land & Inrcitaaat AmmmI 
plaited. 40 Gorernment 8tr*»t. 


and Dominion Qoveramemt. **le*hoa« t£ 
Cornel Johnaca and 6*renmeat »tr—t£ 

TO LET — Near city limits, Esquimau road, 
very comfortable furnished 7-rooiu house. 
Apply to II Government street. m21 

TO RENT — seven-roomed modern dwelling, 
well furnished, Including piano; Al li- 
brary, largo pleco of ground. Apply B. 
C. Land &. Investment Co., Ltd., 40 Gov- 
ernment street. ml 

WANTED TO LET— A furnished llat of 8 
rooms und bathroom, one block from post 
office. Appiy II. M. T.. this office. mil 


L HAFHR, General Macalaeat—ri*. m 
Government atreet. 


B. ARMAN LEWIS. 29 Pion««r atr««t. ■» 
■iJmatei faralahei. Pal. «aeA. mt 


PRIVATE LESSONS given In Stenography 
and typewriting. Terms $3.00 per mouth. 
127 Menzles street, Phone B245. m31 

WANTED— To purchase business suitable 
for man and wife. State ■particulars and 
price. A. V.. Colonist . jl3 

WANTED — Good large second-hand tent. 
Address A. B. C, Colonist . J18 

WANTED — Exceptional Inducement will 
lie given persons of standing to act as 
directors in company just incorporating. 
Strictly legitimate, refined and a sure 
money maker. References exchanged. 
Investigate If you wish to add to income. 
Applications win be treated with strict- 
est confidence* Address P. O. Box 234, 
Victoria. J10 

WANTED— Small ImproTod farm on river, 
lake, or sea coa.'.t of Vancouver Island. 
Apply W. care of C. E\ Walker, Esq., 
Snaulchton. JO 

SHORTHAND SCHOOL — 15 Broad Street 
(npstalrs). E, A, Macmilltn, principal. 
Individual Instruction In f!i„rthand, type- 
writing and bookkeeping, 


FOR SALE— Double seated dog cart, high- 
ly, finished, by best maker; nearly good 
as new. Apply T. A. Barlow, 101 Port 
street. j4 

FOR SALE— Well bred bay mure. 
Capt. Spencer, Signal Hill. 


!''OU SALE— A good Guernsey cow, milk 
lug three weeks. G. W. McLelan, Cad 
boro Bay road, near the Willows. jl^ 

St-if;.. 00 ^ 8 ?,*-" Joanaea Straci, 
Sanitary plumblne; jobblna and aat-ej! 
JSr n ^hJ d9 ? * Victoria ax«a< 

for the famoaa Gurncj and Oxfaal 
atoveg and rangea. Belephona «T4 


i-ld reliable; estubliuhed 1885. No. 14J 
Fort street. 

established; country ord»ra asllcltiA 
No. 141 Yatea Street. 

FOR SALE— Cheap, a line (Hailstone, al 
most new. Apply to Win. Mable, John 
(*;>u street. jll 

fully recognize the value of Malt Break 
fast Pond for the morning meal. Thous- 
ands after one trial of Mult (Breakfast 
1P001I, have quickly and gladly given up 
oatmeal and other grain foods that taxed 
digestion. If you nre not vet a user of 
■Malt Breakfast Pood. Ask your Grocer 
about it;- he will tell you it has no equal. 

WANTED— Old clothes to ship North. Cash 
paid. Phone 11518, or 11710. Bittettcourt 
Auctioneer und Com. Agent. J3 

WANTED— A good second hand or rebuilt 
typewriter. Address "11.", post office 
llox •2UG. U123 

Consignees per 
the Sound: Victoria Cooper 
II. Hutchinson, Wilson Br< 
Shoe Co., J. Plerey & Oo.. T. N. Hitmen >v 
Co., A. W. Dean. C. A. Heglesen, C. R. 
King. A. C. Wilson. L. Sherman. S. Lelser 
& Co., R. T. Williams. J. EI. Todd & Son, 
Victoria B. St S. Co., INepe Stationery Co, 


G. ' dyspepsia. I would a wake in the morning 
PatiM-son with pains under my shoulders und in m\ 
stomach. My tongue was heavily coat- 
ed, and I had a horrible taste in my 
mouth, especially on arising in the morn- 
ing. I was constipated, aud at times my 
head would acho so badly that I could 
scarcely let it rest on the pillow. There 
was such a burning sensation in my 
stomach at times that it felt as though 
there was a coal of lire in it. The pain 
was especially severe after eating, and 
for months my life was one of misery. 
A friend advised me to take Dr. "Wil- 
liams' Pink Pills, and I did so. Alter 
using the first box, there was a ma- 
teria! Improvement, and in the course of 
a "few weeks longer I felt that I was 
completely cured. My tongue was clear- 

, , >, ,. ■ 1, oil, the bad taste left my mouth, the pains 

always contain poison. Baby s Own lab- disappeared and I 
lets are what is needed to put the little I 1 '„.„„ ' * 

Waltt, Wilson Bros. 



The average baby is a good baby— 
cheerful, smiliug and bright. When 
he is cross and fretful it is because he 
is unwell and he is taking the only 
means he has to let everybody know- 
he does not feel right. When baby is 
cross, restless and sleepless don't 
dose him with "soothing" stuff* which 

(Furnished by the Stuart Robertson Co., 
Ltd., Mining Brokers. 23 Broad street.) 

*RoF«land, June 12.— The following were 
the closing Quotations on the Mining Ex- 
change today: 


American Boy . 

Pen llur 

Black Tall „ 4% 

Canadian G. V. S -P4 

OarllKK) MeKinney 12% 

Centre Star 2-~>Vi 

Fairvlew Corn Wa 

Giant 1 

G ran by Smelter $5.50 

Lone Pine— Surprise Con ... 1 

Morning Glory ^ 

Mountain Lion ....... 

Nortith Star 



Rambler Cariboo 


San Poll! 

Tom Thumb 

War Eaele Con 1 


. White Bear 


American Bny, 1.000 at 4Vj. I. 1 
Cariboo MeKinney. 500 at 11% 
Giant. 2,000 at 3K-. 
Rambler, 1,000 at 10. 
Payne. »00 at 12%. 



one right, (live a cross baby an occasion- 
al Tablet and see how quickly he will 
be transformed into a bright, smiling, 
cooing, happy child. He will sleep at 
night and tho mother will get. her rest 
too. You have a guarantee that Baby's 
Own Tablets contain not one particle 
of opiate or harmful drug. In all the 
minor ailments from birth up to ten or 
Bid. twelve years there is nothing to equal 
the Tablets. Mrs. W. B. Anderson, 
Goulais River, Out., says: "iMv little 
boy was very cross and fretful and we 
got 110 rest with him until we began us- 
ing Baby's Own Tablets.. Since then 
baby rests well and he is now a fat, 
healthy hoy." 

You can get the Tablets from any 
druggist, or they will be sent by mail 
at 25 cents a box by writing direct 
to the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., 
Brockville, Out. 

1 5% 









1111 as well as over 
I was. Before faking tho pills I suffer- 
ed from bronchitis at times, but it has 
never since troubled me. I can recom- 
mend Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to any- 
one who suffers as 1 did." 

Dr. Williams' Pink Pilln restore heaith 
and strength by making new, rich 
blood, thus strengthening every organ in 
the body. They do not act merely upon 
the symptoms, as ordinary medicines do. 
but go directly to the root of the trouble. 
In this way they cure such diseases us 
liver und kidney troubles, rheumatism, 
paralysis. St. Vitus' dance, heart troub- 
les, sick headaches, anaemia, and the ir- 
regularities Hint make the lives of so 
many women one of constant misery. 
Do not be persuaded to take any sub- 
stitute; see that the full name "Dr. Wil- 
liams' Pink Pills for Palo People" is on 
the wrapper around every box. If in 
doubt, the pill* will be sent postpaid at 
50 cents a box or six boxes for $2.50, 
by addressing the Dr. Williams Medicine 
Co., Brockville, Out. 


Notice Is hereby given that we Intend to 
apply to the Board of Licensing Commis- 
sioners ut their next sitting as a Licensing 
Court for a transfer of our license for the 
sale of wines and liquors by retail upon 
the premises situate on the north side of 
Johnson Street. In the City of Victoria, 
and known as the International Hotel, to 
George B. Howard. 

Dated this 23rd day of Ma v. 1P03 

Ely their Attorney -in-Eoct, 


Eucalyptus. Boiler Fluid 

Removes aud prevents scale, corrosion 
purl pitting, lu boilers and feed pipes. 

Will greatly reduce cost of fuel and boil- 
er repairs. 

Can show flattering reports wnero used 
In tho British and United States Navies; 
also from the leaillne steamship lines and 
boiler Insurance companies. 

IRON woitlCS. Pembroke St., Victoria, 
B. C. Teleohone SS1. 


We the undersigned feed merchants of 
Victoria do hereby agree to close our stores 
during tlie months of June and July on Sat- 
urday afternoons ut 1 o'clock. 

R. BAKE It & SON. 


Mcdowell & rosie. 
sylvestkr peed co. 
scott s peden. 
jas. townsley. 


NOTICE— Wanted, at 88 Johnson street, 
ladies' and Gent's .secoud hand clothes. 
Booth. mil) 

WANTED -Clilnraey sweeping, no mess. 
50c. Smoky chimneys cured. General 
bricklayer, cement tiles. 4 Broughton 
street. n2£5 


TO RENT— Light housekeeping and bed- 
rooms with all conveniences. 133 Fort 
street. J13 

TO LET— One of the finest and best fur 
ui.slied room.; In city, with hoard, in con- 
venient and most desirable locality. Ap- 
ply "H.", this office. J. 

ROOMS FOR RENT — In private residence, 
charming locality, all modem conveni- 
ences; suitable for gentlemen or ladles 
who want a quiet, retlued home. Address 
It. It., Colonist Office. 

MRS. A. FLETT Ha« openeo a private 
boarding house at 115 Menzlea street, 
wtiere she can accommodate a limited 
number of boarders. mlO 


Ohurch Cathedral Is vacant. Applicants 
nre requested to apply by letter to The 
Rectory. Jll 

FOR SALE — Sloop Dawendeena, 10 tons 
For particulars apply J. II, Greer, 40 
Vates street. j3 

FOR SALE — Now ready, late cabbage 
plants, 25c. for 100: 500 for $1.00. Cauli- 
flowers, 50c. per 100. Tomatoes, 25c. per 
box of 12 plants, at Mt. Tolmie Nursery 

FOR SALE— The barge "Canada," 700 tons 
capacity, sheathed with yellow metal; 
first class steam winch, 5 inch centrifugal 
pump. For particulars apply to Victoria 
Machinery Depot. ml) 

factory: 127V4 Government St. F. Jeune & 
Bro., Proprietors. m4 


MISS BEST— The famous Phrenologist and 
Palmist. Gold medalist, at 42 Pandora. 
Can read you from childhood. m22 


DRESSMAKING— Just from the East, Miss 
A. Williams has opened her dressmaking 
parlors at No. 1 Hill street. ui23 


TO LEASE— Nine acres on Fairfield road, 
with 8-roomed cottage, stabling and out- 
houses, complete; large bearing orchard, 
talanee in hay. Apply B. C. Land & In- 
vestment Agency, Ltd.. 40 Government 




dorhlll and her pupils, June 10th, 1003. 
A. O. U. W. Hall. Commence S:15. Ad- 
mission 25c. JlO 

All mineral rights aro reserved uy the 
Ksqulmalt & Nanalmo Railway Company 
I v.lthln the tract of land bounded on the 
r ,, ( l south by the southern boundary of Comox 
District, on tlie east by the Straits of 
Georgia, on the north by .the 110th parallel, 
and on the west by the boundary of the 
EJ. & N. Railway land grant. 


LauA Cohimlsslonef 

fl?r F. W. Stevenson.) 

New York, June PJ. — The following quo- 
tations ruled ou the Produce Exchange to- 

Open. High. Low. Close. 

Wheat— ■ 
July 81% 81% 

Chicago Corn — 
July 4S% 48% 

Liverpool Wheat — 
July Cs. 3%d. 

Meteorological Office, 
Victoria, Jane 12. — S p. 

The barometer pressure is very Irregular I nowad 
over the North Pacific Slope. A Qow bar- 
ometer area of some intensity Is central In 
Hie valley of the Thompson, and Its move- 
ment 'has been accompanied with thunder- 
atorms with high temperature both at 
'Barkerviile and Kamloops. These condi- 
tions have caused a rise In the Eraser riv- 
er, mill the evening reports show that at 
Glitlllwuck the water Is only -I.S0 below 
the high-water murk of 1804, and a fur- 
ther rise may be expected Saturday. Good 
rains have fallen both here and on the 
Lower Mainland, and Hie weather has 
8m 81% been cooler, especially near the cons'. In 
the Northwest fine weather continues. 


Victoria 53 

New Westminster 50 

0s. .1 


Ottle Liver Pills. 

Must Boar Signature of 

See PaoSlmilo Wrapper Below. 


Kamloops 58 SS 

Barkervliae 46 82 

Calgary 40 TJ. 

Winnipeg 52 84 

Portland 54 <V2 

Sun Francisco 50 00 

For 24 hours from 5 a. in.. (Pacific time) 

Victoria aud Vicinity: Moderate or frcwh 
southerly winds, mostly cloudy and 
cool, with showers. 
Dower .Mainland: Light or moderate south- 
erly winds, mostly cloudy and cool, 
with showers. 

Report for 24 hours ending 5 p. m. Ob- 
servations taken daily at 5. a. m., noon and 

p. 111. 

5 a.m. . 
Noon.. , 
5 p".m . 

The vdl 

were as follows 
5 a.m 

Deg. Deg. 

.55 -Mean 37 

.CO Highest 01 

.50 Lowest 53 

iry and direction of the wind 

Very onroll and as erjry 
to toko oa sugar. 

..2!) 040 



ti cttrts I P«ttfly Vegetable, 

1 1 ii^r~r~^n*j.u>.i> 

«AVt«Jt>M*v : ,,. i .__ j 


.12 miles southwest 

Noon „. 4 miles south. 

6 p.m.... 24 southwest. 

Average state of weather — Cloudy. 
(Rain — .11 Inch. 

Barometer at noon — Observed.... 

Corrected. . . . 
Barometer at 5 p. m. — Corrected. 


Evening reports received hy the Victoria 
'Meteorological Office. June 12th: 

Qucsnel— Friday, 5 t>. m.— Water has 
'■'.'.sen four inches sln-ce S a, m., and Is 
still rising. 

Kamloops — Friday, 4:30 p. m. — Water 
has risen three Inches since 10 a. m. 

Yale — Friday, noon — River Bias risen 10 
inches since a. in. Thursday. 

Chlllhvack— Friday, 7:.TO p. m.— The river 
rose tliroo inches In 24 hours ending 7 a. 
m. Gouge reading today, 71.00: gauge 
reading high-water mark. 1804, 7G.40. 

It was a church wedding and the church 
was handsomely decoraited with flowers, 
the nlr being laden with their fragmnce. 
Just as the ceremony was about to hogln 
small Edith exclaimed !n an audlhlo whis- 
per— "Oh. mamma, doesn't Jt smell awful 
biiletna In here?" 

"Which do you think should lie nmro 
highly esteemed, money or brains?" 
"Brains." answered Mukecash. "Rut 
iy« the only way a man can con- 
•eople that he has brains Is to gel 



Indicates a Iluu-Down Condition, Kx- 
haitsted l'hiergy and Poor Blood. 

Thousands Atc Anually Restored 
Kerrozone — The <hise of .'Mrs. 
U. Cross, of Wake- 
field, Out. 

"I was in pour health nearly all lust 
winter," writes Mrs. Cross. "My ap- 
petite was variable. I was weak and 
unfit for work. I suffered a good deal 
from nervous headache and palpitation 
of the heart. My digestion was gen- 
erally out of order. By spring time I 
had lost llesh and color, and had a bud 
cough. The doctor didn't help mo very 
much, so I decided to try Ferro/.one. 
It did me ever so much good in one 
week. I gained strength, looked und 
.felt a lot better. When I had used six 
"boxes of Ferrozono I weighed myself, 
and found a gain of fifteen pounds. 
Ferrozono rebuilt my constitution nnd 
made me a new woman. I consider 
iFerrozono worth its weight in gold to 
every weak woman. It cures quickly 
anil saves big doctor's bills." 

(M^JtS.) K, CROSS.- 

This is one case among many hun- 
dreds where Ferrozono lias restored 
ailing women. It is the best tonic to 
take at this time of the year, when Hie 
system is weakened after tlie hardships 
of a trying winter. Ferrozono puts new 
strength nnd -vitality into tlie blood. 
It cleanses the system of all impurities, 
improves the appetite, and aids diges- 
tion. Ferrozone builds up sinew and 
muscle, drives away sickness, nnd 
brings health anil happiness to all who 
■use it. 

Kvoryono needs medicine at this .par- 
ticular season. (Springtime is hardest 
on health, nnd the average constitution 
needs a stimulating tonic. Ferrozono 
ifills; every requirement of nn invigor- 
ating spring medicine', nnd costs Jess 
than one cent per dose. Buy a box of 
Forrozone today, and drive "away that 
tired, worn-out feeling. Price. 50 cents 
for three week's treatment. Six boxes 
for .$2.50 at cniggiste. 

IFerrozone Assures (Health. 


Notice Is hereby given that Port Simp- 
son Land aud Improvement Company, 
Limited, will at tlie expiration of thirty 
days from the date hereof applv to his 
Excellency the Governor-General in couaell 
for a grant to the foreshore rlghis In the 
Port Simpson Harbor In the Province of 
I'.rltlsh Columbia adjoining the east frac- 
tional thirty (30) chains of section four 
(i) township one (1), range Ave (5), on 
the official plan or survey of tlie coast 
district in the Province of Krltlsli Col- 
ombia, of which said hinds the said 
ccmpany is the registered owner and no- 
tice Is further given that the plans of the 
sulil foreshore have been deposited with 
tlie Minister of Public Works ut Ottawa 
und with the Registrar of Deeds at Vic- 
toria. It. C , pursuant to tlie statute 

Solicitor for Applicants. 

Dated 11th May. 1003. 



This Desirable Eesidential Property, consisting ot 
9 acres, is now sub-divided into City Lots. For 
sale by B. C. Land & Investment Agency, 40 Govern- 
ment Street, 



TO LOT — Comfortably furnished front 
rooms, with use of kitchen, if required. 
13!l Michigan street, James Hay. J13 

TO LET— Comfortably furnished rooms. 
Terms moderate. Apply &0 Yates SL 


'lit LET— A comfortable room with hoard. 
Address Cottage, Colonist office. jll 

i TO LET— Nicely 
i 170 Johnson. 

front rooms, 



Tenders will be received hy the under- 
signed, till Tuesday, 10th, nt noon, Tor the 
erection of a two-story frame dwelling in 
South Turner street. James Buy. Plnns 
and specifications can he seen at 10 Sim- 
coo street. The lowest of any tender 
not Necessarily accepted. 



TO LET — Housekeeping rooms, furnished 
or unfuruhahed. Strand Hotel, Johnson 
street. m30 

TO RENT — Two furnished rooms, with 
bathroom. Apply after p. in., VXl Van- 
couver street. m30 

TO LET — Two nicely furnished front rooms 
private. Gentlemen preferred. Apply 
North Pnrk street. 

TO LET— Ground Moor rooms, suitable for 
gentlemen or housekeeping rooms. 1512 
Fort street m!2 

O LIST — A Well furaishad room. 
Yates street. 


KOR •SALE — Six roomed cottage, near 
Ileacou II111, close to car Hue. Modern 
conveniences, lovely situation. Easy 
terms. Address "Poplar," Colonist ot- 
like. J 10 

WANTED — Girl about 17 years of ng. , for 
light housework. Required to sfleep at 
home. No children In family. Apply 51 

First street. Work Estate, J13 $.1000 — Flve-roomea cottage, oath 

FOR SALE — Three good cottages 'In differ 
ent localities, with all modern conveni- 
ences. Every one a bargain. Helster 
man & Co. mlil 

WAsNTHD— Young lady for light b 
keeping. Apply 133 Quadra sljreet. 

WANTED— A good general servant. An 
ply Mrs. H. R. Young, 177 Superior St. 


Jlglit, corner lot. can also purchase furni- 
ture at u low figure. Apply B. C. Land 
i: Investment Agency, Ltd., 40 Govern- 
ment street. nl5 

FOR SALE — JIOOO — Five roomed cottage, 
bath, corner lot, ou monthly Instalment 
plan. Apply B. C. Land & Investment 
Agency, Ltd.. 40 Government street. inl3 


WANTED — To purchase pnylng store «r 
office business: not more than $1,000 cost. 
Must stand strict Investigation. J. B., 
Colonist, J13 

TO RENT — Remington typewriter; Qrst 
Class condition. Apply GO Colllnson St. 

TO RENT— During the summer, good sta- 
bling for two or three horses. Apply 24 
Rao street. m31 

FOR RENT— Two unfurnished rooms. 175 
Cliathain street. mlf> 

WE WOULD LIKE to put a copy of The 
Advertising World Into the iiamla of ev- 
ery person who Keeps any kind of a store. 
May we have your address? — Tlie Ad- 
vertising World. Columbus. Ohio. »2f! 

TO LET— Large brick house. No. S3 Gorge 
road. Possession 7th of June next. Ap- 
ply Mrs. M. Uumber. m22 


»TOR SALE — Iiiuian cunoi ma of 
Indian baskets, chea», ironi tfl* Indian 
trader. U. Studthasen, 71) Johnson ttre*t, 
Victor!*, B. O. Mr. Stadthagea tradea 
direct with tho Indians and »elli their 
toodj at half tho priced you pay elae- 
•vuere. Over Indian Dasketi Id 
etock. Note the address. 71) Johnjsoa St 
H. Stadttiaaen. the Indian trader. 


I'OIl SALE— 113 acres, nve miles from city, 
with valuable water frontage, GO acres 
under cultivation: >vell adapted for fruit 
growing. Price very moderate. Heister- 
maii & Co. mSl 

FOR SALE — Several small farms, live acres 
and upwards. For particulars apply to 
Hdlsterman & Co. m31 

FOR SALE — Two good farms In Cowichan 
District, close to Duncans. Uelsterman 
& Co. m31 

WA.XTHD A nurse girl. Apply Mrs. AMI- fSoO— Five-roonied cottage, central, facing 
son, I'ostars road. Esquimau. j!) south. Nice garden. Apply B. C. Land 

WANTED— GItJ to do light housework in 
small family. Apply at 275 Fort street. 

WANTED — Woman to do housework toy 
the day. Apply 10 Ilellot street. mlO 


LADY with no encumbrances, wishes 
position «s housekeeper. Would take 
charge of a home during absence. Ad- 
dress M., Colonist J12 

YOUNG LADY, experienced stenographer, 
holding teacher's certificate, desires posi- 
tion about • middle of July. J. M. L.. 
this office. J10 

WANTED — Situation as 'housekeeper; coun- 
try preferred. A. M. v.. Colonist office. 


WANTED— By reliable Scotchman, position 
as shipper, salesman or. collector; not 
n f raid of work. Address D. L., Colonist 
office. jl3 


LOST— Purse, containing small snim of 
money. Finder liberally rewarded. Re- 
turn to tlds office. .113 

& Investment Agency, Ltd.. 40 Govern- 
ment street. mlO 

FOR SALE — Water front lot and Al dwell- 
ing, modern, handy to car and within 10 
minutes of post office; very cheap. Ap- 
plv U. C. Land & Investment Agency. 
Ltd., 40 Government atreet. ml 


TO RENT — Four-roomed cottage, furnish- 
ed; Mower connection. A. Williams k 
Co., Ltd., 10-1 Yates street. J13 

FOR RENT — Exceptionally line residence 
and large grounds at Oak Bay. Tenibcr- 
ton & Son. J13 

TO RENT— Furnished or unfurnished six- 
roomed house, 51 South Turner. Flint 
iv Co., ID Trounce avenue. Jll 

TO LET— 'Nice cottage on Onk Bay avenue. 
G rooms, with bath, pantry tuid store- 
room. Good slahle nnd chiehen house, 
two largo lots In garden; vegetaMcs and 
small fruits. Apply "Max", Colonist. 

TO LET — Several yery desirable houses 
wS'.h modern conveniences. TJelstermnn 
& Co. J6 

TO LET AND FOR SALE. — A flat con- 
taining 10 rooms, modern conveniences, 
centrally located, the furniture of which 
is for sale cheap, G rooms are sublet to 
steady tenanta. Apply B. C. Land itc 

Investment Agency, 40 Government St. and tal'e contracts also. Chon* Iloo'.t 

FOR SALE — Acre property, very desirable 
for residential purposes. Inside city limits, 
J150. An acre upwards. Very ensy 
terms, if required. Uelsterman & Co. 

FOR SALE — Ranch, 150 acres, nonsc, orft- 
bulldkngs, orchard, 3 miles from Cowl- 
Chan station. Rex., Colonist office. m28 

NORTH SAANICH— Tnree very good farms 
for sale in this District. For particulars 
apply B. C. Land & Investment Agency, 
Ltd., 4 OGovernment street. f a4 

FOR SALE— Water trourage, 22 acres, 
within miles of Victoria; running 
stream of water, a* weH ns salt water 
frontage. Open to ofT>c. B. C. Land c 
Investment Agencr, L»i'-, 4i ft> t e-rnment 
•trot. ml 


ON Household Goods; Pianos: Organs; 
Horses: Carriages; Farm Wagons, etc. 
Payments monthly. Address Rox, 207. 
City. mTI 


started at 25% Store street. In city of 
Victoria, B. C. We will try the vnry best 
to accommodate every one who wants 
any help of any kind. Give o» a call and 
I will fill whatever agreement calls for, 


MRS tit). LINES — oaneral ^(*Tea4«j 
yards, cte.. cieiutkl. ardors oromitly 
attended to. fiolephon* iUJ. Sons*, tsj 
Yateg Street. 


Office and mills. 148 GoTirutaant BtlMl 
A J. Morley. proprietor... 


SAVE your carpets by having them clon- 
ed at the Sanitary Feather Works, cor- 
ner Fort and Blanehnrd streets. I*hone 
392. Hurd & Ward. Proprietors. a7 






L. O. L. 1428 meera 3n Sir 
William Wallace Hall. Broad 
St.. first and third Wednes- 
4ays In each mouth. W. O. 
Wallace. Master: F. Allett. 
Viritlng brethren In good 
S2SS_i Handing are cordially invited 


JOSEPH H HANKY — Office. Bfi Wiart ft, 
Telephone 171. 

GREEN'S TRANSFER— The largest furni- 
ture van In the city. Residence and 
stand, 105 Pandora street, Victoria, B. C. 
Telephone G46. m22 


phone II, 

A DBA? CO.— Vela. 


nard. 41 Pandora Street. All klnda a 
photographic material for amateur* a£t> 
professionals. Kodaks, nocoea, coronal, 
premos, etc. Same block, lira. R. May 
nard's art itadlo. Views ef BrltlsV 
Columbia and Alaska (or tale. 

Same Block — Maynard's bso* ana ftmllu 
fto.-e. 41 Pandora Street. Boota. shoes, 
leather and shoe findings. 'Phone 860b. 


Dealers In hardware. Iron. nine, flttinifl, 
and braga goods. Wharf 8treet. Vlcterlli 

H. G. PRIOR & CO.— Harflware and aerl> 
cultural implement!, corner of Johaiev 
and Government Streets. 

— Importers of Iron, steel, hardware, 
plpe-nttlugs, cutlery, etc. Mining aad 
milling supplies a ineelaltr. 


MOORH t WHITTINGTON — 16» lated 
Street. Estimates given: lob work, eta, 
Telephone 750a, 

THOMAS CATTERALL — 10 Brolu Street 
Alterations, office fittings, wharves re- 
paired, etc. TeleDhone 829. 



THE DOMINION — Victoria. B. O. OeU 
modern tlrst-class hotel in tho city. Rates, 
$1.60 uer day and upwt-i'ds. 8. Jones, 

win and Store Streets. Bar supplied wlta 
b"«+. brands of wines, liquors and clear* 
Good rooms In connection. Open «Ut 
and night. Lorenso Reda. Droorietor. 
HOTEL SIDNEY — Only IT miles from 
Victoria, one of the most attractive re- 
sorts ou Vancouver Isiund; good roads, 
line halting, two miles beach, view uu- 
""surpassed. Hotel rate $1.50 pox day. 
Wm. Jensen, propr. 


HOTEL BLACKBURN— Rates por dayf. 
American plan, $1.'25 to $1.75. l^hiropean 
plan, rooms only, OOc.. 75c.. $1.00. Free 
bus to and from hotel. Westminster 
avenue, Vancouver, B. C. Telephone 
SOT. A. T. Blackburn. Proprietor. 

summer reoort on the Coast. New antf 
up-to-date. Rates $2 per day. Special 
rates tor families and regular boarders. 
Ferry service every hour to and from 
this hotel, foot of Carrall St. P. Larson, 

HOTEL DOMINION— Abott St.. Vancou- 
ver, B. C. Convenient to railway and 
wharves. Rates $1.25. $1.50. Free ban 
jo ami from all trains and boats. P. 
Barnes. Proprietor. 

STRAND HOTEL — European or American 
plan. Rates $2 a day; good rooms. 
First class cafe In connection. 

BADM1INTON — Popular resort for tourists. 
$2 and ud. J. G. Clarke. oroDrletor. 

HOTEL LELAND— Corner Granville and 
Hustings streets: one block from depot 
and steamship wharves: $2 a day. 

THE COMMERCIAL — Turkish baths; best 
J2-a-day house In the city. Prescott & 
Ueywood. Proprietors. 


HOTEL COLONIAL — Opposite Court 
House. Best hotel In town. Rates from 
$1.50 up. John E. Insley. Dropr. 


TO LET — Two well lighted and airy office* 
in The Colonist building. Steam heated, 
with vault room » -lealred. Apply Colon- 
let office. nm 


Work guaranteed. Prices m •derate. Mrs. 
Smith, 89 Pembroke street. • Tetonhone 
U38. • 18 


Choice Farming Property 
For Sale 

Time Up At 

Noon Today 

200 awo Cowichnn T>!?triet; K'-xrf cottage and outbuildings, orcbard, etc. ; 
05 to -JO acres cleared; within easy drivim,' distance of Oc/bble Hill or Dun- 
• lean's station; pood shooting on the property, and within easy reach of good 
flahlng. This choice residential and farming property to (or sale at a very 
reasonable price. 



Library Plan Competitors Must 
File Drawings Before 
One O'clock. 

Big Blaze at 

Dawson City 

Board of Three Judges 
Get Down to Work at 


T. G. Wilson's Warehouse is 
Destroyed With Loss of 

Governor Congdon Predicts a 
Very Large Output For 
This Season. 

Tolophono 413. 

$1.75 Per 100 Pounds. Free Delivery 



On the Yukon 

Ice Breaks on [Lebarge Carry- 
ing Jetty Built By 

Ajax Brought Machinery For 
the New C. P. R. Steamer 
Princess Beatrice. 

A Pawson despatch received yester- 
day morning by tile I'noilie Count SS. 
.(',,. of thi« city gives the welcome news 
that the Yukoti river its now u t en from 
While Horse ii> Dawson und iiavigu- 
tion has coiniuenced in earnest. Much 
freight lias been accumulating at White 
Horse, the sheds there being well tilled. 
Must of (he iceiu Luke Leburge, which 
was the only way Mill ice-blocked, wnsc 
broken nn Thursday nioruiug, ami it 
was expected that steamers would be 
able to leave White Horese that night 
lor Da-vson. lull it was not until yes- 
terday morning that the steuriiwheelers 
were' able to get away, and then the 
vessels had to 'tight their way through 
much float ire. ' The steamers were 
thronged, for om -1UO people inbound 
to Dawson ere awaiting the opening of 
navigation at White Morse. It in ex 
pected that there will lie heavy pastscli- 
ger list* on the downward steamers, lor 
the up-river sternwheelers were crowd- 
ed when tliey left Dawson, ami several 
are now about due ar White Horse. 

When the ire on Lake Leburge broke 
on Thursday ii caused considerable 
damage. tine hundred feet of the. big 
Canadian government jetty head at Le- 
burge has been washed away. The 
sands that accumulate, filled- the chan- 
nel the jolty attempted to make. An 
engineer <s:iys the jetty is pruetically a 
failure. The lirr-t mile and a halt' oust 
."jtlTfi.tXlO. 'Steamers have taken the old 
rhannel. It is doubtful if" the water will 
be deep enough for the entire season. 

The evening of Lake Leburge will be 
bailed with great satisfaction by the 
Dawson merchants, for the markets of 
the Klondike capital are more reduced 
than at any time since 1MIS. Staple 
lines are nearly all exhausted. A splen- 
did nentary on the thrift of t!i" 

people is shown in the fact that at mnnv 
distant creeks they are refusing to buy 
goods, the pliees being extreme. But- 
ter has been at SI per pound v\ hob-sab'. 
(Relief is expected next week. There is 
no suffering, but trade is stilled await- 
ing cheaper prices and new goods. 


The Kinross, Well Known Here, Is to 
lie Owned Locally. 

A company lias been formed to ac- 
quire the 'British ship Kinross, which is 
well known at this port, having, in com- 
pany with tin' Antiope, been engaged 
lor some years in carrying' coal between 
Ladysmith and other Island mines and 
Honolulu. The IS. C. C.azette of this 
week gives notice id' the incorporation 
of the 'iShyi Kinross Co., Limited," as a 
limited company, with a capital of $41,- 
KIKI, divided into (H shares of $700 each. 
To purchase or otherwise acquire the 
ship Kinross, now registered at the port 
of Liverpool, together with all her limits', 
furniture, lipPillTl and other requisite 


Ajax Brought .Machinery for the C, P. 
K. Steamer Being Built at Esquimau. 

The steamer Ajax. now at the Ocean 
Docks, discharging cargo, brought the 
machinery lor the new ('. I". It. steam- 
er Princess Beatrice, which is being 
built at Ksqiiiinnlt by the Bullens. Sev- 
eral smaller shipments, including tin' 
propeller, shafting, etc, arrived recent- 
ly by the steamer Keemiin of the China 
.Mutual line, but the main portion of the 
engines, including the cylinders, crank 
shafts, bed-plates, in fact the whole 

Sydney, Australia. The coal ship My- 
lomene, which has been discharging car- 
go at Esquimau, has completed putti ig 
out her coal, and will lie up awaiting 


Queen City Returns from Trip to Quat- 
sino via Ports. 

Steamer Queen City returned from the 
West Coast yesterday afternoon, after 
a good passage to and from Quntsino. 
She carried among her passengers sev- 
eral sealing men, including Capt. Jacob- 
sen, who went to Barkley Sound to ship 
a crew for his three-masted schooner, 
which is expected to he ready by the 
2f>th to ship her supplies and sail north 
for Bohring sea. and Capt. II. Hughes, 
who went to Ueluelet to endeavor to 
.-hip a crew for the Otto, and Capt. Mc- 
,Lean. The Indians want lj!(5 a skin, but 
the majority of those schooners which 
went out for the hiirinu- cruise have 
their crews, having signed hunters for 
the entire season. The ClayoqUOt store 
is said to be paying $15 a skin to the 
I ndia ns. 

The passengers included 110 miners 
from Qnatwiuo Sound. The complete list 
was as follows-. Young, Kuyuier, I'', 
(ireen, (iilman, 20 miners, from Yroka; 
('apt. McLean, from Ahousaht; 'Hon. 
10. Dewduey, from Sidney; W. .1. Sut- 
ton, Cartel'. Turner. Brewster, John 

Abels from 'Ckiyoquot; R. Daykin, 

-loseph, from Carmnuah; Johnson and 
AYiggs, from San Juan; ('apt. Jacob- 
sen, from Baiutield, and Capt. Hughes, 
from L'cluelet. 

The steamer will sail again for the 
('oa>t on Sunday night. 

Today at 1 o'clock the time for hand- 
ing in plans for the Carnegie library 
competition expires, and at that hour 
the city clerk will baud the same over to 
the committee of judges, made up of 
W. W. Northeott, John Adam and Wil- 
liam. Henderson. 

It is believed that at lenet six of the 
local architects are submitting (plans, as 
about that number of circulars giving 
the details of the scheme have been is- 
sued lrom the city clerk's otlice. Anion 
the competing architects are Mr. Kid 

A special despatch received from 
Dawson under date of Thursday, says: 
"A destructive tire this morning de- 
stroyed property valued at #--{,000, in- 
cluding a building and contents. The 
.lire originated in T. <>. Wilson's ware- 
house on the corner of Third and Queen 
streets, and none of the property lost 
was protected by insurance. 

The heaviest losses are the parties in- 
terested in what is known as the deal- 
ers' pool in egga, their loss being esti- 
mated at SjO.WO. Sawyer & Carroll 
owned of the eggs, the other 
owners being the North American 
Transportation & Trading Company, 
Shaw iV Morgan, Clark & Mercereau 


way Wilson, Thos. iSorby and Hooper McDonald Trading Company, Dominion 

Commercial Company, Deshris-uy und 
T. (i. Wilson. 

Wilson's individual loss amounts to 
$.1,000, consisting of the building in 
which the produce was stored and a 
quantitv of perishable merchandise. 

Other losses sustained consist of dam- 
age to hay, oranges and potatoes, owned 
bv the several concerns named, to the 
extent of from $100 to $300 each. 
The origin of the lire is unknown. 
The merchants of Dawson evidently 
expected navigation to open on Luke 
Leburge considerably sooner than lias 
developed, for as early as live weeks' 
ago prices, especially on perishable 
goods, which would naturally be rushed 1 
through first, took a decided tumble. 
Onions fell from IS cents to cents; hay, 
which had been firmly held at 13 cents, 
sold at 10 and as law as 9% cents a 1 

& "Wntldhs. 

It is anticipated that the judges will 
require at least one week in which to 
arrive at a decision in the important 
matter of awarding the laurel wreath 
for excellence. When that point shall 
have been decided, the next step to- 
wards the erection of the building will 
be the railing for tenders. Two weeks' 
notice will have to be given intending 
contractors, so at least another month 
will elapse until the library matter 
passes finally from the hands id" the 
City Council' to the builders responsible 
for the erection of the structure. The 
plans and specifications call for a build- 
ing estimated to cost not more than 
$45,000, upon the site chosen by the 
ratepayers, said cost to be estimated t > 
give a building complete in every re-pert. 

e««IMMIH«ltl«tll oeiltlMIMIIItOMIttttttDII 

iThe Seattle 
that the C. I' 
steamers of th 
port, which i.- 
head, is a very 


R. has absorbed 
.' C 1'. X. Co. This re- 
published under a big 
belated one, as the trans- 

f the steamers took place three 
years ago. and the formal change of flag 
took place six weeks ago. The Seattle 
paper, commenting on the change, said 
l he C. 1'. I!, would now be in a position 
in dictate rates. 

Steamer Vosemito sailed yesterday 
morning for the Eraser river, carrying 
some heavy shipments of groceries and 
supplies, about 100 tons in all, which are 
to be transhiped to the steamer Heaven 
and that vessel will make a special trip 
to Port Douglas, to laud the supplies 
which air for Mr. Purcell, the trader at 
that point. 


. t Id 

;s for 

A lady of grout (beauty and attrac- 
tion, who was an ardent admirer of 
Ireland, crowned her praises of it at 
a party by saying, "I think I was 
meant for an Irishwoman." 

"Cross the 'Channel, madam," n 
wit replied, " and hundreds will say 
you were meant for nn Irishman!" 

So ii'i'ii is the suffering of many people 
who endure the slinging, itching sensa- 
tions of Eczema that they speak of the 
skin as bring on lire. By its soothing, 
healing, antiseptic influence. Dr. Chase's 
Ointment positively cures Eczema, Salt 
Rheum, and every form of itching skin 
disease. It is of inestimable value in 
every home, and when once introduced 
becomes a household necessity. Dr. 
Chase's Ointment is the standard the 
world over, and lias no worthy rival. 

Twenty cases negilee outing and re- 
gatta shirts, all the latest styles and pat- 
terns, just to hand. It. Williams & 
Co. * 

Roys' man-'o-war sailor straws at oOo., 
75c. and $1.00. B. Williams & Co. 

Two rases English Norfolk suits, with 
knickers or long trousers, just to hand 
B. Williams & Co. 

Three leaders in Refrigerators— tl. .= 
'Branlford. Labrador and Telephone— 
these three are sold by Weiler Bros., 
Who have many other ••Summer Ii 


Argument Concluded in Milne vs. Mac- 
donell, and Judgment Reserved. 



Counsel engaged the past few 
in presenting argument in Milne vs. 
Mitcdoliell, concluded yesterday after- 
noon, jlldgmi lit being reserved. 

Cave vs. Macdonald was then taken 
up. The plaintiff and defendant were 
architects in .Nelson. During the part- 
nership, Macdonald was appointed sup- 
erintendent of the construction of the | 
Nelson post nlUce, and the salary went 
into the general partnership funds. I 
.Macdonald gave notice of dissolving I 
partnership, whereupon Cnve claimed ■ 
that the profit from the uncompleted job' 
was a partnership asset to be accounted . £ 
for on a winding-up. Chief Justice ' 
Hunter, before whom the case was tried. !' 
held the contrary, and the plaintiff is I 1 
now appealing. R. Cassidy, K. ('., audi! 
\\ elhy-Snloinou lor the appellant, and 

II. Dull", K. ('., contra. 

including book-stacks, plumbing, lira;- ! I""'"' 1 .-.. E 
ing ami lighting apparatus, and all other ''")',■'.' !! 
accessories, excepting ordinary movable • 
furniture, and. complete, ready to open 
for public use as soon as furniture and 

books are installed. No f r prizes 

lor architects shall, however, h ! includ- 
ed in the $43,000. 

judges -hall re- 
ubmitted. placing 


The board 
port upon the 

th,. best three in order of merit 
plans of any building shall be i 
ed which, in the opinion of the 
shall exceed in cost the sum of 
The competitors submit, w 
drawings, a typewritten letter, i 
d, giving a brief description 
uihling and calling attention 
oints of interest in the uesign i 
mist ruction, or in regard to the 
f beating or ventilating ii. not 
i t ho dm wins-.. The a moon; n 

■ d too 
to any 

via I '. c 
f Honey 

which had sold at $32, 
ui-nt down to $28. The 
ggs on hand in the city at that 
time was only about 300 cases, and as 
Ihe average consumption is in cases a 
day. the dealers let down the price 
rather hurriedly. Potatoes held up b-- 
raii'-e th,. supply was small. 

The steiumr Humboldt, which arrived 
al Seat lie mi Thursday, brought down 
an |h rough passengers from the Yukon. 
Lake Leburge wns reported still lull of 
in- at the lime of her sailing ami 
travel from the interior had not begun. 
Two men w ho had arrived at Skagwuy 
by traveling around the edge of the; 
lake reported the ice thick, but rotten. 
■ ■•.id expi etcd thai it would go out about) 
tic hitter end of this week or the Hrsti 
ol next. I he water and 'temperature 
are rising. The river is open from the 
lower end of the lake to Dawson, and 
when tlie lake open- there will be a 
trenii minus rush with tee freight uc- 
iiinulated and that now en route. 

to be employed in decoration mid 
ing, the number of cubic fen in ll" 

building, as shown, and its supposed' Governor Fred. T. Congdon. of the 

per cubic foot, and the lota! cos:., Yuk..n. had just arrived in Skagw.-iy 

CcPo!R e Strike 

machinery built b; 
engine-builders ; 

( )c 

gllh-s will lie pill i 
built al Ksquimalt 
and il i> e.\,;>ei led 
be launched befor 
passed. Several o 
machinery, eoinpri 
the new C. I'. R, 

i well known linn of 
Paisley. on the 
ig discharged at the 
o scows. The on- 
thr hull now being 
as soon as possible, 
that the vessel will 
inanv works have 
the '.HI packages of 
ing the engines of 
trainer, were qmt 

heavy lifts, two bring Ii; l»ns in . I lie 
slings. The heavy pieces we;-", how- 
ever, discharged without difficulty by 
'he Victoria and Vancouver Stevedoring 


No 'Survey Held on Lamornu, and Re 
pair- Will Not Hi; Made line. 

L .,|l bet the Humboldt left. lie confident- 

j ly predicts that the output of the Klon- 
Uike will be larger this year than it 
ndlwiis lasl. The people of Dawson are 
unanimous in this belief, and tin- un- 
covering nf vast areas of new ground, 

ning. ventilating, and lighting appar- 1 j^ffi"" b^pu't^ven-^.e'in Tlxt 

atus, plumbing and gas piling, rlert ric ™ - Un ■ ; . " ils >"'< ullt '» 11 sau 

wiring mill fixtures, mantels, everything! MI,K , n,00tl - 

which, us has been said, must nn cs 

Tlio plans shall show tor pro] 
method and ii iTiiugeineul of heating 
ventilating ihe building. The total ci 
Ihe building, including I k-stncl 


IS WHAT. VOU NERD, and what 
you will get us soon as you see the 
latest in , „ ^ 

Scotch Tweeds, 

Call today and make your choice. 


.10 Fort St. Meri-baut Tailor. 

At***-* »sx-' m 






AVe have Just received a large con 
slgnineiu of Record i ami Macfbtnes, 
which In point of volume of tone, 
simplicity of construction and dura- 
bility are positively unrivalled. In- 
spoction Invited. 

Telephone 8S3. 
03 Govern ineDt St. 

Very Important. 

iCoutlnucil From Page One.l 

I'. Ii. K. E. because their aim was to 
take in all the other unions. Tins' 
would he unwieldy. If the engineers 
struck, some one would he on the couH; 6 !' 
mitlee of settlement who knew nothing) 
about engineers' duties. The other) 
unions nlso objected to ihe 1". 1'.. R. E. 
He would, if possible, have the arbis 
(ration board anticipate a jftrike. He 

light the siiL'L'rsti f the Chief, 

truck they! 

but furniture, is limited to $-15,0(10. 
The laud on which the building is y 

It is esiiw-ted that the iir 
ers from thr Klondike to e< 

t passeng- 
ne out by 

posed to ! reeled has a frontage nf I of 'he Lake Lelmrge steamers wiR 

arrive on the Dolphin, due Wednesday. 

till feel on Vutes street by 12(1 fen 
IBlanidiurd street. The building is to 
be of two stories with basement. The 
ml Hour i- to be at least live feet 
o sidewalk level mi Vutes street. 
The building to be Hush with the line 
of Blancliard street, and sel hack live 
feet from the line of Vates -t rei !. and 


suggestion ol 
before unions 
would he required by law .. . _ 
'I heir grievance with a Supreme Court; 
judge, « as a good one. Then the ot her 
side could register theirs. lie nlso 
thought ihe suggestion a good one. thab 
there should be » public investigation) 
"f labor difficulties required bv law.' 
'that is if thr compulsory arbitration 
scheme was found impracticable. Ho 
though! the government should appoint! 
'ho judge io he chairman of the nrbi-< 
trillion hoard. He thought the presi-' 
dent of ,1 company, or a labor orgnniza- 
'ion had no right to -lop a public ser- 

have a frontage of l.">0 feet ;i 
on those street.- respectively. 
The main entrance to be 

street and proper m nmodat 

janitor L to be provided in 

Thr exterior of the bllildill? 
and Blancliard streets to he 

Do feet 

for t iir 
ii base- 

| Thr latest mails from Alaska tell of 
I the steamer Clifford Sifton making her 
! second trip between Dawson mid the, 
lover end of Lake I, charge. 

Lake Henneil had about cleared of 
ice and Ihe route to Atlitl is expected T>> 
he open today or early next wc-k. Work 
ha- been commenced on several prop- 
erties in Ihe Atlin district. The trails? 
i to sonic mines have been impassable for 
the last three week-, but are now open- 


; Corner of Store and Herald streets, and 
j adjoining the Telegraph Hotel, size WedlM. 
] Will he sold at 12 noon on Saturday, June 
| 20th, at my sale rood. 68 Broad street. For 
| -ill part leulf rs nee 
' iThone '-til. W. JONES, 

Diuii. Govt. Auct. 


in Vute 
if slum 


od to the hull and fittings of Ihe vess"l 
diirinir her tempestuous voyage to this 
jiort, having been damaged when labor 
ing in a heavy gale encountered off Clipi 
Home. It was thought that a survey 
would have been hold while the vessi' 
was discharging here, and speciiticatin n 
secured for Ihe work. The Albion Ire 
Works would have Been likely to 1 -.V< 
tendered for the work, but owing to i In 

To the suggestion 
tion board would be 
Marpole said he tl, 
thought both sides v 
go before the board. 

that thr t,rbitra J 
overworked, Mr. 
ought not. Ho 
•mild hesitate to 
There woubj be 

and the rooting mate 
per. And the Interi 
generally in lirst-clai 

Tin- building to lu 
city, but provision for g 
out the entire buildim: 

The plans and spei 
which a contract shal 
shall be the property in 
oil and remain in the 
council, und shall not b 

The latest advices from While 
Horse are to the effect that Lake 
j LuBurg-e may open at any hour. The 
White Pass Company has seven steiim- 

l ers r ly to st irt. Five hundred tickets 

• is to be linished |,.,ve been sold. There is a stampede to 
style. a rich placer strike in Atlin. 

lighted by elect ri t 



I of -late 

made through- 

or Htnetlded without the 

at ions 
ave ll 
ir Citv Cm 
study 'of 
i lilied, alt 

1 lr- 



l'oiie Xlli.. ii ; s reported, u 
Klttlnus for Ids portrait to a 
coninilssionril by King Kdward VII 

ill glv, 

The British ship Lamornu mis ..... , . .. 

■I been sm-veveil \ snrvev , ,- fpw «' r strikes. Me thought, when ll 

(hut Ihe gnvernment should lake the ini, largely 
liative and steji in the breach. The. 
Chief Justice here remarked, -and com-' j 
pel the employers to operate their mines! | There 
or whatever may he by taking back the! funeral 
strikers or getting someone else to runl , took pi 
thrill." Mr. .Marpole assented to this. 'i family 

Mr. Marpole thought youn 
were intoxicated by 
fancied or real .pow 


Attended anil Many Ham 
Floral Offerings. 

was a brrge 


Otriee 5S Dlanchard Street. 
Phoneg— Otrice. 13518. Ees. B710. 


Thlo month, at Ancton Room, 125 Fort St., 
New ami Second Hand Furniture, Tools, 
etc. Must he sold at greatly reduced 
prices. Sales every Wednesday till goods 
aire all .sold. 

W. G. EDEN, 
Auctioneer and Commission Merchant. 


iittnedance a 
Isaac Walsli, whb 
nee yesterday afternoon from II 
residence. An abundance of flori 
Unions' trMmtes were presented, i he following he- j 

unpleted, .: is 1101 
will now be held 
isel will leave sln-'-.- 
ind after di.-cliarg- 
goes to Tacjma to! 

shiji being about 
likely thai a sun 
a! this port. The 
ly for Vancouver, 
ing her cargo titer 

The W. ill. Smith, which lias been ly- 
ing idle al Port Angeles since her ar- 
rival on May (1th, was towed to Che- 
niuintts yesterday to Joad lumber for 

esults from common soaps: 
eczema, coarse hands, ragged 
clothes, shrunken flannels. 

I t ecu V" 

'Dr. Ch.i- 

•."czemn's itoh is lortun 
ems on tire with Ihe bun 


Ihe sk 

v the tboiio-lii nP 1 ln - tl 'e sympatlietlc donors: 

0. , ,1 , , \„ iu. ll W.reaths-Mr. and Mrs. Brad Mr. ami Kcz 

1, .11,11 win, Mnj _ Williams, Mr. ami Mrs. .1 .1. Wn-lK-h. 'seems 

ivc the ohVr .hev m wrre'7lTe nim'-e'"."^. • ' , '|-»' 1 V' rsl , f ' ^t' r h ?-\ gn ° Me *W 0,ltn ," ing humor; al t s it becomes almost 

servative weie the more con-| ,^„ TCh Jdr and to. Klnsnnin Mr ^uril 1Iu benrnWc, ami in desperation yon 

•I. II. Watson was also examined byl ' .Mary and Alice* Hodge. 'Mr. and' Mrs. ! eo ' ,ld ^nr the «kin to pieces. Vou dure 
the run. mission. He said lie had or- -Mason. Mr. ,1. Baker. Mr. and Mrs. 3. H. j no1 .exercise lor fear ot aggravating 

On Balance of 


A few lengths of tbose SEW ZEALAND 
WOOLLENS unsold. 

Best of material, workmanship guaran- 


Direct Importers, Victoria and Vancouver 

.••••••••••••••••«iV«« *•»»«»« •••••a* •••«•• 

N\ O N E Y 

/\t Low Rates. 


28 Fort Street 

S3 m 


ufi ^ 

Foot soles are cur/ed and soft^ 
Shoe soles <ire flat and hard ! 
Breaking in new shoes invariably 
means shaping the foot soles to the shoe 
soles, till wear moulds the insoles to the 
curves of the feet. 

The RSSILIA is the only shoe 
which conforms to the shape of the foot 
sole immediately, from the first moment 
it is borne upon, and without any 
"breaking ill." 

It does this through the compressible 
nature of the resilient, elastic, cushion 
hsk centre-sole, which is placed between the 
M leather insole and outsole, instead of the 


;:crap filling. 

Observe foot sole in picture cf lower 
shoe beneath. 

FOR MEN $5.50 AND FOR WOMEN $5.00. 


Sole Local Agents 

Slandsome Bmingroom 


At Bedrock Prices 

For a Few Days 

—AT Till!— 

B.C. Furniture Co.'s Store 
Government Street 

$7. $8, $10, Btc. 

$14. $17. $20. Etc 

$2.50 Up. 

Extension Tables from 


Leather Seated Dining Room Chnlrs 

These are nil of latest designs and Rood value?. Satisfaction euarauteed in eveTy 
purchase. 1 

J. SEHL, Manager. 


50 Wharf St. Teleplcne 737. 

1-11 Water St. 


v-»\-/1VI1 r\L v I PROPRIETOR 

Manufacturers' Mgents, Appraisers, Etc. 


All Types and Capaciiies 
Iron and Wood Working Machinery 

I tjiuiized 117 iiiiioiis. He thought the best 1 
•lions were the International, ns n iinnu 
011 Id by belonging to one of them cell 

Brown, Mr. mid Mrs. 0. It. Smltih. Mr. i the ilelnng, neither enn yon sleep, for 
mud Mrs. it. II. Walker, Rev. Mr. and Mrs. 110 sooner does the body become warm 
Itowe, Mr. nud Mrs. Scott. Mr. and M'H. tliatl the trouble lie-ins, und instead ol 

work iiiiywhere on the continent, lit* l^er. Mr. ami Mrs. Dedinguam, Mr. 1 rest ful, refreshing sleep, it is scratch 

iidinitt.'d I linl many unions did not live, 
up to their contracts, and that they eer-. 
tainly should. He rend a letter fromj 
tin- president of nn international iinion- 

which said, in effect, referring to a local Snndwlth, Mr, J. Levy, 
dispute, that tile men must live up to 1 II ._ Stephens: plllmv, li 
their contract with the C. 1*. It., and if) 
they went out in sympathy with another 
union, they would have* their charter 
revoked. Commissioner Howe stated 
that there would be 110 antagonism 

'"cr"'!,,,.^. MoNaugfrton, Mr*, j ^f"' »W" "'»«• 


Aj.U for tuo Ortajim Bnr 

Wilson, ' Cant, nud Mrs. niclss, Mr. «ind Mrs, . .loaeph IlrieK-mnn. Gilbert 
Jlrs. J. AV. Walker, Mr. und Man. A. It. 'Plains. Man., writes:—"! have msed 

MDne, Mr. r.nd Mrs. C. Gowan. Mr. I. Dr, t.'linse's Ointment with g 1 snc- 

Mr. nnd Mrs. It. ( . ( , s <. ip or f tot* n years I wns troubled 
Bonauets-Mxs. Tl,>sen. Mr? Ami Mrs. r. "J vi ."' i , tp,lI »'-'- hitming, skin disease, and 
Spencer, Mrs H Orlbble, Mr 15 10 Briiffc. tjic( ' miin y remedies, all to no avail, 
Mr. ami Mrs. .1.' Quntcir.' Mr*. Klniey nmi « nr 'l 1 usei! Dr. Chase's Ointment. This 
family, Mr. ami Mrs. Russell, Mrs. '.Muir- projinrntion gave immediate and last- 
head, MIssoh PlemliiR, Mr. and aire. Dalov, ing relief, and I" would not be without 
anil -Mid. S. Kle.ld, Mr. nnd Mrs. T . it for anything, nH it is worth its weight 

in gold:" 

i Dr. Chase's 1 Ointment is antiseptic, 
soothing and healing. It cures every 
form of ife.hing skin disease, and 
jenves the fdf'n soft a ud smooth as vel- 
vet; (iO cents a oox. fit all dealers, or 


ions, the 
A. W. 

rniilled tl-nt lie would throw them outj <ii!iirteriy iitTIeial hoiirds of MelTmiolitai'i iChuse, the famous receipt lio.ik author, 
of the union. , .. fMetfliodlst cUwren; Crescent, 'Mrs. J. Brown, are 011 every 'box. 


P2 Government Street. 

atramst unionism, if all unions wero so; Grice, Mr. und Mrs, J. it. G.rlce, Mr. and 
constituted, Mr. Watson was hard dill Mrs. It. IloindnB, >fr. and .Mr--. P, Dvkes, 
the Socialist element, wli'ch eternally' 'Mrs. Camp. Mr. and Mrs. D. MclVingMan. 
preached Hie doctrine of discontent.! I und Mrs. N\ Shakespeare, Mr. and 
Commissioner Rowe suggested, "IrreconH ! Ww. Whitfleld;— 

eiNble anla,,,,,^ , ; etwe ; m cajdtal and, • fe?g^ %5i £~ 

•wHnVss wasrisk,,! 1," the Chief JnsOc* ^ ^^T'V'j^ ^"risori, Bates nnd Co.. Tor,,, 

what remedy he would suggest regards Mrs] Minor, 'Mrs. Brenent star, Mi. ami W?*** y0 " iniitntioi 
ing the Socialist; element. The witness! airs, steers: anchors, Trustees of (tie portrait and signature of il)r. 

Tacoma Athletic Club 

Iron and Steel Plates, Bars and Shapes. 
Steel Rails, Billets, Blooms, Forgings, Etc. 
Elevating- and Conveying Machinery. Steam 
Vessels, Yachts and Vessels for Every Ser- 
vice. Hardware and Engineering Specialties 
Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc. 

«00OOCOO0a09OO90(tO«OO00O9COOO4 9C«00fi0OtOOOaOO00»0«9 



Friday, at 6.30 p.m. 
Saturday at 3 p.m. 


lSJaZSS : '' ;: !'^ , 'T7 ; nxpected to Be Struck In a Few Dave. • 

Buy Alaska-Kayak Oil Stock 

NOW AT 10 CENTS A SHARE. F, r full information and sample of oil, <ipt>»y 
to • ,' 

2 14 Trounce Aye. ' ''' ; Broker. • 



He Doesn't Have to Serve Lobscouse and Dandyfunk Any More- 
Carries on His Work in Excellent Quarters— The Old-fash- 
ioned "Doctor" and Successor in the Ship's Kitchen. 

TII10SH days of mighty steamships 
— leviathans that duy by day 
g>ut<h the white sails of the old 
time commerce-carriers farther 
anil farther from the direct routes of 
trade- — have worked revolution in the 
lives of the men "who go down to tho 
sea in ships." To some those changes 
have worked a certain woe. There is the 
foremast hand who once "was weatherly 
Tviso aloft, knew how and •when to reef 
and furl, could Kteer the ipluugiufr packet 
into the froth of a Kale by the shiver of 
the foresail leech, and work wonderful 
devices -with a mariin *T>iko and a rope; 
and who now is a deck washer, a scrub- 
ber of .paint, and a 'booster of (passengers' 
luggage. On the other hand there is the 
pea cook, once the despised and derided 
"doctor" of the sailing shii>*. a man 
With two dishes which were worth while, 
one of which was "lotiseouse" and the 
other wasn't. Today the sea cook on the 
liner is a functionary, a man of mark, 
drawing a salary that would make an old 
timer greeu with envy, having satellites, 
attendants, and understrappers galore. 

The struggle of the old-time een cook 
with his limited larder, his unhandy sur- 
roundings, would have been ludicrous 
had they not been fraught with too deep 
a signitiennce to the hungry crew; this: 
made them pathetic. The cook is a regu- 
larly 'articled member' Of the crew on a I 

the "hot pie" reduced to uunourishtug 

Even'with smiling skies and everything 
going his way the sailing coot's life is 
by no means u merry one. His galley 
is on deck, often forward, just where n 
good .boarding sea can soak it, anil where 
he Igets the full fling! and semi of the 
rollers. 'How lie keeps XKits on the stove 
in :i jumping sea is a question which ho 
could mot answer himself, but he must 
manage it. "Perhaps the small size of his 
galley helps, for its space is usually not 
more' than sis feet by 12, and he can 
stand in the middle and reach almost j 
anything without jumping for it. Then 
again the restrictions are such that he 
is not apt to have his pots brimming 
over. On most sailing vessels the sea 
cool; is limited to two quarts of fresh 
water daily for each man, and with this 
In' is expected to produce a full quart of 
coffee, a pint and a half of tea, and a 
pint <>f pea soup. It will be seen that 
clever management is needed for tins 

On three days of the week he has to 
make duff of bread instead of jpea soup. 
The ingredients for this duff, or bread, 
arc a half pound of tlower per man, some 
fat boiled from the salt beef, generally 
known as "slush," and the aforesaid 

an extra bucket of water. The amount 
of water on a long voyage is necessarily 
limited, and the usual service does uot 
admit of '"lobscouse." 

Having the water then, Heaven sent, 
or otherwise, this is how "lobscouse" 
is made. Take the salt beef and \pork 
scraps remaining from (previous meals, 
cut into junks and heave into a pot. 
Smash up some bard tack with a belay- 
ing piu and heave iu about an equal 
quantity with the meat. An onion and 
some pepper, if obtainable, will add to 
the flavor. .Cover with water, let it sim- 
mer gently, and serve hot. 

"•Dandyfunk" is n sort of nautical gin- 
gerbread. You ;mt hard tack into a can 
van bag and pound it with a sail-maker's 
mallet until it is reduced to minute fra 
incuts. Mix to a paste with water, 
molasses, and carefully selected "slush." 
I'ui. iu a baking pan and bake until 
brown. A little piece of ginger of course 
adds to this delectable dish, and is avail- 
able if the steward is feeling good ua- 

"Dog's body" hardly merits so un- 
propitious name. It is really "dandy- 
ifuak" with the molasses left out 'and re- 
placed by the day's allowance of pea 
soap and some bits of tfine chopped pork. 
Onions must bo obtained, either by cajol- 
ery or treachery, added, and the whole 
baked and served hot. Sometimes the 


Where the Up-to-date Sea Cook Prepares His Savory Messes 

sailing vessel, ami this is no nominal ser- 
vice. At the cry "all hands on deck." he 
may have to leave his Settles, no matter 
how critical the moment. On some shi^s 
it used to be the cook's especial duty to 
tend the fore-sheet. When he came back 
the soli bread 'was burnt in the baking, 

< Jasfonomie luxuries on the sailing men thenwclve 

ship include such luxuries as "lobscouse" 
"ila ndyfunk" and "dog's .body." "iLobs- 
couse" is, withal, a simple luxury, but it 
has its draw-backs for it can be made 
only after a heavy shower of rain or at 
such times as the' stewaril can be pre- 
vailed upon to be generous and serve out 


this dish from 

the remnants of preceding meals and, if 
the cook is feeling well, he puts it in 
the oven for them; if not, it has to wa't 
over till a more auspicious day. 

iSueh were the table luxuries served by 
the old time sea cook, and it must be 
confessed that he did as Well as he 

To Tone Up the System After the Trying Indoor Life of Winter- 
To Enrich and Purify tho Blood— To Revitalize the 
Nerves and to Gave Strength to the Body, 

Many mothers find themselves in a run-down condition in the spring-, and it is little 
wonder when you think of how they are usually confined to indoor life during the winter, 
and not infrequently have children or grown persons to nurse through long spells of 

Irritability, sleeplessness, nervousness, tired, languid feelings, headaches, back- 
aches, dizzy spells, discouragement and despondency are among the annoying symptoms. 
Later developments are nervous prostration, paralysis or some form of weakness or irregu- 
larities which bring endless troubles. 

PVlrs. Thomas Peacock, 23 Hia- 
watha street. St. Thomas, Or.t., and 
whose husband is conductor on Lhe 
Wabash Railway, slat:s : — 

piitc run down in health, was 
ous, diil not sleep well 
cut dizzy spc'.ij. i'.chevinft 
■ the result of an exhausted 
vstcm, I began using Dr. 

r'ooil, and can say that 
inc diil ttie a world 01 » >d. 

freed me ot the i,ymi>toms 
ive, built up my health gen- 
• to-day I feel that 1 am 
quite well again." 


Mrs. Symons, 42 St. Clair street, 
Belleville. Ont., slates : — 

"Some weeks ago 1 began a course 
of treatment with Dr. Cha >c's Nerve 
1 occ; ami loir-; '■ i> ver- ... : 1 tl try, 
medicine. 1 was formerly troubled 
with nervous exhaustion and .1 weak, 
fluttering heart. Whenever my heart 
bothered me ( would have spells of 
weakness and dizziness, which were 
very distressing. By means of this 
treatment my nerves have become 
strong and healthy, and the action of 
my heart seems to be regular. 1 can 
recommend Dr. Chase's Nerve Food 
as an excellent medicine." 

Because of its marvellous blood*building qualities and excellent revitalizing influence on 
Hiie nervous system this great food cure is the most satisfactory treatment for a run-dovavi 
condition of the system that science has ever devised. By noting your increase in weight 
while using it you can prove for a certainty that new, firm flesh and tissue are being added 
to the body. 

1 50 cents a box, boxes for $2.50; at all dealers or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronto. 

, To protect you against imitations the portrait and signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt book 
author, are on every box of his remedies. 

i. WO- Wo will forfeit $500.00 If those testimonials aro not genulao. 

Imitations come; Imitations go; 

But in tlie face of all and every kind of competition the "Standard" 
for counterfeits holds the market now as it did over sixty years ago. 



could, surprisingly -well under the circum- 
stance!*. iSucli at' one would be lost in 
amazement, however, on n modern liner. 
Serve "lobscoucse" on any one of tin? pas- 
senger ships ot the Morgan "mecger" and 
where would you be'.' Not one of these 
but serves a daily menu equalled only 
in the very best and most expensive ho- 
tels. Here is not one cook, but many, 
and the duties are divided so that, each 
may pursue his speciality. Take one o! 
the American line vessels, for instance, 
where American ivaget. are paid and 
things are done in American fashion. 
There is the chief coo':, earning $G0 a 
month, n second, who sets tf-10, and a 
third receiving $25. There is the French 
cook, a chef, drawing $50; a lirst vege- 
table cook, i?25; and two more at $17. 
There aro two scullery men who draw 
$1/7 each, and' nil this Imposing array is 
for the first cabin alone. 

For the second class there is fctiH an- 
other chief cook, drawing $37.50 a 
month; 11 second, who gets $25, and two 
more-receiving $17. When you come to 
the third class— the steerage as we used 
to call it before the biic improvements 
that were made in recent years, when 
"third class" on a boat like the "Cedrie" 
or "Celtic" means more than "cabin" did 
once on a time — there are still three 
ks, first, second and third, drawing 
$32.50, $20 and $17, according to their 
respective importance, The second and 
third class passengers have 110 French 
chef as yet, though with the improve- 
ments nod luxuries added year by year 
to the great ocean liners, it is quite jios- 
sible thait these will arrive in due season. 

.V similar service prevail*) on other 
first class liners, though it is worthy of 
note that -waste do not range as high, 
as a rule. The highest wages are in- 
variably paid uniler tlie American flag- 
on shipboard at all events. 

Among all this array of highly paid 
and highly skilled professionals the old 
time sea cook would no doubt be figur- 
atively, as well as literally, "at sea." 
Vet it is probable that not a single liner 
cook could properly prepare "dog's body" 
or "daiidvfunk." Instead, he has at his 
service ail the luxuries that modern lilu 
ashore, can command, The world is 
drawn upon for Ids supplies and such 
material as goes to garnish the larder 
of the finest hotels are at his beck and 
call. Deep in the cavernous hold of the 
great ship are a dozen storerooms, pack- 
ed, locked, and guarded, and from those 
he draws as occasion demands. From 
the refrigerating rooms, iced by special 
machinery run for that jHirpwso aloue, 
the ship's butchers bring meats and cut 
them to his taste. There is tho poultry 
and game room, tho fruit room, the but- 
ter and cream room, the vegetable room, 
all a part of his storehouse. In the 
latest modern ovens bakers bake bread 
and cake for him. A confectioner pre- 
pares dainties and serves ice. cream from 
the ice cream room, where it is kept 
frozen tho voyage through. And so it 

But if the old time cook wore amazed 
at all this he would he still more aston- 
ished at the liner's galleys. In the Phila- 
delphia or New York of the American 
line— iu all the big ships, 'for that mat- 
ter— flieec are placed low in the hull 
amidships where there is little to he 
feared from the motion of the sea. There 
is a galley for the first class, another for 
the second, and still another for the 
third. While in some ships the food for 
the crew comes from the third claeis 
galley, on others it. is cooked in a special 
galley where there is a first and second 
cook, especially for the crew. In all 
these every modern apjplianco is to be 
found, just as would he the case in the 
hotel ashore, and, indeed, the labors of 
the cook on a liner differ little from those 
in a city hotel Iwhere two or three 
thousand people are fed daily. The same 
appliances, the same supplies and the 
same results are all found there. The 
f.pace is rather more circumscribed than 
in a hotel, but it vastly exceeds that to 
which the old sailing vessel eooli is ac- 
customed. There is room enough to do 
the work without crowding, and that is 
all any cook may ask. 

The modern liner cook is no longer a 
sailor, die wouldn't, know a reef point 
from a belaying pin if the two lay side 
by side. lie is 110 longer required to 
bo able to "band, reef, mid steer" but he 
can broil and brew to a nicety, be can 
manage a gang of bakers, stewcrs, anil 
roasters, and he knows to the dot the 
ingredients of a thousand luxuries o£ the 
palate that one would expect only in 
king's houses. His scullions wash the 

dishes by machinery and clean tho sil- 
ver iu gangs. The crew of the ]in<>r eat 
the best of modern food, cooked witli 
skill, and the old allowance of two qaarts 
of water to & man has Jong since ceased 
to hamper the cook's output and test 
his ingenuity. Ho himself is hired iishore 

in tho same way! and from the same 
sources that a cook for a hotel would 
be hired, and he has his sjiecinl state- 
room and even his allowance of wine with 
meals. The sea cook's lines have surely 
fallen in pleasant places and his path is 
one of peace. 


BiiiOiMS and Ms&^ii®^ 
Sick Headache and Constipations, 




McGill University, Montreal. 

A residential college for the women stu- 
dents of MeGIU University. For particu- 
lars of Matriculation: Scholarships, Courses 

■ Di-vees, Terms of £ .ildenee and other In- 

\ lonrmiSoo, address 

Eoyal Vletorli Colleae. Montreal. 

They cure Giddiness, Fullness and Swelling after meals, Dizziness and Drowsiness, 
Cold Chills, Flushings of Heat, Loss of Appetite, Shortness of Breath, Costiveness, 
Blotches on the Skin, Disturbed Sleep, Frightful Dreams, andallNcrvousand Tremb- 
ling Sensations, etc. The First Dose will ^ive relief in twenty minutes. This is no 
fiction. For a Weak Stomach, Disordered Liver and Impaired Digestion 
the" act like "Magic". Every sufferer is earnestly invited to try a Box ot these "ills, 
am. .hey will be acknowledged to be WITHOUT A RIVAL. 

BEECH AM'S PILLS taken as directed, will quickly restore females to complete 
health. They promptly remove any obstruction or irregularity of the system. 

Sold by ull Druggists In Cunailu and U S. America. In boxes, 25 cents. 

Sheets and Paliern 


• - nulr.-.l hy r.: B MimU uhrouil. 
<><i for go »1 Usto in bdection. 

"» m CTrareMMPgnro K^amryrr rrFrrm ra a an . WMW fi w mr- w r- u EBBS ap pxiszsBTjini 






Tenders endorsed Gaol "Supplies," for 
the supply of Bread, Deef, Gri*--erlen, Cloth- 
hie; and -Uoul, for tlie use of the said insti- 
tution from the 1st (lay of July next, to the 
ROtb June, 11)04, will he received hy the 
undersigned up to Monday, June the 22nd. 
.Samples of Groceries, Clothing, etc., can 
be seen at the Gaol, Topaz Avenue. Ten- 
ders to state price of coal per ton of 2,000 
pounds. All supplies to be delivered nt tiho 
Gaol as required without extra chnTH©. 
Oatmeal, brooms, brushes and all articles 
required for use in the contra** to be of 
provincial manufacture, as far as practica- 
ble. The lowest or any tender not neees- 
sadly accepted. 

R. F. jora, 


Juno 4th, 1003. 



)AJY & CO. 

13 BROiD RT. 

Peter Steel s New Bar 

Hcst brand of Wines, Liquora and Olgvirs, 
First Olaan Hot Free Lunche* day and 

Entrances frctn both Broad and Tatea 

Bnsa' Ale on draft. All draft beer? 5 
cents. Telephone 870. 

LTPMancnesier, eng.| 

IF ANY MEMBER OF YO T JR KAA1ILY uniTmii. ft a c $K t~»-» 

the taste fcr liquor can ha removed permanently tiy j 1 1 K I" & § 

giving TaBteloss s.-imarla Prescription wjcreUyia Uwl,lbl| 

nnifitl' ' 00d or drink. Failuro iruposuible. I'rec dnmplo. i\rA»r>Pl> cw 

CHINK tesaffi$$g& & ffi s^ft**.^ SECRETS 

PARTS of the BODY 


VivorouH, Ntitiirnl Condition* established nnd sus- 
tained. Complete, Rapid I't-vclopmeiit uC .Normal 
functions cin<i hlzv. _ An unfailing", scientific method 
porlcded by cajicnanoo: cmtort-erf by Inkiest author* 
itv. Full rurconn; ot Uio ayaiem, witn references, mailed 
lu plain, 3caU;d hitter on renucU, Strictest coniMenc* 
observed. W e especially soiloSt Inquiry from men who 
have bmi.i dbfeiv'fd and victimised by the quacks. ■< 



nacelved .anotrer Bmpment of Pralria 
Stnte Incubators. Now is the tlmo to place 
7oar trdera and go Into chicken ral»ln«. 
I have aIf«o received u few Pauam* Par- 
rots which will make flna woeakorg. Gat 
one before they are all Kone. All kinds 
?f B'oeil and Poultry .scDDlle*. I. M. 
N0DEK.. S 8tor« atCML 




Bacteria That Spoils Milk and Others That Help to Make 
Batter and Cheese — Interesting Investigations to Be Un- 
takon This Summer at the Massachusetts Institute of 

HOW to keep milk sweet; for tho ,best 
longest possible period it* a prob- 
lem that has interested lioutse- 
■wrvcs on a uinnll ami dairymen 
mi ;i larjfe scale ever since milk became 
a household necessity. Only within very 
rex-en t years, however, has there been 
any vi<silile hope, that a way may. J'e<- 
he ifouud to postpone sourin;r Tor an lu-j 1 h 
deiiuitu period, without oven the neces- 
«ity ot eold storage. During these re- 
cent years the modern ueieuce of bac- 
teriology ''as discovered the secret of 
this inconvenient phenomenon; the dairy- 
man no longer lilames tlie cow for pro- 
ducing a substance that will inevitably 
curdle hut curses a goodly number of 
bacteria that gens into the milk, after- 
ward ami sour it by the production of 
certain chemical changes. 

These bacteria are so numerous that 
they have not yet been completely inves- 
tigated, although the subject has been 
under careful investigation in many Cou- 

acterla for the butter maker, havo 
found means, to cultivate these particular 
dairyman's assistants in what are called 
".pure cultures," and these "pure cul- 
tures" arc now used in butter making 
in much the same fashion as prepared 
yeast, which is another result of 'bac- 
terial assistance, is used ill the bakery, 
use has developed during the last 
ars to such an extent that June 
butter, formerly obtained only in spring 
.anil early summer, is now produced 'by 
many dairymen straight through the sea- 
son. The .rune butter of a decade ago, 
that is, -was due to the presence of jiar- 
ticular bacteria, not present earlier in the. 
year, which have 'been captured and are 
now widely cultivated by expert bacter- 

What has been accomplished in the 
way of furnishing the proper bacteria 
for butter making points naturally to 
the linjie that the same thing may bo 
accomplished in the processes of cheese 
So far, however, although 

mau"ivallv work hand in baud in the im 
[uwement of modern dairy products, foT|';<'»'; 

a un- 

are different bad 
loiibctdly responsible I'm- the widi 
riety of cheeses. If ii were possible to 
select and cultivate these different bac- 
teria, it would follow that the production 
of cadi kind of cheese could he reduced 
an almost mathematical science. 

O'Reil, Apostle of 

Cheerful Things 

Throe nations deplore the death of tile 


Just as different kinds of bac- 

HcientHic why and wherefore of ™" u ™MXmV 
methods that the dairymen have evolved i , _ _ _ 
through centuries of practical experience 
.ltul practical experience in the dairy b as 
always given uneven results and the 
direct value of the new partnership lies 
in the gradual elimination of everything 
except the particular bacteria that are 
uiosl kindly disposed toward the milk 
producer. A series of invcsligatioi;:- "' 
milk bacteria, for example, is to be car- 
carried en tids summer at the Massa- 
chusetts Institute of Technology that 
limy or may uol enable the dairyman tu 
nffset the unfriendly efforts of blie little 
luicro-orlguuisin that sours his milk, but 
will uiiquestiona'bly add much to his 

knowledge of the same micro-organisms " '"i"''"' ""■ m.-«ui ui w 

„„d Uefeforo considerably advance the U^^T^ ^'$11 n" , ""'"""i 
dairy business toward this much desired «« | * »««n> »». Max ( Re II, the good 
, „„..„, I at I satanst, the cheerful pluloso 

, ■ , , i , „i i m „««• l' l,or ' ha * um,1 ° ilLs ''"=1 J''-'- He under 

Oven with the general k no . led; go now- ■,„,„,„, thu E , |l(h ^ y 

aday« oi the universa presence, o lbe*o [ujJ r J i Vwit ., 1IunU| , ho FreuoJl thai| 
bacteria many of hem iijunou, „„ |fl ug i is | linull< al „, ,,„, Alm , riL . llna 
mankind but a greater nunihe, do u ter ,, themselves. I u 'Loudon and New 
their work for .bis direct or indirect bene- j ^ w „„„ 1 ^ d 

probably lew persons out., do the ,.,,„„„,. w „ 1( .„ u „, [u p Jlpis , : 
rankM of dairymen and m . n 1 , s s „.„,„,,, fls ,,„, m „, t ; , r l:il ,; is . h . 

reah/e how important they ire > > > ,„„„. I lis books found ready sale on 
marketing ot milk and especially in its „„,,, ,,, m ;„..,,^ . his vi ,„ vs we ' | Ut 

evolution into 'butter or chees e , 11 ere L, ,„ wjUl ^ w , w-riuiw. 

are indeed, comparatively few bacteria iu | nUBhw , .,, „.,,„„ ,,,„ int01ltiw> vvilti 
the milk until it reaches the an on s , | mmoroll!l _ ,,, f , M , 1{ „ M 
■way from the cow to the milk i an. J? h« trellted . t , IU mnke uo ;„,„,,.,„ 

utile journey is long enough to admit t^ <n . r| , 

h lange number ot mu ro-oi gauw i s and lloglw;tetl misunderstood. ".John Bull 
t ie milk itself ,s so a 1> CO for „„,, ny Ih , ,.. f d . „wr«cia. 
tbeir growth that they increase « ..ion, and made the tortune of ,l,e , utbor. 

marvelous rapidity, the dairyman linu« g; U(H! ,\ ol : , , , 

in u,,,,,, a two-fold character rough y ^ e .^/^ s ^ vu ^Te^ilo^, 
speaking, they are a curse to . tl e mil .j „„,, h ^ 

seller and a blessing to tho makers ©r th nanus of iealousv which have tor- 
cheese and butter. If no bacteria got , , ™ in f h r " ^ l,0 ^ , ax %Vr" 4an « 


became one of the chief apostles <>f 
•erfulness. Or 'was his life the result 

niicii'iia iniutiinii^ »ium*i ..v..--.^- • 

have acquirwl its taste for bread and. 
butter or its fondness for cheese sund 

with the generality that,- in their cups, 
Englishmen tire pugnacious and conser- 
vative, 'whereas the Tret.".'!: ;tre uncial- 
wtic and emotional, 'Visiting America 
ho discovered that the population of 
the United States was sixty millions— 
mostly colonels. He observed, also, 
that though the American forgives the 
Englishman for the tyranny which led 
to the War of Independence, ho wll 
UOt forgive him for coming to tho Am- 
erican's 'dinner table in a tweed suit. 
Professing the greatest admiration and 
respect for all Apierlcans, he declares 
that the American does not yet exist. 
The type is not fixed. 

[During tliis tour the French humor- 
ist visited 'Canada, and was charmed 
with the .Freuch-Canadian. He found 
Toronto very American as regards its 
downtown appearnnce, but English in 
its residential district, where flowers 
and shrubs formed a pleasing contrast 
to the" barrenness of United estates 
cities in this respect, lie says: "To- 
ronto swarms iwith churches and pretty 
women. I never, in any town, saw 
quite uo many of either." Thencefor- 
ward people began to iicik for his books 
at the Public Library, and his fame 
was declared to be deserved. Il<- follli 1 
our women 'IBiiirlish in coloring and 
simplicity of dress, American in na- 
tural bearing and frankness of speech. ' 
He did not approve of our earless Snb- 
bath, and said that here Scotland was 
outdone completely. .Nor did he fail 
to notice the incongruity between seu- 
atioual theatrical posters and the 
quiet Sunday streets on which they 
Haunted themselves. However, before 
this he bad discovered that the Anglo- 
Saxon is the only nice which produces 
men capable of Iboth singing hymns and 


It wan an inspection of our Public 
schools which prompted a remark 
which is limited to show that Max 
O'llell was receptive to serious thoughts 
and anything hut the buffoon some hay 
considered him; "Society In the 01.1 
World will not stand long on its, pres- 
ent hnsi*. There will always be rich 
and pour, but every child that is born 
will require to be given a chance, and 
according as ho avails himself of it 
or not, will be successful or a failure. 
Hut give him a chance and the greatest 
and most real grievance of mankind in 
the present day will be removed, livery 
child t lint is bom in America, whether 
in t he I'nited States or in Canada has 
that chance." 


It, WHS bis tact not less than his wit 
which made .Max O'Kell the «uccesa- 
(iil writer he was. A scare of living 
men could be mentioned who with 
twice the humor will not hove half 
his friends. lie did not appear to be 
afraid to speak his mind, and on oc- 
casion he did enunciate some unpalat- 
able truths, with much spirit ; but he 
hud exquisite delicacy, and randy gave 
n blow that was not followed by a 
rare**. He was, in fact, ii -rent •'jol- 
lier." He told the Englishman his 
faults, luit was careful that they were 
tin- faults the Englishman was rather 
proud of us being bin exclusively. So with 
the Erenchman, and so with Hie Ameri- 
can. There can I > doubt, however, 

that when he praised Toronto's i •iiuboino 
women he was ill deadly earnest. To 
ronto Globe. 

Growing Old Gracefully 

—and Healthfully 
The infirmities of old age are 
successfully combated by the 
use of 


—The Food-Drink. 

Its tonic properties are invalua- 
ble to those who are weak — 

nursing mothers, little children 

§i£§ipS^ and the aged. 

' * All druggists sell it. Prepared by tho 

Anheuser-Busch BrewingAss'n 

St. rouis, U. S. A 
Or«ler« promptly filled l>jr 

E. P. RITHET & CO., LTD., Wholesale Dealers, Victoria. 

The Ball Bearing Lawn Sprinklers, the best in 
use ; The Woody att Lawn Mowers ; The Best Box 
Grass Catchers; The King Rubber Hose; The 
Great Majestic Ranges; The Mason Fruit Jars; 
The Tin Top Jelly Glasses; Rubber Rings, all 
sizes ; Screen Doors and Windows. All Stand- 
ard Goods of Best Value. 


5» fP? » 

lie c. D. cny 




sweet indefinitely, while, on the other; 
hnnd, except for some o£ these mime 1^ 

BLOLWT AS iA Sol. I )l Bit, 



The world eiuinot compluin that it 

The relation: therefore, between the , 'li; » know mueh about the real Max 
baotoriologieul laboratory and the mod- «> «« ». Xor he took everyone into his 
em dairymiui has been of inereasnn; mi- 1 «Wj M en bb. Hi. fetches tell his story. 
•KirtaiicJ ever since science discovered ' ''"J "re in t ie liighest degree exi-osi- wonderful little orgauisme and be-|torj. Hie inns about Ins career whicJi 

, I ifiitd 


gau to devise means of separating ono | a place in biographical Hteruturo 
Kind from anoHier and so studying their «« Jew. Horn n lint any in 1S48 Paul 
individual operations. And in no other j Bio IK ; was edii«-.ite,l in Pans, .rfioro 
industry bas this part nerslii,. of seien- '"■ A JJ the degrees of iB. A. and 
title study and practical experienee been «. Sc. Ho fought against the Germans, 
of more importance than in the big mod- j >< • >ke ail Frenehinen. was wounded 
.,, dairies. Souring of milk, which had '» 'battle. Like most of them, also, he 

•been long ensidered a normal property 
of tho milk itself, has been proved to 
n-es-till from the notion of many different 

was captured at Sedan. In Paris, later, 
he was in arms against the Commune, 
and then bade farewell to his native 
kinds of bacteria, all of which, "convert »"»d crossed the channel to "per- 

millj into j'lidiotis Albion.' lie was correspondent 
for the Journal des Dnbntas, but later 

thu milk sugar in a pan 
lactic acid, which in turn imparts a sour 
taste to tho milk and. eventually linikcs 
it curdle. It was found that the more 
bacteria removed from milk by the care- 
ful processes of laboratory experiment 
the less likely was the milk to curdle. 
Other bacteria have been discovered that 
spoil the milik in various ways wlm 
always been attributed liy tho dairyman 
to circumstancees beyond their person- 
al control. And the net results of the 
discoveries so far made have boon prac- 
tically to eliminate many of these bac- 
teria by greater carefulness in the con- 
ditions under which the milk is pro- 

It is a curious fact that whereas mod- 
ern bacteriology is constantly buised 
with the .problem of keeping the •'bad" 
bacteria out of the milk than is intond- 
to till the world's milk pitchers, ; t 
is equally busy in studying and sup- 
plying the "good" bacteria that are abso- 
lutely necessary to jiorfect our butter 
and produce our after-dinner cheeses. 

Although butter can be made from, 
ercani without bacterial assistance, 
cheese would he an impossibility; and tho 
butter that is not partly made by their 
Action is very much like cream in taste 
and not at all like butler to the average 

A'ny'bcii.v who has had any acquaint- 
ance' with a butter churn knows tJiatl 
cream, in order to produce the best tast- 
inir butter, must ho '•ripened" ill other 
words, long before bacteria had been dis-| 

on secured a more profitable position 
as l'Vench master at St. Paul's School. 
The boys, it is said, fairly idolized the 
gentle, courteous and witty French- 
man, hut as one of them remarked, 
'•that fellow knows too inmch about 
u adi" s '" While master at St. .lames'. M. 
' Klouel collected the material for his 
first book. ■'.Iiiiin iiull and His Is- 
land." which was written in French 
and well receive, 1 by the public for 
whom it was intended. On being trans- 
lated into English it w;is greeted with 
enthusiasm, and the French master'c 
future was assured. Its success was 
repeated in Hie several volumes of 
sketches and observations which suc- 

c led it. and of which '•John Bull and 

'Co.," "Jonathan and His Continent," 
and ".lac(|iicf. Itonhonime" are the best 
wiiowu. besides these there were "The 
'Hear N'eiglilliors," "Drat the- Boys." 
••John Bull's Daughter," "Friend Mac- 
Doiiuld." and "A Frenchman in Ameri- 
ca, *' M. Blouet also published a few 
mure serious volumes, notably, a study 
of oratory. llis wife was his 

A laKC'Dl'RKI ON WATK IM.t X >. 
In 1-884. O'Kell resigned from St. 
Paul's lo travl and lecture, and ever 

since lias I n a bird of passage, /.an 

zihar. New Zealand, Quebec. Cbica:;o. 
I'aris and Kdinburirli all know him. He 
passed with his ssage of cheerful- 
ness, his good-natured ra'.llerv at liuin- 

et ! 1 


The municipal authorities of Paris an 
making a ureat effort to give the busi-l 
n ,_ s streets of the city a more attractive 
appearance by men lid of artistic and 
original sienis for the shop fronts. 

In the olden times Paris wins famous 
for its street signs, which were often! 
very artistic. Many of til dm still linger I 
in old quarters. The best of them were] 
in hammered Iron, and sometimes 
gilded. These signs have been gradually 
disappearing, principally owing to the 
law restricting their use, with a view 
to the safety <<f those passing beneath 
them. But Parisians now realize that 
it would -be a mistake to let them vanish 
forever, and therefore they are to be 
encouraged. It. is easy to guard against: 
dMigeir, for a sign does not need to be 
LaTge or heavy to be artistic. 

Shop signs may not only be a pic- 
turesque feature of a street, but they 
are extremely useful to persons who 
look down a strange street in search of 
a particular kind of shop. 

The city of Paris offered a series of 
hand.-omo prizes for the best signs, and 
organized an exhibition of them. The | 
proposed signs were exhibited in the 
Salle-Saint-.lean of the Hotel ,le Ville. 
The best artists of France were among 
the competitors. XI. .lean I. eon (Jerome 

fuTuisli an optician's sign. This -j 

sists chiefly of a picture of II clever little 
Parisian dog wearing a monocle with 
this lettering underneath: "0 pfi den." | 
This, like many other siu'ns contains 
a French pun. The word meant; "opti- 
cian," and as amiUKed sounds nearly! 

SsHing Agents 



» LB.l'TY. 


met ill 

lit lie 



covered, the butter maker used In set J hug and sometimes his firry ileiiiincia 
his cream aside and allow his iiiisus- tinn of cruelty and injustice. In l.S!M 
peeled helpers to produce certain clienii- on a trip round the world he deliver 
e-al cliamges in the cream before it was; en no fewer than 4411 lectures.- He re 
churned. These changes if carried too hates an n musing incident which hap 
far spoil the cream but if stopped lit the' polled while he was addressing an an 
right hour vastly improve it for btitur dience in Beudigo. lie -had been talk 
making. |i"g about some of John Hull's pecu 

Scientific examination of this phenome- 1 liarities, mid ivhserved among tin 
nun discovered that it was bacteria', i laughing audience one rather intoxi 
net ion thai produced these changes and | cured listener, who struggled for somi 

-discovered also >i reason for the perple: 
ing fact that the changes were ni 
uuiform. There are bacteria and ihacteri 
mud by a further examination of them 

tune for his growing exasperation. 
Finally he got on his feet and shout- 
ed: "Leave John Bull alone, you beg- 
gar, and give ih n lecture on Wti tor- 
tile bacteriologists have found that the loo!" This supplied tho alert M . Max 

the same as the Prom 
dog." Tim sign is don< 
plontv of .gilding. 

M.'petaille. the great military 
supplied a very charming |wiint 
showing ("lipid with his wings. In 
ing a Louis XV. military uniforj 

cuirass ami lop 1 Is." II,' did not 

spVcify wh'fl sort o.f sho,p this >ign should 
he used for. It would be suitable for 
aliiu^t nnythinir — a candy store or a bon- 
net -boo for instance. 

Mns-I of the nrticits were conipetiug 
for prizes, hut the two masters. < Jerome 
uml Detaille, wvre counted "bors con- 

The first prize of •J.iiliu francs was 
won by M . Willette, the well-kir iwn com- 
ic artist and nirU-atnrist. His design, 
which in extremely amusing anil original, 
shows a black cat with hack bumped, 
tail erect and big yellow eyes, banging 
on to the moon. Ii i,- cut out of sheet 
iron a u-il is very effective and suitable 
for a rost a lira nt and many other places 
of business. 

The second prize of 1,00(1 francs! was- 
ii warded to M. Truchet. His sign was In- 
tended for n ohildrcn'-s toy store, and 
hears the words "All's potiits clieTw" — "O, 
dear little ones." It shows an amusing 
group of very Parisian children with bal- 
loons and otlnu- toys. 

Another competitor received a prize 0>f 
1.0(10 francs, live received !>O0 francs 
and ten received 'J(H) francs. An in- 
cresting sign designed by M. Doxre, 
was intended for a millinery shop. It 
shows Mimi (Piinson leaning out of her 
window embowered! in Hewers, and. is 
deiUciited to the heroine o.f MurgerV 
famous romance. 

A design made for the linn of Lonn- 
pereiir by Willette is uji Interesting pic-| 
torial pun. Tlie name of the firm of 
course, means "the Kmperor," and M. 
Willette thertifoTe makes a pieturu of 
Itoiiapnrte, who is, of course, "the onLy 
Emperor," with glory sitting behind him 
in n ■state winch would 'excite 3Ir. 
Anthony Oomstock's indlgiiation. 

Among other well known contributors 
to the exposition were M. Ber-nard, M. 
Olierel and .many others. 

it is interesting to note that a similar 
movement to revive oM street csigus has 
been started in London. During the 
coronal ion procession the bankers in 
Lombard street hung out as decorations 
reproductions of the signs of the old 
goldsmiths and jewellers, who were tho 
original bankers. They were the most 
effective decorations in the city, and it 
is proposed to preserve them iu perman- 
ent from, hut the present, law- of England 
prevents this. 

We have a full line of the following goods at tho 
right prices ; give us a call if iu need of anything 
in our line. 

Builders' Hardware, Mechanics' 
Toois, Iron and Steel, Pipe and 
Fittings, Brass Goods for 
Steam and Water, Garden 
Hose, Belting, Agricultural 
Implements and Vehicles. 


B f 

\ ^Branch Stores at Vancouver • 

I and Kamloops. I 

M u«adaa«,aci3na*(i««o«>aeooo«oee>ecii<taaeacc-aoo<ioaa«aoeeaoa 


Can be'had only through us. We carry a range that cover what is. nccds- 
sary to produce- from one to liiglit copies at a time. We also carry thu 



Alt true Moslems when eating must be- 
gin with salt and with vinegar. If 
t lu-y -liegln with salt they wlvl escape the 
contagion of 70 diseases. If they lluLsli 
wIMi vinegar their worldly prosperity 
will continue to Increase. T-ho llnost Is In 
etiquette hound to be the first to .start 
eating and the Inst to leave off. The 
priests recite certain passages- of the 
Koran before and after hind) and dinner, 
-and also before drlukluk water lit any 
hour of tllio day. 



U a term synonymous: with all ttiat Is 
highest and best 111 the allied arts of the 
Jeweler and the silversmith. Wedding gifts 
purchased here have a double value — In- 
trinsic worth and the warrant of our mime. 
Sure of the quality of the articles we pre- 
sent for your consideration, we nsk you 
to think, too, of the great variety from 
wilch to select. 


Jeweler, 90 Government St. 

(Onooslte Trouiion AviO 

In Large and Small Sums at Current Rates, 
B. Q. URD & INVESTIYT1 AQEHG?. Ltd., 40 Gov't street, 

fa rm run n_r 'i_rLnx7_r7jrz^r j & -' -* '-»^^L_ f * t 

m t 




Foot soles are curved and soft. 
Shoe soles are flat and hard I 
Breaking in new shoes invariably 
:ii3 shaping" the foot soles to the shoe 
:s, till wear moulds the insoles to the 
curves of the feet. 

The RESiLIA is the only shoe 
which conforms to the shape of the foot 
sole immediately, from the first moment 
it is borne upon, and without ' any 
"breaking in." 

It does this through the compressible 
nature of the resilient, elastic, cushion 
centre-sole, which- is placed between the 
leather insole and outsole, instead of the 
usual scrap filling. 

Observe foot sole in picture of lower 
shoe beneath, 

FOR HEN ?5.50 AND FOR WOMEN So. 00. 

True to life, 

No one will believe how 
perfectly- 1 — 'now true to tho 
original*— the Berliner G 
n-phone reproducer s.> 
until they have he. ml >t. 
That j.s why we lot all ;;c 'il %}lij^f^S&$l 
Canadians try it before lh.-y 
buy it, 

Tlie Berliner 



reproduces bands, orchestrtis, instruments, sing'ers and talkc rs 
with the same quality of lone as the original. 

Don't confuse it with the ordinary talking-machine — 
Others have made that mistake befoie they heard it. 

Its repertoire is practically unlimited. 

It is the only talking machine made in Canada. 

Guaranteed for Ine years, 

The hard flat i-.aroon dis arc practically indestructible. 

Pricesiroii) ~- 1 5 to $45. Can be bought on r.he instal- 
ment plan, ;".i .iio cath and $2.00 per month for 8 months. 
Write for catalogue and our easy payment plan. 

2315 St. Catherine 

V* EMANUEL GLOUT, General Manager for Cnnbda. c \ 




Largest and Most Magnificent Hotel in Europe, I 

Overlooking tlio picturesque Embfinkment Gardens (ind river. | 


Bedroom, lljrht nnd nttemlauce tDciuced, from ?1.50 per day. • 

riroakfnwt from 50c.; luuch, 85c.; d toner $1.50. • 

Suites, liiHuring abrtol-ute privacy, from $G i>er day. • 

Telegraphic Address— Cecelia, London. A- JUDAH, Mgr ; 

Bft 8u MpcS eela ace G0LD SEAL, GRACK-PROOF 

Be sure that tlie heels and kneea 
are stamped as per cut and that exiefa 
boot has our "^old Seat" etamB on 
tho lee. 

Manufactured only by 
Goodyear Rubber Co., Portland, Or. 

It. H. PEASE, President. 

lie ware of Imitations. 

73 and 75 First St. 





HON. GEO. A. COX, Preot. B 

_ • 8,000,000 

„. 2,(i3-',000 


WALKER, General Msturet. 

London Office, 60 Lombard Street, E.C. 

Ssiie Bank ha.« 80 Branches ic«ll distributed tironxhout th« Dominion «ni fclftfr 
w»ier«. lucludln* tne foliowlnir In British. Columbia and the Yukon Territory. 



saw sosk. 






Hyeiy deserlptlon of Banking Bnalnegu transacted. Letters of Credit on a'l »irt* 
*( tin world. Eicentlonal facilities for handling Gold Dnrt. 


»>u<sslts of J51.08 i-ud -aTJTrsrJa reef-lTed swd Interest paid at enrrent ~t*a. 


geo GiLr,s?cpts. UatiJ-soi 

Children's Millinery and Dresses 

In all the latest styles, now on exhibition at the 



' -